Sagada Series 2: Reaching Bomod-ok ‘Big’ Falls

Sagada Bomod-ok Falls
Sagada Bomod-ok Falls

After the 1.5 hrs of downhill trek along the Banga-an Rice Terraces and passing through the villages of Modongo, Banga-an, and Fidelisan, we were able to reach the Bomod-ok Falls. Others call it the ‘Big Falls‘ due its enormous size  having the water fall from 150ft high which is almost as tall as a 20-storey building.

Bomod-ok Falls, also known as Big Falls
'Bomod-ok Falls', also known as 'Big Falls'

Seeing the Bomod-ok Falls can give the visitor a feeling of astonishment standing from the rocky foot of the gigantic waterfalls.

You could see, hear, and feel the spray and gush of water brought about by the wind against your face as the falling water splashes against the rocks.

One may observe that this is a cascading falls having been formed and falling from several cascades until it reaches the basin.

The view would have been more scenic if the afternoon sun cooperated by shining at its brightest. However, the clouds were dark and gloomy, even bidding a heavy downpour soon.

The Big Falls is actually a sudden view. Turning left from the Banga-an Rice Terraces hike, trekkers would be greeted by a cozy hut providing shade from the day’s sun. From this hut, the waterfalls will then be visible.

The location also provides a good angle for photography enthusiasts.

Nearby Hut
Nearby Hut

The Bomod-ok Falls is surrounded by nearby boulders and boulders of rocks. If you haven’t studied basic geology, it’s something that would make you think how these huge rocks of almost different colors and types ended up together in this environment.

Rocky Path
Rocky Path

An of course, you don’t just go to waterfalls to admire its view, you try the waters as well. Our lady trekkers were not able to help it but cool up after an hour and a half of hiking.

Sagada Trekkers Cool Up
Sagada Trekkers Cool Up

Spot the difference. This time with the tour banner from our travel lifestyle agency host Travel Factor. I and Sago had to pass this up because the water was freezing!

But then again, the ladies were able to do it. 🙂

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun :)
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun 🙂

Stalker special! Just kidding, he is also part of our group and is a good friend of ours. He’s just making sure that the girls are safe as they explore more of the river. 🙂

Stalker Special
Stalker Special

For the more adventurous types, swimming may not be enough. With proper precaution, they could opt to dive from the not-so-high jump-off cliff nearby. The photo below shows a local kid, ehem, fully naked (and trying to cover up himself) 🙂 but ready to jump. He’s an expert diver, mind you.

Jump-Off Cliffs for Diving
Jump-Off Cliffs for Diving
Sagada Trekkers Group Picture
Sagada Trekkers Group Picture (Bomod-ok Falls behind)
Sago at Sagada Bomod-ok Falls
Sago at Sagada Bomod-ok Falls w/ a sweet couple behind 🙂

After the icy swim by the girls and the snap shots of our photographers, of course, we’re not leaving the Bomod-ok Falls without an official group shot.

That pretty much sums up our second pit stop in this Sagada Series.

Watch out next week for more of the Sagada adventures including the awesome Kiltepan Vewpoint sunrise, a ‘Taste of Sagada’, cave connections with hanging coffins, and the Sagada town proper tour.

In closing, let me leave you with a photo of Sago at the Bomod-ok Falls with a sweet couple behind enjoying the cool trickles of Bomod-ok ‘Big’ Falls. 🙂

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  1. nagpunta ako rito kasi naghahanap ako ng samalamig… ang init sa labas!

    pwede na siguro yan, malamig naman siguro sa waterfalls, hehe…

    ganda naman ng pick!

    kaka-inggit ka naman Sago

    ako kaya, kaylan makakalabas ng aking lungga?

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