Travel & Food Meet @ Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant

Bigbys Cafe & Restaurant
Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant

I, together with some friends, first went to Cagayan De Oro in early 2007. And as eager first-timer local tourists in their city, we did our assignment and Bigby’s was in our itinerary of dining places to try in CDO.

Their burgers were a buzz being much better than those of the usual fastfood chains we have here in the metro. Being on a tight budget, I just ordered their famous burger (poor me) but my other 3 friends ordered everything they could! And we were not disappointed with the burger’s authentic taste.

Bigby’s in Metro Manila

Fast forward 2-and-half years, Bigby’s is now here at the heart of Metro Manila! No need to wait for the chance to go back to Cagayan De Oro (or Bacolod/Cebu) to dine at Bigby’s. It is now called Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant having opened last month (December 20, 2008) at SM Megamall.

The Food

Food Trip Platter

Their menu is predominantly American with side trips towards the Italian on the right and French to the left. =) They also have salads, pasta, and rice bowl servings.

Sago had the opportunity to try the Food Trip Platter, Tiky Waki Chicken Salad, Rack-A-Bye-Baby, Deep Sea Pasta, Blossoming Spinach Dip, Mojo Chicken Q, and Pescado Al Fresco.

The Food Trip Platter (P300+) is a good set of appetizers consisting of Chicken strips with honey mustard sauce (Dippy Doodle Doo), marinated chicken wings (Chili Flappers), Tijuanna quesadillas, and BBQ fries.

Tiki Waki Chicken Salad
Tiki Waki Chicken Salad

The Tiky Waki Chicken Salad (P250+) reminded me of Italianni’s Chicken Salad. It is almost at par, but Italianni’s Chiken Salad remains to be my favorite chicken salad.


The Rack-A-Bye-Baby (P350+) is one of their signature dishes. Its tender barbecued pork ribs is served with butter corn and carrots. Although served with rice on the side, its size is definitely for sharing.

Deep Sea Pasta
Deep Sea Pasta

The Deep Sea Pasta (P250+) are garlic shrimps and crab fat sauce topped on spaghetti noodles served sizzling hot.


While the first four were just fine, the next three is what Sago raves about.

Blossoming Spinach Dip (P200+)

It may just be an appetizer but it can make you forget to order the main dishes. Its a creamy combination of baked mozzarella and Parmesan cheese loaded with spinach bits. You will not be able to help dipping that baguette toast again and again. Another order please!

Blossoming Spinach Dip
Blossoming Spinach Dip

Mojo Chicken Q (P250+)

The generous serving of 3 skewed boneless chicken barbecue chops got the thumbs up for its tender meat and sweet and tangy sauce. It is also served with Adobo rice and salad that can fill a big guy, but can do for sharing.

Mojo Chicken Q
Mojo Chicken Q

Pescado Al Fresco (P250+)

Nemo would not be so happy seeing dory as a pan-seared cream fillet with pesto, but after tasting it, he would agree that the sacrifice of her life was worth it.

The soft fish meat is in harmony with the sauce and the crunchy potato shoe strings (aka:Piknik). It might however, require mature taste buds with its herb-like after-taste. Do you see the brownish sauce on the side? It’s onion jus. This is something the yuppies and up would appreciate but the tweeners might not.

Pescado Al Fresco
Pescado Al Fresco

Just a few days after we had our interesting experience at F Word Makati, it’s now the American food’s turn in American size servings. I myself is craving to go back too soon! Based on the menu and pictures, I’d like to try next the Triple Crunch Platter, Fisherman’s Catch, Wild Wild West Steak and Gravy, and the other signature dish – Uncle Sam Roast Beef.

Bigbys Smoothie
Bigby's Smoothie

Give Bigby’s a visit at SM Megamall’s 3F Atrium and try Sago‘s recommendations. “Hindi mapapahiya si Sago” (Sago would not be caught mistaken)

So you think we’re done? Visit Let’s Go Sago! again in a few days time as we feature some of Bigby’s desserts ‘n drinks and get to know what Sago is clinging on (in the picture) and the “Titanic Treat” everyone’s talking about.

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