Friday’s Mocha Mud Pie [Chocolate Series 1]

TGIF Mocha Mud Pie

TGIF Mocha Mud Pie

Let me get this straight, there’s a reason why TGIFriday’s Mocha Mud Pie was featured first in this chocolate series. It was an unforgettable dessert.

I tried it for the first time during TGIFriday’s Obama Inauguration Party which was celebrated worldwide in all countries with their franchise. It was a night of barista exhibitions and celebrations.

TGIF Barack Obama Inauguration Party

TGIF Barack Obama Inauguration Party

Going back to the Mocha Mud Pie, it’s a medley of rich chocolate almond mousse on frozen coffee ice cream in a chocolate crumb crust. A fusion of chocolate, coffee, ice cream and almond mousse harmonized to perfectly melt in your mouth. It doesn’t end there. It’s topped with hot fudge and toasted almond slices.

Mocha Mud Pie

Mocha Mud Pie

Imagine that, a delectable ice cream with hints of hot fudge dripping on the side. I can’t describe it any better, you have to go and try it for yourself.

And while chatting with friends while consuming this delight, I noticed that the ice cream hardly melts (It’s not hard rock frozen, mind you).

I wasn’t able to resist and consulted with the manager of TGIFriday’s Bonifacio High Street branch in Serendra on how this is so. She led me to their chef who explained that they actually follow a freezing style/process, temperature and storage procedure to achieve a good freezing point for the chocolate ice cream to not to easily melt even after serving while maintaining its smooth texture.

Fridays Mocha Mud Pie

Friday's Mocha Mud Pie

I so wanted to video that interview with his explanation but I was out of camera battery then. I would love to be back there and get that chance again; maybe soon.

Here’s more. The chocolate ice cream used is sourced from your regular grocery store! And I was like ‘really now’!

It might seem expensive at P200++ per serving, but it’s big enough to share with 2 to 3 other friends. Bad news is, it’s so fantabulous you might not want to share it with them anymore.

To cap this article, I do solemnly declare that it’s now Sago’s official favorite chocolate ice cream cake, or at least until Barack Obama is in office!


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