Reminiscing the Food Trip in Trinoma

MySpotPass Blogger's Food Tour

Exactly a year ago in Trinoma, I had my first food event as a blogger, and that was the 1st Blogger’s Food Tour. Who can forget about an afternoon of dining at 18 Restaurants within 4 hours. Not to mention taking photographs at the same time in each of the participating food establishment.

Pee breaks were precious time lost as the food tour also has a ‘mini-amazing-race’ component. Participating groups of 10 had to have their so called ‘spot passes’ stamped after dining in each restaurant.

Among the dining places that stood out were Ruby Tuesday, Bubba Gump, Five Cows, Cyma, Haiku, and La Maison.

Hot Spots

Cyma Trinoma Cooking Flare Ruby Tuesday and Cyma were noticeable for their generous servings.  We had to tell them to stop serving the dishes because we had to move on to the next spot!

Bubba Gump Bubba Gump’s interior and ambiance stood out with their ‘Forrest Gump‘ movie theme from the menu design to the tables and chairs.

Five Cows

Two shops revealed to be the most accommodating and informative. The blogger friendly spots were Five Cows and again, Cyma. They made us appreciate the goodness of Greek food through an informative story-telling by their chef and partner Mr. Robby Goco while they serve.

For a while, it’s like having a crash course on Greek food and culture.

Lastly, are the outstanding sweet finds from Cafe Breton’s Deja Vu, Five Cow’s Triple Choco Bombe & Mango Cheesecake, and Cyma’s Molten Chocolate Cake.


Other interesting finds were Haiku’s Oyako Roll and Salad, Ruby Tuesday’s Ruby Burger Minis, and La Maison’s Spareribs. HaikuOyako-RecipesChicken

Other spots we visited in Trinoma included Recipes, Fish & Co., Italiannis, Starbucks, Holy Cow, The Madison Grill, Red Box, Cold Rock and TGIF.


I miss those food tours.  Sago was not even born yet that time. It was also there where I first met fellow bloggers Az and Ed. It was a really fun and crazy experience for all the foodie lovers.

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