Loving Makati & A Video Contest

I Love Makati
I Love Makati

I moved to Pasig and lived independently ever since graduating from UP Diliman in 2001. Five years later, work prompted me to move and rent a place in Makati, and live there.

Update: Contest duration is extended to Dec 30! A video shoot setup is also scheduled to resolve area shooting permit issues. Check out http://www.ilovemakati.ph for updates & instructions.

I still remember in 2006 how much stricter are the traffic rules in Ayala Avenue; they still are. I was amused that if this form of discipline can be done in Ayala, Makati, why not in other major roads like EDSA and the rest of the Philippine metro city?

But that merits another blog. I just wanted to say that my three year’s stay is so far quite good. I could walk the streets of the Makati central business district at night without much worries of getting robbed. Residents  also get a lot of basic perks from our barangay like free health check ups, an active barangay leadership community, and free live Pacquiao fights in the community gym/stadium.

I may not be availing of these perks but I’m glad that those in need are able to, or at least have the option to – I love Makati!

Another great benefit of being a Makati resident, and one it is famous for, are benefits given to senior citizens. It surely is a good place to retire in for those who prefer the metro scene.

I Love Makati Video Contest

In relation to this, Jupiter Suites Budget Hotel in Makati and  Budget Travels Philippines is organizing the I Love Makati Video Contest encouraging all Makati lovers to join.

Participants should be at least 18 years old. and the video should at least be 30 seconds long and has not been published before. View full mechanics here.

I Love Makati Video Contest
I Love Makati Video Contest

I think this is a great opportunity to boast of a city you love and at the same time get a chance to take home the grand prize of P50,000! Imagine that for a 30-second video!

If you’re not too much of a ‘video guy’, I think it’s still worth a try and you might just end up as one of it’s five runner-ups receiving P10,000 each.

The videos will be judged according to visual artistry, editing, post production, production value, and overall impact. Submission starts December 01, 2009 until the 20th of the same month.

I hope to join the “I Love Makati” video contest as soon as I get my work schedule all cleaned-up. 🙂

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  1. I used to work somewhere in Makati and .. uhmm… I had to go through all the traffic jam just to reach the office!

    I love the walkway in Makati! Actually, I was using it to lose weight! During lunch time, I always go to Glorietta from somewhere in Ayalw through the walkway. Less polution + Exercise 😀

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