Heavenly Chocolate’s Appreciation & Tasting Seminar

Chocolates in the Raw
Chocolates in the Raw

I have been to a wine appreciation night and a coffee talk discussion before, but this my first time for a chocolate tasting seminar. Let this experience at the Heavenly Chocolates shop be the climactic post to end my chocolate series this day of hearts.

The chocolate tasting seminar happened last January 24, 2009. Although I arrived 20 minutes late, I guess I was still able to get some insightful facts on a number of kinds of chocolates and the countries from whence they came (origins). More importantly of course is how they tasted differently form each other. How much more effective can that be done but by tastng them!

Heavenly Chocolates Chocolate Appreciation Seminar
Heavenly Chocolates' Chocolate Appreciation Seminar

I was also able to appreciate the difference between Swiss and Belgian chocolates by munching on them alternately. Bad news is, I can’t remember that experience anymore, but I know they’re different!

I know, my bad, it took me almost a month before writing this post on the tasting seminar. But anyway, I will be back soon and you can too, by regularly visiting LetsGoSago.net where I will post the next or future chocolate tasting seminar by Heavenly Chocolates.

Chocolate Tasting
Chocolate Tasting

Moreover, Swiss and Belgian chocolates have a stark difference in their preparation which is somewhat a secret and cannot be publish here according to Mr. Benjamin Pedro, Heavenly Chocolates’ chocolatier. =)

Belgian and Swiss Chocolate Samplers
Belgian and Swiss Chocolate Samplers

Going back to the topic, factors that affect a chocolate’s flavor were also discussed.  These included bean variety, climate and altitude of the cocoa bean source, harvest techniques, and roasting pattern. Not to be missed are the individual’s own personal mood and taste preference.

Other Chocolate Products - Sachi Nama Chocolates & Rice Crispies
Other Chocolate Products - Sachi Nama Chocolates & Rice Crispies

Did you also know that chocolates should be ideally fermented for 3 to 5 days to get its good flavor?

Our own local Choc-nut is actually more of a nut than chocolate (technically).

Ever wondered why some cheap chocolates do not easily melt in the mouth? It’s because the  manufacturers replace the supposed coco butter with cheaper ingredients such as vegetable fat.

Heavenly Chocolates

Heavenly Chocolates is located at 127 Roces Avenue near the corner of Tomas Morato in the Timog area. Their chocolate-inspired menu consists of hot drinks Dark Chocolate (P80) and Belgian Milk Chocolate (P95), among others.  The cooler ones include Iced Mocha Classic (P100) and Mexican Mocha (P135). Not to be missed are the fondue dips ‘The House Special‘ (P300).

Japanese Nama Chocolates
Japanese Nama Chocolates

They also retail different types of chocolates and raw materials. Their specialty are the premium Nama Japanese chocolates under the brand of Sachi. Nama chocolates are bitter sweet and best served chilled. We got to taste some too and they’re very smooth on the tongue.

Heavenly Chocolates Shop
Heavenly Chocolates Shop

Happy Valentine’s

Happy Valentines Day
Happy Valentine's Day

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