Cuillère Revisited

Chicken a la Creme
Chicken a la Creme

A visit to Cuillère will give you a slice of France, French food that is.

Chicken a la Creme

I tried one of their newer main course – Chicken a la Creme. Drizzled with truffle oil and some mushroom, the chicken leg & thigh comes with a generous serving of herb-buttered linguine.

I appreciated the meal in general with tender meat and just the right herb-aftertaste care of the buttered pasta. Although the chicken leg & thigh was slightly salty, I was still able to finish it. =) After all, you would want to maximize a P295 meal.

Carabao Caramel Milkshake

What I loved was their Carabao Caramel Milkshake. You would notice the different fuller taste of carabao milk and it was not too sweet, since usual milkshakes do.

Carabao Caramel Milkshake
Carabao Caramel Milkshake

The Water Test

The milkshake was served first so I drank half of it, intentionally leaving the other half sitting on the table. I asked for a glass of water for the main course to wash away previous tastes and not affect the current one. After the main course, I went back to the shake and was impressed – the texture and flavor consistency of the shake remained.

I later learned that it’s made with fresh carabao’s milk from the Arce Carabao farm. Thumbs up to that, watch out for the extra saturated fats that come with carabao’s milk though. Seemingly, some crunchy almond bits were added as well.

Served cold with light cream on top, every sip was almost heaven. =) Priced at P195, it certainly is the most expensive but the best milkshake I ever had so far.

It is also comes in strawberry flavor; but I’ve read a lot of raves on the cheeze one. So got to try that next!

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