F Gets An E

Isla De Maji Maji
Isla De Maji Maji

E for the eccentric twists in their menu line up. Mid-2008 newly opened F*#%^! Word restaurant (F Word, for short) in Makati houses a fusion of Asian cuisines.

A quick browse through their menu would reveal a lot of inspiration from the traditional Filipino kitchen including Tinapa Ensalada, Hassle Free Gambas, Tamaraw Wings, Black Calamares, and Sizzling Bulalo.

With those names, I think you now have some idea why I described their offerings a little funky; in fact as controversial as the restaurant name F*#%^! Word.

F*#%^! Word
F*#%^! Word

Chef Natch says that “if you are looking for a new taste among the familiar dishes you know,” you are in the right place. Case in point would be the Black Calamares, they are literally black! (not from burnt cooking but because of the squid ink, of course). Nontheless, they also have normal food like varieties of pasta and sandwiches.

Black Calamares
F Word's Black Calamares

Among those mentioned, you have to try the Hassle Free Gambas served as bite-sized shrimp croquetas in Spanish gambas sauce. You won’t be hassled since the spiciness is just right.

Hassle Free Gambas
F Word's Hassle Free Gambas

I would personally suggest not to order Tamaraw Wings together with Hassle Free Gambas in one sitting. Being both spicy, either one’s taste would suffer. I wasn’t able to appreciate the Tamaraw Wings after enjoying my HF Gambas.

F Words Tamaraw Wings
F Word's Tamaraw Wings

Fantastic Finds

Sago gives Isla De Maji Maji a thumbs up! (First photo) Or simply pinoy Sinigang, the F way. The kasuy-crusted Maji Maji is served with mushrooms in tamarind-coconut milk sauce (sparingly ) and brown rice on the side. Yes you read it right – mushrooms in your Sinigang; hey this is F.

More than the soft meat, I think the secret is in the use of the right amount of tamarind in the sauce. Any Sinigang-lover would definitely dig this one; if only they could be more generous with the sauce (hmm…). =)

Finally, The F Soup

The F Word serves Pakbet, F, Lentil, and Arroz Caldo soups.

Did you notice the odd-one out?

The F Soup (as Sago gets curious as to what lies beneath)
The F Soup (as Sago gets curious as to what lies beneath)

You got it right! So what is the F soup, or what others call Soup #5? This question shall not be answered here, or at least in this article for now. I want to challenge you to try it out! Order first, and delay the inquiry about its ingredients for later.

You will then realize that the ‘F‘ in the F soup can stand for Fear Factor. This should be renamed to “FF Soup.” And let’s see if you have the balls for this. =)

By the way, you can only order this after the clock have stricken 11pm.

Fabulous Place

F Word Interior Wall Paintings
F Word Interior Wall Paintings

The interior is cozy with hanging fans and cylindrical lamps. Lighting can be adjusted by request and the folding doors can be fully opened. An enormous red F mural is pasted on the left wall upon entry and entertaining indoor paintings to your right. The kitchen is no secret with glass walls and the tables are made of heavy authentic wood.

F Word Wall Mural
F Word Wall Mural

Open from 11am to 2am for six days from Monday, F Word can be found at G/F 109 C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. It is two stones’ throw away from Greenbelt 5. Simply follow Legaspi’s elevated walkway from G5 and you won’t get lost, like I did.

F Word Restaurant along C. Palanca St.
F Word Restaurant along C. Palanca St.

10 thoughts on “F Gets An E

  1. wow this place is interesting! i should visit it whenever i got the chance to fly there…

    as for soup #5, i’ve tried it and i think i also don’t have the balls for it! hehehe

  2. just last night (february 12, 2008), my two indian friends and another friend of mine went to this F*#%^! Word
    to eat dinner and have 2 bottles of beer before going home. since one of them is a vegetarian, we requested to have our food customized. i asked to remove the dried pusit on the spicy veggie salad and the other indian asked for a tuna sandwich. the tuna sandwich came out with just the patty so we were quite confused why. my friend called the waiter and asked were the bun is. i think the two had a misunderstanding with regards to the ordering. the servers are not quite good in conversing in english. i still have to translate what they have said in tagalog.

    the next thing that happen really got into my nerves. one of the kitchen crew went to our table and complain (in a very loud voice and with gestures na sobrang angas) that he did what we have ordered. so i told him, it’s not really a big deal and maybe they just had a misunderstanding and to just to give him the bun. and then the waiter told me that they already gave us the special favor of customizing my salad (so that my friend could also have some of it). i was really pissed off because i asked them if it’s okay not to include the dried pusit in my salad and they said yes. and what the heck, it is really alright to request to have your food customized. other restos are alright with it because it is a kind of respect to your customers.

    in the end they gave my friend the bun… but they let him wait for almost 30 minutes… my indian friends were both patient, while me and my other friend was not. i mean, put yourself in my shoes… it’s just a bun. something they don’t need to cook. all they have to do is just to place it in a plate and bring it in our table. my friend is not even asking to have it redone. he’s just asking for the bun. but the kitchen crew is making a big deal about it, like i want chicken in a beef casserole.

    what else? they’ve got wooden tables with bed mites (surot) in it. i have to put tissue on the edge of the table because i can’t help resting my arms on the edge… i’ve got several bites on my arms…

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