Red Ribbon Coffee Walnut Bavarian Cake Contest Results

Red Ribbon and Sago
Red Ribbon and Sago

Congratulations to the winners of the recently concluded Coffee Walnut Bavarian Cake Contest! Five winners were selected by Red Ribbon, and the authors of the winning comments are the following:

* Millette * Glenn
* Rowena Wendy Lei
* Sherwin P * William Ang Lim

Each of the 5 winners above will receive Php300 gift certificates from Red Ribbon.

You will be contacted within the day through your email where your addresses will be asked the Red Ribbon branch where you want to claim your gift certificates.

In behalf of Red Ribbon and, we would like to thank you for joining this online contest. Sago indeed loves Red Ribbon, so watch out as we prepare more Red Ribbon cake contests in the near future.

Sago Loves Red Ribbon
Sago Loves Red Ribbon

As a hint, you may want to prepare your digital cameras, Red Ribbon cakes, and a hearty smile for the next contest that will start sometime late January or early February. Keep visiting or easily subscribe on the feed through your email so you won’t miss a delectable post.

Enumerated below are the five winning comments:


I go gaga over cakes. More so for premium cakes which taste divinely perfect!

Who can resist the combination of coffee and walnuts? Red Ribbon’s Bavarian Coffee Cake with Walnuts is truly one of the extra delicious premium cake even concocted! For chocolate and coffee afficionados like myself, this cake is truly a treat from heaven!

I bought mine at Trinoma and I’m glad I made the right pick!


Coffee Walnut Bavarian is sooooo “delicious”! The presentation is perfect (I even don’t want to slice it :), thin dark chocolate surrounding the cake with chunks of walnuts on top, hmmm… picture perfect :)it look so yummy!
Tasting the soft and moist chiffon with alternate layers of coffee mixed with Kahlua cream would definitely tell your taste buds to eat more and more :)(really I had 2 slices if not for the wifey I would not care leaving some :).

Definitely, a perfect gift this holiday season. And I am craving to have some more :D


Rowena Wendy Lei

An Ode to the Coffee Walnut Bavarian
by Rowena Wendy Lei

The kick of coffee
The punch of liquor

That’s just about all I can take
I can’t resist Red Ribbon’s lovely new cake

It’s the perfect mix
Of bitter and sweet

I can get my fix
With this delightful treat

After a bite I’m certain you’ll be
A Coffee Walnut Bavarian fan like me

(Note: I first got to try it out at Red Ribbon in Libis, but got my succeeding servings at Red Ribbon Hemady Branch)

Sherwin P.

Coffee and cake and walnut? Oooh yeah! The most divine of Red Ribbon yet. A mixture of love, passion and perfection. Nothing less than a Red Ribbon quality. Go ahead. Give yourself a treat like I did (and will go for more!)

(had mine at SM Megamall…)

William Ang Lim

I’m not really a dessert person and I’m not at all fond of cakes or pastries. My daughter bought a whole Coffee Walnut Bavarian cake for Media Noche… lo and behold, I’m a new man after one bite! I’ve never had a cake that’s so… right. There’s nothing quite like welcoming 2009 with a slice of Coffee Walnut Bavarian and a cup of piping hot Earl Grey tea, surrounded by my family.

New Year’s Resolution: I’m going to try all of Red Ribbon’s new cakes at least once. Who knows what kind of life-changing experience I could be in for, right?

We got our cake from Red Ribbon along Connecticutt St, San Juan City!

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