7-Eleven Big Bite Match: A Hotdog Eating Contest

7-Eleven Hotdog Eating Contest
7-Eleven Hotdog Eating Contest

7-Eleven Philippines introduces competitive eating challenge locally with its Big Bite ® Match hotdog eating contest. (This reminds me of a recent burger eating challenge I dared. 🙂 ) By the name itself, it’s a contest that involves eating a number of hotdogs at the shortest possible time.

7-Eleven customers can participate by simply purchasing a Big Bite® Match Combo (5 Jumbo Big Bite® Hotdog sandwiches of any variant with a Big Gulp® – 946ml) for only P150. This would be ongoing until August 15, Mondays to Saturdays.

The fastest eaters of 5 hotdogs in the shortest time possible from 7-Eleven stores nationwide will compete in the culminating event. And in the final Big Bite Match, the champion will receive Php 500, 000 in cash.

Eating Contest- Qualifying Round Mechanics

1. The Big Bite® Match, a hotdog-eating contest, is open to all males and females who are 18 years old and above.

2. Qualifying Rounds will be held in all 7-Eleven stores, every Monday through Saturday,  from June 26 to August 15, 2009. Schedule is as follows(11AM – 6PM):
* June 26 and 27
*June 29 to July 4
* July 6 to 11
* July 13 to 18
* July 20 to 25
* July 27 to August 1
* August 3 to 8
* August 10 to 15
3. To join, a customer must purchase a Big Bite® Match Combo (5 Jumbo Big Bite® Hotdog sandwiches of any variant with a Big Gulp® – 946ml) for only P150. The hotdog sandwiches in this combo will be consumed for the qualifying round in the store.

4. Customer must show one (1) valid ID to the 7-Eleven store crew. Only the following types of ID will be accepted: School ID, Company ID, Driver’s

7-Eleven Big Bite Match Hotdog Eating Contest
7-Eleven "Big Bite Match" Hotdog Eating Contest

5. Customer then fills out an Application Form available at the 7-Eleven counter, signs a Health Release and Waiver and attaches an official receipt with a Big Bite® Match Combo purchase, to make the application to the contest valid. The date on the Official Receipt and the Application Form should be the same.

6. Customer invites a person to stand as a witness to the challenge. The chosen witness should also present a valid ID and fill up required information in the Application Form.

7. A customer can join as many times as he or she wants and should fill out and complete all requirements on the application form for every trial.

8. A 7-Eleven store crew records the time it takes for the customer to finish all five (5) Hotdog sandwiches in the Big Bite® Match Combo in minutes and seconds. The following will be observed:

a. Only the Big Bite® Match Combo, napkins, 7-Eleven hotdog condiments, will be allowed to be put on the table and used by the customer. No assistance from another person or any mechanical device which will help consume faster will be allowed.

b. Only the prescribed timer in 7-Eleven stores will be used in timing the customer.

c. Customer should not be holding nor touching any of the hotdog sandwiches before the timer starts.

d. 7-Eleven store crew shows the timer to the customer before starting the time record and starts the timer right after giving a go-signal. Customer then starts eating the hotdog sandwiches.

e. 7-Eleven store crew stops the timer after customer swallows the last hotdog sandwich and puts out his/her tongue. 7-Eleven store crew shows the timer to the customer and to the witness to check on his/her end time.

f. 7-Eleven store crew writes the recorded time on the Application Form to be signed by the 7-Eleven store crew, customer, and the witness over their printed names. One (1) copy of the signed Application Form will be given to the customer. Only Application Forms bearing the printed names and signatures of the 7-Eleven store crew, customer and witness shall be considered valid.

10. 7-Eleven store crew writes the Name and Time Record on the Leader Board. Only the seven (7) fastest Big Bite® hotdog eaters who qualified in the store will be placed on its Leader Board. This will be updated every time a new record is set.

For more details on the contest, mechanics, rules, and videos, you may check out: http://eatingmachinesphilippines.com/

7-Eleven Philippines even flew in Tom “Goose” Gilbert, the internationally renowned competitive eater to demonstrate to us how to eat 10 jumbo hotdogs and buns in less than 3 minutes! (video recording to be uploaded soon). 🙂

It’s almost like a sport with its pageantry and play-by-play commentary. But what really drives home the comparison is the skill, discipline and training shown by participants.” says 7-Eleven’s Food Service Division Manager Armi Andrade.

The Final Match is set on Sept.26, Saturday, 5pm at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

So head on to the nearest 7-Eleven store / branch nationwide and be ready to take on 7-Eleven‘s Big Bite Match hotdog eating contest! 🙂

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