Miss Earth 2009 Winners

Miss Earth 2009
Miss Earth 2009

Miss Brazil Larissa Ramos is Miss Earth 2009. The Grand Coronation Night was held live from Boracay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center in Boracay, Philippines lastnight November 22, 2009 via ABS-CBN.

Miss Earth 2009 Winner
Miss Earth 2009 Winner

Miss Earth 2008 Karla Paula Henry from the Philippines congratulated and hugged Miss Brazil in excitement and turned over her crown. Newly crowned Miss Earth 2009 winner Miss Brazil was in tears after the winners were announced. The contestants went through challenging competitions and interviews.

Other Miss Earth 2009 winners and runners-up are:

  • Miss Earth Air Miss Philippines Sandra Seifert
  • Miss Earth Water – Miss Venezuela Jessica Barboza
  • Miss Earth Fire – Miss Spain Alejandra Echevarria

The other four finalist in the Top 8 are:

  • Miss Colombia – Alejandra Castillo Múnera
  • Miss Martinique – Pascale Nelide
  • Miss Poland – Izabela Wilczek
  • Miss Thailand – Rujinan Phanseethum

Rounding the Top 16 are countries from France, Georgia, India, Korea, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Singapore, and South Africa.

With this year’s theme “Green Lifestyle,” the women from about 80 countries worldwide went to different Philippine islands to promote the use of recyclable materials as part of their efforts and campaign for the environment and support of Mother nature.

*Photos are sourced form WIkipedia and MissEarth.info, respectively. The complete list of winners and official results can be viewed from the Miss Earth official website http://www.missearth.tv/ here and MIss Earth Foundation website http://missearthfoundation.org/ here.

Other special award winners include Miss Tanzania (Best in National Costume), Miss Philippines (Best in Swimsuit & Long Gown), Miss Tahiti (Miss Talent), Miss Czech Republic (Miss Photogenic), and Miss Switzerland (Miss Friendship).

Miss Earth 2009 program was hosted by Marc Nelson, Sarah Meier, and Borgy Manotoc from Boracay. Congratulations to all Miss Earth winners and to Miss BrazilMiss Earth 2009.

9 thoughts on “Miss Earth 2009 Winners

  1. What a beauty! WOW, she is super sexy, sweet, feminine! Truly deserves the Title of Miss Earth 2009. First runner up should have been Miss Thailand, then Miss Korea, and USA!

  2. @marlon – I think Miss Philippines’ rank is not a surprise after having outstanding results in the Special Awards such as Best in Swimsuit & Long Gown.

    @Ollie – Miss Thailand had a chance being in the Top 8 but Miss Korea is in the Top 16.

  3. Hi All,

    In competitions, there are winners and there are non-winners. Each individual may have differing opinion about the contestants and the results according to their own perspective which may also be valid.

    Let us just respect the results and decision of the judges as long as it was conducted fairly.

    Anyhow, with the Miss Earth 2009 event, it is our environment which is the big winner after it was able to promote worldwide and make aware relevant issues regrading the Earth and our environment.


  4. @rack – for the aesthetics aspect, yes, the show’s grandiose was nowhere to be found. Production value was better last year, they need a lot of improvement.

    Although perhaps I think this has something to do with the venue. Boracay is a beautiful island-tourist spot but basically a province, perhaps the production lighting technology and props are not as advanced compared to other international pageants.

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