Win a Starbucks Planner 2010 with a New Year Resolution

Starbucks Planner 2010
Starbucks Planner 2010

It’s already December and most  people have started to create their Christmas wishlists. But soon enough you’ll have to make your list of New Year resolutions too. How about winning a Starbucks Planner 2010 at the same time?

In anticipation of the new year, Sago is hosting a ‘What’s Your New Year Resolution?‘ contest from Dec 7 – 31, 2009 where in you simply answer the question star(and briefly explain why) at the comment section below and win a Starbucks Planner 2010, among others.

Inside Starbucks 2010 Planner
Inside Starbucks 2010 Planner
Starbucks Planner 2010 - Brew
Starbucks Planner 2010 - Brew

Grand winner will have the option to choose first among the three prizes. Prizes are as follows:

  • 2010 Starbucks Planner valued at P3,500-P4,500
  • Original Starbucks Cap & ID lace
  • Starbucks Gift Certificate worth ~P150
Starbucks Planner 2010 - Bean
Starbucks Planner 2010 - Bean

The contest is open to anyone residing in the Philippines with a valid local address. The Starbucks Planner 2010 will be couriered to anywhere in the Philippines for FREE! The winner could also choose if he/she wants the “Bean“, “Roast” or the “BrewStarbucks 2010 Planner.

The cap, ID lace, and gift certificates will be couriered by Sago to anywhere in the Philippines as well.

See mechanics section below on how to earn raffle entries.


  1. Answer the question ‘What’s Your New Year Resolution?‘ (and briefly explain why) at the comment section below to earn a raffle entry.
  2. You can make a maximum of 1 comment per day which is equivalent to one raffle entry. Spammers or comments exceeding 1 per day will not be counted. Since this contest is running from December 7, 2009 to 1800hrs of December 31, 2009, you can earn upto 25 raffle entries!
  3. The raffle draw will use a third party web application to be fair. So the more entries (comments/new year resolutions) you have, the more chances of winning. 🙂
  4. There will be another winner which I will personally choose from all the comments. I will be personally choosing the Best New Year Resolution Answer according to my taste. This is where the ‘why‘ part plays a crucial role. 🙂
  5. A participant can only win once.
Lets Go Sago! Starbucks Planner Promo
Lets Go Sago! Starbucks Planner Promo

* This contest is not created by Starbucks Philippines nor do they have any hand on it; but the Starbucks Planner 2010 prize is sponsored by them, and for that Sago is thankful. 🙂

* Winner shall be announced at the night of Dec 31, 2009 in this blog.

The three winners will be contacted through the email address they will provide in the comment form.

If you’re not much fond of the 2010 Starbucks Planner giveaway or already have one, how about an original Limited Edition Starbucks USB? , you may want to win one; or better yet – join both NOW!

So think up your new year’s resolution now! Comment up every day of December  from today until the 31st and share your new year resolutions. You might just win a Starbucks 2010 Planner, a Starbucks Cap & ID lace, or a Starbucks GC.

621 thoughts on “Win a Starbucks Planner 2010 with a New Year Resolution

  1. “Something new awaiting 2010”..Or maybe it is something I must “renew” within read more books, as much as I could. It was my habit to read a lot when I was a kid, but because of my schedule now I rarely had time for it. Reading is learning! Hope to fulfill it this coming year.

  2. Cut down on internet time and spend more time reading and taking time to smell the flowers 🙂 This way, I get to have ideas about what to blog 🙂

    have a great Monday!

  3. Well, every year my new year’s resolution is to on a diet which yearly also backfires and I don’t lose any weight. This year, my new years resolution is to change the way I eat. I promise to eat healthier and in moderation in the hope of losing some weight.

  4. Gusto ko talaga magkaroon ng planner na ito, kaya join ako everyday. 🙂

    Resolution #1 – Lose Weight. This has always been part of my yearly resolutions, but seeing how “cruel” world can sometimes be, I know I have to do it this time. It will be difficult, but I just have to.

  5. My resolution is to keep all my activities and events noted in a very lovely planner such as this! Haha!

    Kidding aside mejo makakalimutin kasi ako so I really need to go back to the basic of having a planner again and jot down my schedule and note down my expenses and income… meaning I want to be more organized, or rather be organized again.

  6. My New Year’s Resolution is: Worry less!

    That’s because I really worry– a lot. I worry about our finances, I worry about kids. But I realize that in the end, everything just works out fine. 🙂

  7. Every year I have a list of resolutions that range from trivial to profound. For the most part, I don’t meet most of them but for 2010, my most important resolution would be to become a better teacher. 2010 will mark my tenth year of teaching and sometimes, I lose motivation to go on, take things for granted and sometimes I even question my resolve to teach which is why for the coming year my resolution is to work on becoming a more committed teacher in the Philippines. This planner would be a good way to mark and chart my progress in meeting my goal!

  8. My new year’s resolution is to try to save more money. I’m a bit of a shopaholic, and though I work quite hard I don’t save as much as I should. This year, I plan on increasing the amount I save by 20%. 😀 Why? Because it’s better to have money in the bank rather than hanging in my closet, lol!

  9. My new year’s resolution is to make peace with myself and others. It’s hard to start the new year with a heavy heart so to the people who have wronged me, I will try and make peace with them. xoxo

  10. My new year’s resolution would be to keep myself fit and healthy not just for those family members who depend on me as well as for my own good.

    Doing so will put some of their worries to rest (since I live too far from them for over ten years now). In addition, I think a new healthy lifestyle will definitely mean more happy moments with my family and friends, which I always look forward to.

  11. My New Years resolution for 2010 are…..

    To lessen my junk foods
    To lessen my snack time
    To lessen my merienda time
    To cut my food serving
    To exercise
    To exercise more
    To diet

    In short i need to loose weight my Gosh im 40 lbs heavier!!!

    I need sometihng to remonid me this all…

    Yes a Planner! I need a Starbuck Planner!

    Can I have it pleaseeeeeeee….


  12. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be strict on following my diet and working out. I need to take care of myself so I can take care of my family.

  13. hi! my new year’s resolution is to study the presidential candidates and be aware of what they’ve been doing before and during the campaign. This is because I didn’t really care about who won before (since I wasn’t even a registered voter!) but now that I am, I don’t want my vote wasted 😉

  14. Whoever said that New Year resolutions are meant to be broken probably made several and never kept them himself. I know that feeling. When I was much younger, I made this or that resolution and somehow, never followed through till the end of the year.

    Then, in an unexpected twist of fate, I almost died in a freak incident. That was some years back but I now realize that although I was given a second life, I did not readily see it as that and to be honest, I really did not spend all the years after that making the most of it. Work consumed me. But now that I realize there are more years behind me than ahead of me, I want to make a resolution and it does not even have to be New Year’s for me to make it.

    I want the remaining years of my life to be more meaningful and memorable for family, friends, colleagues and even for those I do not know. To leave a mark, no matter how small, in this world, is what drives me now to live each day as best I can. And that is an ongoing life resolution…

  15. My New Year’s resolution is to learn to be more grateful even to the most simplest joys in life and never to forget them when things don’t go my way.

  16. My new years resolution is to be more organized and clutter free in my home and office because that way I believe all else follows. By being more organized I have more time for my beloved and my son. I have more time and energy to cook healthy food and have regular exercise. That way also I can be able to save more in the bank as I save by recycling or reusing my old stuff.

  17. My new years resolution is to regularly hit the gym (at least 3X a week). Sometimes it is kinda frustrating if you do not see results immediately. And of course its time consuming also so I really have to motivate myself.

  18. i dont have new years resolution because i will just break it.hehe anyways for the sake of this contest if i have a new years resolution i guess that would be more effort to get a job for being a jobless for a year and counting it would be better if get a job career.

  19. I have many resolutions in 2010- one is to be a lot more patient with my husband. the reason- i got married this year, got pregnant and became a mom. perhaps the changes and all the adjustments i had to make as well as the tons of responsibilities that is suddenly impose on me made me a bit grouchy i guess. most of the time, i let out my frustrations and fear by getting angry with my husband 🙁 i am lucky that my husband had been very understanding and patient so next year, i want to be a more loving wife to him- he deserves it!

  20. My New Year’s resolution is to start keeping a diary again. I had a diary since I was in Grade four but I stopped writing since I lost my precious ‘life book’ June of 2008. This 2010, I’ll start “working” on my life again and keep track of the things that matter (and the things that shouldn’t matter) to me.

    Ellen Joy Castel

  21. In 2010, I’m creating the possibility of being productive in work. This year, I was so relaxed. For now, I’m only transcribing 30-minute file a day. Next year, I’ll do a 40-minute file a day with 98% to 100% accuracy. But of course, I’ll do it little by little to make it easier like adding at least 2-minute files a day, so that it won’t be hard for me to adjust. Kapag biglaan kong gagawin mas mahihirapan akong tuparin ang aking New Year’s resolution, so hinay hinay lang until I make it to my goal.

  22. My resolution for 2010 is for me to learn how to say “NO!”. Some friends of mine are being concerned for always saying ‘Yes!’ to every favor that is being asked from me. From lending money to babysitting a neighbor’s kid. Probably im just addicted to always extending help to anyone in need that at times I’m being taking advantaged already. That’s why this year I have to be selective. I will say no to favors that are selfish, hazardous and death-defying. Have to love my self for a change!

  23. My New Year’s resolution/goal is to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle mass in 100 days. I need (not just want) to do this because I was skinny to begin with, and got hit by a friggin’ infection that cost me 6 pounds (and I’m not talking about currency).

  24. My New years resolution is to not only think of myself but think of others as well. As long as i am satisfied sometimes i don’t mind what others feel. i really have to change this kind of attitude of mine.

  25. I am pregnant with my first child. I have a problem. I am a worry wart. I always worry. And in some ways my worrying is making my tummy hurts. My new years resolution is to TRY not to worry. I know that tomorrow is scary and unknown but when your going to be a mum you will become more hopeful. And i hope that I can at least lessen if not totally remove worrying from my system. For the baby!

  26. One of my New Year Resolution is to take time for myself and to relax. This year has been a very stressful year for me to the point that I had a pimple outbreak. Weird right? Anyways, this year I would like to give credit to myself more and balance the activities I had before.

  27. My New Year’s resolution is to LAUGH often! It will be my way of getting through days that are mind-bogglingly insane. And besides, life is so much more colorful and richer when you giggle and chuckle! Ho ho ho! 😀

  28. My new year’s resolution is to learn more about the business that I am in now, and that is web programming and design, blogging, e-commerce, SEO, and digital marketing.

    I learn a lot along the way, but there’s not much effort to really learn the ins and outs of this web technology. It was only in the last couple of years that I started attending trainings and events, and meeting fellow netizens. I believe that by learning the ropes of the business, I can share what I know and help other Netizens like me. 😉

  29. My New Year’s resolution is called Project V. After watching Earthlings, a docu-movie on animal cruelty, I’m (trying) to take out meat from my diet. Go veggies!

  30. My new year’s resolution is to get determined to walk four times a week for at least an hour each; or to enroll myself to the gym to lose these unwanted pounds & regain my self confidence…

  31. 1. I need to exert an effort on staying fit and healthy. Being sick is costly and expensive, it isn’t practical. A 10-minute warm-up everyday will do. And i would also like to try physical activities like fun runs/ marathon and some biking! woah!

    2. don’t get too attached to ex-relationship. Gotta love myself more.

    that’s all!

  32. sali ako i want the planner eh..this 2010 magiging palasimba na ko..nagsisimba naman ako every sunday pero this time twice a week na..para magpasalamat sa lahat ng blessings kay Lord! Amen!

  33. Stop my anti-social nonsense and finally join facebook so i’ll never be left out on barkada gimiks ever again.
    (My friends organized a trip to Kota Kinabalu and booked during the cheap fares of a budget airline, they were discussing details at facebook….since i didn’t have an account, i’m the only guy not going 🙁 )

  34. My first new year’s resolution would be:
    1- to never fail to start my day with a prayer or even with just a thought of thanking God for another brand new day with my husband and my 3 beautiful daughters.

    Why is this my resolution?
    How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your day. Nothing beats starting the day with the Lord on your side. Even if in the middle of the day, problems or surprises arise, you wouldn’t be jittery or worried at all because you know in your heart that everything will still turn out okay and that the next day is another brand new day.

  35. My new year resolution is to help my dad in our shop more.. Because my dad’s already old and need someone to help him out in our shop.

  36. new year is fast approaching and i really need to change and improve things in my life..
    fist and foremost coming year 2010 i need to control being impulse buyer…=(. sec0nd i want to have m0re time reading b0oks and spend time with my love ones..since my schedule in w0rk have eating a lot of my time i will have to manage it and have time for my recreation and pasttime.=)

  37. 1. To lessen my softdrinks intake — from drinking 2 liters of soda in a week to at most 1 liter na lang in one week.

    This is like hitting two birds with one stone. Since we all know that softdrinks = sugar, and sugar = calorie, this will greatly reduce my sugar intake thus, reducing my calories ane eventually will help me lose weight 🙂

  38. My New Years resolution is simple. To let go of the pent up emotions of the past and try to forgive all those who have sinned against me. At the same time, try to ask forgiveness to those whom I have sinned. This resolution is hard, but I guess this is the challenge that He wants me to take action on. This way, I may be able to worry less and sleep well.

  39. My New Year’s resolution would be to read the Bible from cover-to-cover. This way I’d know God’s promises for me as His child and to hate what He hates and love what He loves. By doing this, I would also be able to know His perfect will for me and hear His voice on a daily basis. 🙂

  40. For 2010, this is on top of the long list of my year’s resolution; I won’t stop up until my younger female cousin fulfills her dream of becoming a model.

    She has a lot of potential and I believe she just needs support and some lessons to make it big. 😀 With prayers, hard work and support from me and my family, I know her dreams will come true. 😀

    The coming year won’t be just about me, but about the people I love too. 😉

  41. Mine would be to ‘re-CONNECT’ with my family.

    I’ve been so busy working lately and I noticed that my personal relationships with them became a bit loose.

    I realized that being a member of a broken family and the fact that the 5 of us are now living apart, should not be a hindrance to make the bond go stronger, and I shouldn’t let this family absolutely fall apart.

  42. I have two serious New Year’s resolution. First is to bring back my focus on achieving the things i’ve always wanted to have. Ergo, I’ll concentrate on my studies (got to give it all for my last semester in college) and will prepare myself in joining the work force soon! Yey! Second, I will not let anyone negatively affect me and will keep the harmony, peace, and liberty in me! In your face negative vibes!!!!

  43. I have two serious New Year’s resolutions. First is to bring back my focus on achieving the things i’ve always wanted to have. Ergo, I’ll concentrate on my studies (got to give it all for my last semester in college) and will prepare myself in joining the work force soon! Yey! Second, I will not let anyone negatively affect me and will keep the harmony, peace, and liberty in me! In your face negative vibes!!!!

  44. my new years’ resolution is to start to focus on my craft as an artist. because i tend to do a lot of things that would make me do another thing while still working on another one. That is the reason I need to have a planner so i can prioritize my schedules and what to do on a specific date. I believe that you may also experience the same thing and its also a struggle
    and I still strive to be better!

    -FPJ Jr

  45. my new year’s resolution…?! hmmmm…?!

    my #1 & ony 1 resolution:

    gotta get organized….

    *being organize i think’s just the key to all we are
    trying to do & pursue in life.. kasi nga if you’re
    organize/having a good time management, everything
    follows to success…

  46. my new years resolution would be to have more faith to god. trust him with the desires of my heart even if its sad since it didnt go as i wanted it to be.

  47. New Year new life new wishes My new years resolution, to be more focus on being a mother. I didn’t mean I don’t took good care of my kids but maybe to spend more time for them, give them more quality time because I learned so much from a certain magazine that the more you spend time on your children the lesser they move to the wrong way.
    Happy New Year to all!

  48. I’ve been practically forcing myself to stop procrastinating everyday in the last month. I think I probably have too much things to do, and my priorities are not really sorted out, so for this New Year, I’d like to promise myself to straighten things out and accomplish what I need to one at a time. 🙂

  49. My New year’s resolution is to ‘Start planning my future’.
    I’ve been living my life the past 25 years not really identifying what I want to achieve in the future. As i’m in my quarterlife, this is the perfect time to know and plan whether i’d want to get a masters degree, work overseas, start a business, etc.

  50. I have a lot of items in my list of New Year Resolutions. Good thing I have 25 chances of posting them one by one as opposed to writing the whole list in one comment.LOL

    Anyway, one of my New Years’ Resolution is to be more serious and actually be more aggressive in my studies. Im hoping to graduate March 27, 2010, and so far I qualify for Cum Laude. However, I cannot slip up this semester, else Ill lose that honor. Right now, Im on a tight rope and breathe uneasy when it comes to studies. After the Christmas and New Year Holidays, I will be the best student that I could be, and get that honor, come March 2010.^_^

  51. new year resolution 1. learn to drive so i can go anywhere without bugging my hubby. I can drive my baby to school or for doc’s appoinment. and most importantly, i could go shopping alone =)

  52. I only have one new year’s resolution and that is to strive to become a better person each day. That’s because I want to be able to answer affirmatively whenever I ask myself if I’m better than the person I was yesterday, last week, last month, or at the beginning of the year.

    Question: Do I have to give a different answer everytime?

  53. My new year’s resolution is to draw up a list of people who were nasty to me this year, and ill get back on them next year… ill show them ill have more money and more good looking than ever.

  54. My new year’s resolution for 2010 is to gain weight and have a more active lifestyle. To see more places and to save up.

  55. My New Year’ resolution is to appreciate time. I guess most of my time this year is wasted because of laziness. While still young, its important to maximize your time to the fullest.Cheers!

  56. My New Year’s Resolution would be to stop spending too much (yeah, including farmville. haha)time on facebook and start facing the books like a good student should. I know it’s a bit silly but come to think of it, if I actually do it, then my grades would improve and hey, I might be included in the dean’s list. Hello, better future! 🙂

  57. My New Year’s resolution is to deactivate all the time-sapping games in my Facebook account because I realized that each time I level up in Mafia Wars, YoVille, and Cafe World… my real life levels down.

  58. Another resolution for me this 2010 is to change my lifestyle. I’m working in a home-based environment resulting to lazy days and nights..and more lazy days and nights and I mean it. Sometimes a day for me = sleeping. Though it may sound too good for others, but the effect on my health is compromised. I gained 25 pounds! All I’ll do is sit in front of my computer, eat, sleep, in front of my computer, eat, sleep… Hai. Cheers to a better me!

  59. Quit smoking! I’m a pack-a-day smoker and my excuse for it has always been, “But Colin Farrell smokes two packs a day!” I just came to the realization that I will never, even in ten lifetimes, be half as good-looking as a cancer-stricken Colin Farrell so sod it, I’m quitting the fags. I’ll be realistic and say that I’ll lessen my stick count by 3 each month starting January 2010. I should be able to accomplish this by June 2010. So long, smoker’s cough!

  60. My New year’s resolution is to be a better person in every way. To love my husband more, to teach my kid the right things, and to learn to love my life. Be happy each day. It is a hard task but i need to remind myself that I am luckier than most. Sometimes we forget to count our blessings and tend to count what’s missing. That will be my new year’s resolution

  61. For 2010, I plan to be more happy!

    So that I can enjoy life more and contaminate the people around me with happiness! 🙂

  62. For 2010, I intend to: (1) Clean my room. My “sanctum” is a reflection of my moods, which are oftentimes very cluttered. Step inside it and be welcomed in my version of Payatas. (2) Be financially independent. I live only on two dates, the fifteenth and thirtieth, in between those, I’m dead. I’ve been working for three years now and I still call my mother to help me with the bills. To do this, I should cut the expenses spent on booze, clothes, pricey coffees and mall weekends. And yes, get other sources of income. (3) Be more healthy. I eat only when I remember I have to and choose the not so healthy food options. I also fancy toxic habits. So healthy diet, gym, and detox are my next initiatives. (4) Be more productive. I’ll start painting. Learn an instrument. Read more. Write more. Love more. Live more!

  63. NUMBER TWO: My Second New Year’s Resolution is to LOSE WEIGHT
    and for this, I’ll be needing a planner so I can track what I’m eating and create a comprehensive everyday meal plan 🙂 (I gained a lot of weight and still gaining more and more everyday because I’m pregnant with twins. I’m afraid I’ll look obese soon enough that is why I SHOULD lose weight after I give birth)

    Ellen Joy Castel

  64. My New year’s resolution is ti eat healthy. Lessen the take out food even if its for snack. Been wanting to achieve a healthy lifestyle. One small step at a time. I’ve done it once, can do it again. Thanks.

  65. Resolution #2 – To be more confident of who I am and what I can do.

    Growing up, I was ridiculed by people around me. For some it might be a reason to be stronger, but for me, it made me so insecure. Even as an adult, I find it difficult to speak my mind and be confident of my talents. I easily succumb to failure and then I realize I am also just like other people – I am hurting that they are putting me down, not realizing I am also pulling myself down. For the next year (and the next years of my life), I will make it a point to stand up and believe in myself and my talent. Like what they say, life’s to short to be anything but happy.

  66. Another year to make up with what I planned and thought of the year that is about to end..

    This coming year.. I’ll do my best get more serious with my ministry at CHURCH, my heart is grieving everytime i fail to do my part for the Lord.. in spite of the blessings he keeps on showering me and my family.. I really have to make it up for HIM!

  67. Do we post a different resolution each day or is one resolution posted several days okay as entries? Hehe. Anyways, I resolve to have my cats spayed to make them more healthy, limit the number of cats (fewer cats, more focused love), and to hopefully reduce cat choruses at night.

  68. Another new year resolution for me in 2010 is to go to mass every Sunday. i was able to neglect some of my religious obligations this year and i know it is not right. i need to restore my habit of going to Church every Sunday.

  69. my second resolution for 2010 is to complete a year-long project: keeping a project 365 gratitude journal. I tried doing that online this year but it was too hard to do so i plan to keep a pen and paper journal for it this coming 2010. the starbucks journal would be perfect for it!!!

  70. My New year’s Resolution # 1 – I’ll start waking up early in the morning and force myself to start running again. this is in preparation in joining Fun Runs next year. =)

  71. My second New Year’s Resolution is to be more patient. I’m constantly surrounded by people who love me and people that I love very much in turn, but sometimes my impatience gets the better of me. So this year, I plan on being kinder to everyone! 😀

  72. One of my new years resolution is to be a more responsible pet owner. I hope to find more time for them and play more often with them. I know that it is not enough that you just buy them food and greet them every time you come home. They always have the warmest welcome for me and so I owe them more. I really hope that I will be able to fulfill it.

  73. My new year resolution for 2010 is to focus on my new translation business, and have a good business plan to keep.

  74. My new year’s resolution for 2010 is to lessen my expenses on stuff that are not tangible. I should buy things that are important for our home like buying a new ref, a new bed for my room and maybe a new tv instead of spending it outside malling, partying and stuff. Or maybe invest it on something or simply put it in my savings account. Less on travels that are not too important. Vacation is good as long as it’s really cheap and worth going to. Hopefully, that will make a better year for me for 2010.

  75. In 2010, I’ll start cooking. I love watching cooking shows and demos but I really don’t know how to cook. I’ll begin with pica-pica foods first, then do the more complicated ones.

    Small adjustments make it easier for me to adjust in 2010…

  76. My New Year’s Resolution is to help more poor people. Sometimes I never got the chance to help some because I’m in the bad mood or I’m busy.
    Now I will make sure I always have extra bread or money to give to unfortunate kids and especially the lolo and lola, even the street dogs and cats, I will feed more cats and dogs I’ll see in the streets in 2010.

  77. My New Year’s Resolution is to go to church once a week. Pray at night and every time I wake up. I feel comfortable every time I pray, it’s like He is my diary. I want to be more patient in every thing and be positive, that’s why in 2010 I will make sure that I will always go to church, once a week or every day to talk to Him.

  78. This coming year i will value and love my family more than anyone/anything in this world. Why? ‘coz they are irreplaceable!

  79. love to win this!

    my new years resolution is ill try to stop eating junkfood if not lessen it on 2010. i have notice that i have been eating too much junk foods and i know that it is not good for my health.

  80. To save money!! I’ve been working for three years, and my savings is not enough to last for 6 months. And I’m getting old, I want to have my own house.

  81. My new year’s resolution is to have a regular exercise or sports so that i could lose some weight and have a healthy body. 🙂

  82. I would have to include “to be healthier by being more active in biking (target: at least once a month) and joining fun runs (target: twice a year)” as one of my New Year’s resolutions. This is one way for my body to combat my high cholesterol level and hypertensive condition. I’ve got to live longer for my family.

  83. I want to grow my nails and visit the salon more often or more regularly, as in, once a month, to have a manicure and pedicure.

    You see, I’m having a hard time growing my nails because I’m so used to seeing them so “pudpod”. The first and the last time I grew my nails was when I got married in 1999. Imagine, that was 10 years ago!

  84. My new year’s resolution is to be prosperous and bountifull this coming year. To be more happy and live my life to the fullest thru the help of our Lord. To have a meaningful life that could help and inspire others in everything I do.

  85. My New Year’s Resolution is to eat more healthy foods and stay away from junk foods. Eventhough junk food is a comforting food, but the excessive artificial flavorings, colors, salt, MSG really are not doing any good to our body. I might as well keep my mind on choosing better and healthier alternatives for snacking, rather than regretting someday for the harm it may cause to my health.

  86. i just gave birth last july of this year to my second baby. i really need to shape up and shed the 30lbs i gained during my pregnancy. i’m determined to do it this time since i’m in my mid-30’s.

  87. Haha…. me again! Pede ba same entry?

    I am pregnant with my first child. I have a problem. I am a worry wart. I always worry. And in some ways my worrying is making my tummy hurts. My new years resolution is to TRY not to worry. I know that tomorrow is scary and unknown but when your going to be a mum you will become more hopeful. And i hope that I can at least lessen if not totally remove worrying from my system. For the baby!

  88. My second new years resolution is to prioritize the needed task that i should have done this year but was not able to do so because of my katamaran. LOL. Hopefully next year i will do it already.

  89. My New Year’s resolution is to color my world in GREEN.
    This is to donate my unused and reusable items to unfortunate ones. Same with those toys, strollers and cribs of my kids that no longer need. I would like to give others a chance to use them. Somehow, it benefits us, teach my kids share their blessings and lessen the negative impact to our mother earth.

  90. It is in the nature of man to be selfish and to want things for his own benefit. But, goodness is also in man’s nature, the desire to sympathize with those in dire need. My new year’s resolution for 2010 is to be more selfless, to be more giving to those less fortunate than I am. There are many passages in the Bible, and some Biblical insights that I have read which are telling be to bless others, as I have been blessed. Blessings will pour on those who are willing to share. These are not just material things, I can also share encouragements and praises to those who feel down and out. I think this resolution will help make me a better Christian.

  91. My New Year Resolution is to make a magazine for our batch(Batch Gator).

    Because 2 years nalang we will graduate and seperate with my classmates na. So, I want to create a magazine for my batch mates to store our memories. 😀

  92. Another item on my list of New Year’s Resolutions is to exercise restraint on spending and eating. Life is tough right now and I have always been generous with myself when it comes to food. I can suffer a lot of things but depriving myself of food is not among those that I can. Im also a stress-eater so pressures from work and school doesnt help my binges. Im not a shopper but I do spend a lot on food. I also love to order take outs and share the food with my family.

    However, the weight is starting to get to me that Im already becoming uncomfortable with my body. My school uniforms are getting close to have appointments with the tailors.

    Ill make this Christmas holiday, my last hurrah in binge eating and spending. When the New Year comes, I will change my lifestyle.^_^

  93. My New Year resolution: To try to not look at my poo while I’m throwing it down.

    It’s a habit – and I know it’s disgusting and monumentally unsanitary – but it’s hard to kick it. Well I’ll try. Stick my neck upright, with super tape, on the john.

  94. my top new year’s resolution would be to cherish each and every moment with my family. i’ve spent a lot of years away from them studying college here in the philippines and now that they’re here i’m working 6 days a week and i hardly see everyone on my day off which is a tuesday. Plus early next year i might fly back to UAE for a job opportunity so i’m planning to spend each time i get with them with fun talks and laughs just like when i was a kid. 😀

  95. my new year resolution 2 is to spend more quality time with my baby =) since i’m a working mom, i’ll make it a point to spend the night with her

  96. Sorry, it was my grandma’s email add…

    I would always obey my mother. For she’s always there and have made sacrifices all throughout just to give the very best to us…

    I love you mom 🙂

    repost 🙂

  97. I would like to make myself more patient and wise in decision makings. I wish to be the best mother I could be for my kids. So i would be more patient and understanding 🙂

  98. I would be less hot tempered and not worry so much about trivial matters. I’ll try to be optimistic and bring out the best in life. 🙂

  99. my new year resolution is to forget about my ex-boyfriend… but i always end up sleeping with him… 2010 will be a different story since i intend to be true my resolution so that i can be a better person.

  100. Wow, dami replies! Congrats, Sago!

    My new Year’s resolution is to always be mindful of the Big Hand orchestrating my life and the world around me. I would like 2010 to be lived meaningfully for others, and that could only start if I think less of myself and start counting the silver linings.

  101. For january, I’ll look for work that I could really be passionate about. I will spare myself from the unnecessary stress of knowing that what I do isn’t making me happy.

  102. My new year’s resolution is I will start thinking positively about a lot of things so that I can attract good vibes. I will also avoid procrastinating and will do my tasks at once to avoid delays. I will also do my best to organize my priorities so that my life will go as planned. Best of all, I will show my affections to the people that I care for because time will come when I will no longer have the chance to say the good things that I want to say and show what I feel when the people I love will be gone.

  103. My other resolution would be to eat more! Yep, eat more and fatten myself up! Most people would probably go dieting, but no, not me. I need to gain a few more pounds. That probably means eating light meals every now and then. I also promise myself not skip meals (urrggh, college) and eat as often as I can. I really need to eat more because I feel like I’m so thin already, haha!

  104. @melandriaromero – Sorry but I think your comment was not sent last night. I checked my ‘Unapproved’ spammer list and you were not there.

  105. Hi Jonel! For this 2nd day, I would really like to be more consistent with my yoga routine. I thought working from home would give me more time for it. Sometimes, I end up making it the excuse NOT to go. Bad, bad yogini!

    So next year, I will raise yoga to a higher priority. After all, health is wealth! Namaste…

  106. Woot! 120++ comments in just 2 days of the contest! Thanks to all participating!

    Although this would be a logistical nightmare for me come Dec.31, I appreciate all your participation.

    A reminder for those who are doing multiple comments in the same day using different names and emails…my content management system sees that. 🙂

    Anyhow, keep the valid comments and new year resolutions coming for more chances of winning! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

  107. As the Year 2009 near to end,my baby(8 and half months on womb of her mother) will come first before the year 2010 comes who will be the reason why I WILL AND MUST change all my negative attitudes like being unorganized, easy-go-lucky and quite irresponsible to myself in terms of my studies and daily life. I will do all the changes for my family and as a young Father of my soon child(girl) for the good of her future. I will continue studying to finish my program with knowledge to apply for the job on the near future so that I can sustain the wants and needs of my family inspite of the reality came along to us, continuing to be strong and believing to reach my goals.

  108. Hi Sago! I missed days 1 and 2.. Anyway, swerte ako sa contests mo so sana swertehin ulit ako hehe. 🙂
    For 2010 resolutions, on top of my list is to cut down on internet time (plurking, facebooking) haha… Good luck to us! 🙂

  109. I’d like to be more proactive when dealing with my problems and workload. Plus maybe be more athletic since I need to get moving.

  110. Set aside a little money each month for savings!

    We did that during the first half of 2009, hence I was able to save enough for giving birth via C section as well as the tuition fee of my son. However, we were not able to do so because of unexpected expenses during the last half of the year.

    I’m hoping that we’ll do better this year!

  111. For 2010, I resolve to come up with an online contest as compelling as this one. If this pace keeps up, you’ll have 3000 entries for the raffle. Not bad at all! 😀

  112. i will be a better man this coming year!

    there are so many things to do in a short span of time. so unless i become a better man, i am afraid that i will fall short…

  113. Resolution #3 – Reconnect myself to God.

    I am a church going person and I do pray… but there are times when my prayers were quite short (thank you for this day, may I have a better day tomorrow), that I sometimes forget that I have to have a constant communication with God, as what’s stated in my covenant. Of course, this resolution doesn’t have to wait until 2010 before I start it, but I do resolve to devote a prayer time – with bible reading and reflection – for everyday of my life. No if’s, no but’s… regardless of where I am, I will set aside a prayer time.

  114. NUMBER THREE: Good Morning! 🙂 My 3rd is stop becoming a crammer… (which is a difficult habit to overcome). I have this insane tendency to delay some things not until it’s the deadline (xcept for work and blogging). So now that I’m about to become a mother of three, I should learn to start and finish every task as early as I can so I can dedicate more time to my kids. yehey “)

  115. New Year’s Resolution Number 2:
    Be more loving and compassionate to my *EVIL* twin. It’s so hard…. as a rock. Ngek!

  116. My third stop..


    I have another My New YeaR Resolution, this was also related to my weight lose, I will try to eat more fruits and veggies yah I promie that. Less soda, less chocolates (ouch!), less chips.

  117. To be more patient of those who steps on my feet in LRT especially those who are “deadma” and never apologizes. I promise not to step back on them.

  118. my third resolution for 2010 is to live a more cost-effective lifestyle. i think i waste a lot of money by being careless with what i buy and what i do with my money. For example, i get a big pack of lettuce in the grocery because it is ‘cheaper’. However, since im the only one who eats it, it ends up getting rotten coz theres too much! Thats what i mean by being cost-effective 🙂

  119. My New year’s Resolution # 2 – I will go on a healthy diet.. I know I know.. thsi is my new year’s resolution every year but as what Idol says “wag kang Aayaw .. Think Positive”.. hehe

  120. Be organized. I’m sleeping on a double deck bed. I sleep on the lower bed and I put all my stuff on the second level. In 2010, I’ll start my year right by cleaning and make sure not to pile up again my things there.

  121. My third New Year’s resolution is to see my parents more often. We have Sunday dinners twice a month, but since my mom is out of the country, the rest of the family hardly ever gets together now. I guess she’s the glue that holds us together, but I’ll take on the responsibility from now on!

  122. My other resolution would be to be more firm with my decisions specially when it comes to work. Along with that, become a regular employee and reap good benefits or at least a better contract agreement for next year 🙂

  123. Last year, one of my resolutions was to live healthier. This year, I had achieved incorporating exercise in my daily routine. Though there are times I fail to do this. For next year, my resolution would be to eat more fruits and maintain the daily exercise routine

  124. The last time I was asked by this question was when I am still in college. Now that you asked me this, I am stunned. My new year’s resolution is to spend more time with my son, JB. Why? I am a single-mother, working everyday in my own business, but it is so hard for me to find some time to play with my son. Though we sleep together, I know it isn’t enough. I want to have more play times with him. Maybe this planner could help me manage my time? thanks

  125. As a student, Mtgal ko ng gustong gawing new year’s resolution ang paggawa ng assignment sa bahay..malaking epekto din kc ang cramming, kung kelan na pasahan saka ako ggwa ng homework (sa school)..dahil dito, hindi ko maachieve ang target goal ko (high grades). Hmm I thnk maraming tao rin ang gumagawa nito..
    Its a little thing pero mabuti ang magiging epekto nito sa mga kabataan ngayon, kaya I’d better start it of by myself.

    (starbuck’s planner comes second in place hahaha)

    sago pa link exchange nmn po..


  126. My third resolution is to blog more often. It would be nice to post a blog on a daily basis, but since I’m a working mom, I don’t get to do that as often. Next year, I’ll do my best to keep my blog updated 🙂

  127. I’ll tell people what I want to about them. For the longest time, I have let go of a lot of things and let them slip away from my fingers without taking any initiative to do something. This coming 2010, I hope I can revamp myself in a little way like this in order for me to get what I want–what I truly deserve.

  128. My first new year’s resolution is to become a true blue minimalist. I have come to a point where most of my things are junk and are just collecting dust. I need to keep just the things I love, and trash the rest. And even the things I love will have to pass through a rigorous question and answer portion before they can be considered something worth keeping.

  129. First Resolution:
    My annual medical examination shows a minor heart problem. I am not fat, but I often eat “taba” and smoke a lot. Because of these, it makes me realize the importance of living a healthy life. My new years resolution is – smoke less, eat nutritious foods, and love my health even more.

  130. hey jon! this is going to be an everyday thing for me , eh? I really want the starbucks planner!!
    My resolution is to not say anything if I don’t have anything good to say to someone.

  131. My New Year Resoultion is to enroll to a Summer class this Summer vacation, I want to learn a new trick or something I never tried before, that’s why I need a Starbuck’s Planner to manage my schedules well. 🙂

  132. 3rd day entry! I am pregnant with my first child. I have a problem. I am a worry wart. I always worry. And in some ways my worrying is making my tummy hurts. My new years resolution is to TRY not to worry. I know that tomorrow is scary and unknown but when your going to be a mum you will become more hopeful. And i hope that I can at least lessen if not totally remove worrying from my system. For the baby!

  133. My New Year’s Resolution would be to stop spending too much (yeah, including farmville. haha)time on facebook and start facing the books like a good student should. I know it’s a bit silly but come to think of it, if I actually do it, then my grades would improve and hey, I might be included in the dean’s list. Hello, better future! 🙂

  134. “New Year, Start Fresh.” That’s going to be one of my lifetags(taglines about my life) for next year. Graduation isnt until March but Id like to start fresh on January. I will clean the clutter that is my life these last weeks of December 2009, and make sure that there’s space for new things, opportunities, adventures, and experiences.

  135. Cut down on TV viewing hours. I don’t think watching too much TV is a healthy hobby. There are more important things to do and I’d rather to these more important things.

  136. Hi Jonel, it’s Day 3 for me! This time it has to do with blogging. I would really like to improve on the quality of my blogs and take it to another level.

    There is still so much to learn as far as I am concerned and while I am no longer as young as most of you, I believe that learning never stops as long as one is willing to learn.

    So in 2010, I want to be a better student of new media. I will be the student; all of you, my young friends, will be my teachers. 🙂

  137. I promise to organize my stuff better! Even though I have the folders, racks, and labels, I just can’t seem to get all of my files, documents, papers, and thingamajigs in order! X___X

    I really want a hassle- and clutter-free room, where I know where everything is when I need it most. 🙂

    I probably need to restructure my organizing skills at least!

  138. 3rd from my list is to start working out. =) need to get this butt moving. i started dancing when i was 4 y/o and stop 4 years now. i don’t want to get any bigger pa than what i am now, so …burn baby burn.

  139. Find a new passion. I love a lot of things and there’s not one thing that I am very much passionate about as I am with love. 🙂 Photography is a choice. Modeling as well. :p

  140. my New Year’s resolution is simple though I don’t want it to remain as my resolution every year (which happens most often to everyone. I just want a new me this 2010. I mean, 2010 is a promising year to me. I’ll be graduating this year and I guess, this will be the start of a chapter in my life. So, i want to leave those that will serve as a burden in my new journey in 2010. A new Fjordz in a new year! hehehe!

    Another thing that I want to change about myself is my inappropriate pessimism. Generally, it is okay to be a bit skeptical and cynical because these traits keep people in touch with reality. In my case however, pessimism sometimes jeopardizes my success. It ruins my overall mood for the day. It invades my thoughts. And then, it totally prevents me to do productive things that will help me fulfill my goal. That is why one of my new year’s resolutions is to stay in touch with my younger brother. He is the total opposite of me and he believes in the ultimate power of positivism. I think spending time with him again – at least through chat – will help me balance my perception of things 🙂

  142. My fourth stop…

    New Year Resolution is….

    Yes again for the fourth times I really wanted & needed to loose this flabs. My gosh! I tried ti buy few shirt and I am 2 sizes up!

  143. WOW 🙂 kailangan ko pala talagang araw-arawin ang pg post dito 🙂 kasi gusto ko talagang mapanalonan yung planner eh 🙂

  144. Plan for a family getaway!

    We don’t really do much vacation planning, because of lack of budget. But the one getaway we had, we had a lot of fun bonding as a family. We really should do that more often!!!

  145. resolution: to spend more on myself rather than worry about other people. I learned that once in a while we have to love ourself first to be able to reach out and love others. xoxo

  146. I needed to use a pseudo name for this. hahaha

    I will try to be patient of my office mate who treats our working space as if her house.

  147. Another new year resolution for me is to read more books. its been a while since i last read a good book- the reason is because i simply cannot find the time for it. next year, i wish i can read at least one good book a month.

  148. All my life I have been spending as a self-centered person, never truly feeling satisfied with what I have, and always negative in outlook. For the next year, I will start doing volunteer work and be more selfless; I really want to help my fellowmen who are in need because I can not stand to see them suffer and resort to crimes. I want to be one of the heroic people in our country who act on their compassion and don’t just think about it.

  149. I resolve to drink 8 or more glasses of water. I tend to drink a glass of water only after every meal (juice, coffee, cola and other liquids do not count). And no, I do not eat 8 meals a day. Although, I seem to be doing just fine health-wise, except for the frizzy hair, I have to start fortifying myself since I am not getting any younger. Besides, if potable water will be a rare commodity in the future, might as well get more than my fair share now. Without wasting it, of course.

  150. Resolution #4 – Educate myself more.

    With the different games on Facebook, I found myself spending hours playing the games, not realizing that I could just use it to nourish myself with so many things to learn. I resolve to read more books and other tutorials, attend events about my hobbies (if there are), and put to use my time to make myself better.

  151. Because I’ve been such a wimp during the last quarter of 2009, I will join 3- to 5-kilometer fun runs to get back on track (pardon the awkward pun) starting January 2010.

  152. my big 2010 blogging resolution is to make my very own project 365! not just photos but a combination of logs, audio, links, thoughts for each and every day.

  153. This is one of my harder resolutions for next year — To be more accessible to my husband, hahaha!

    I learned that a husband and wife should be “intimate” at least 3x a week. Doing so will result to a more loving not to mention logical, wiser and happier partner. Men aren’t that hard to please, anyway.

  154. Here’s my another New Year Resolution for the year 2010 — TO GAIN MORE FATS! 😛

    Because I’m too THIN. THIN. As in THIN. I hate being called orphan, kasi di daw ako pinapakain. HAHA!

  155. We are all aware that plastics such as styrofoams and plastic bags are the modern conveniences that we seem to be unable to do without. However, I’ve realized recently that these plastics are one of the reasons of our Earth’s destruction. Being committed with the drive on fight against global warming, starting next year I will limit my use of plastics by using reusable shopping bags, avoiding styro products and encouraging my friends to do the same.

  156. I am pregnant with my first child. I have a problem. I am a worry wart. I always worry. And in some ways my worrying is making my tummy hurts. My new years resolution is to TRY not to worry. I know that tomorrow is scary and unknown but when your going to be a mum you will become more hopeful. And i hope that I can at least lessen if not totally remove worrying from my system. For the baby!

  157. my 4th new year resolution is to actually “work” at the office and stop goofing around. in this way, no cramming for reports every year-end

  158. my 4th resolution for 2010 is to take care of my body more. this goes beyond just losing weight. i think i have to take more responsibility for what i put in to my body and how i use it so it serves me best. i tend to stay up too late at night, snack on unhealthy food and stay under the sun without sunblock or protection. for 2010, i will be more careful with what i do for my body. after all…its the only one i’ll get right?

  159. I promise to concentrate on improving my time management skills because lately, I’ve realized I seem to lack time in doing anything for a while, so yeah, time to improve those skills pronto!

  160. My New Year’s Resolution would be to stop criticizing people behind their backs. I know that we all have our “little devils” inside of us but sometimes I have this tendency to go overboard that it hurts other people. So yeah, it’s time to be a good girl this new year! cheers! 😀

  161. what will be my new years resolution hope that i would have more time doing my thesis and learn on time management for better me and no more cramming time during deadline. I will not be late anymore always be on time this 2010.

  162. By April 30, 2010, I resolve to be able to do 120 push-ups in one go because I was able to do so during my younger years, and being older is not an excuse to be a wuss.

  163. Resolution #5 – to be more patient.

    I can say I am quite the patient kind of person, but there are just some instances when I seem to have a very short string – especially when it comes to meeting up with friends and I end up waiting for them a little longer. I just don’t like it when I get stressed because I got impatient waiting for them… so I resolve to add a little more length to that string – so I won’t be stressed, and there will be no conflicts between me and my friends.

  164. Another new year’s resolution of mine is to not get annoyed with people who will sit far far away from the jeepney driver and would ask you to hand in their fare. And despute all the effort you made , you wouldn’t hear them say “thank you”.

  165. This is my Fifth….

    I am feeling quit sexy right now whoooha!
    Thank you tyo my new TEE he he he!

    Anyways still keeping my Promise Lose weight for 2010 go go go!!!!

  166. My 2010 New Year’s Resolution:

    Life had been moving on the slow lane for the past years for me and I vowed that with the coming of 2010, life will be soaring high. It takes the will, the drive, and motivation coupled with the optimism and faith that each day in 2010 will be filled with greater opportunities and the opening of new avenues. I will be more optimistic, driven and grounded with faith that blessings will be granted in His most perfect time.

    As we usher the year of the Tiger, let 2010 be a year filled with hope and dreams for a brighter future for all of us:)

    Happy Holidays!

  167. Another resolution:

    I want to enjoy life more by worrying less. i have a feeling that i’ve been such a worrywart this year so next year i want to be more relaxed and easygoing. i have learned that worrying solves nothing really!

  168. To visit at least 1 orphanage with my family and do some outreach work.

    I have a dream…and that dream is to set up home for the orphans. I know this is a tough project and I also know that I would be needing funds and sources to make this dream a reality. I have been planning to at least, donate some of my time and resources to an orphanage (White Cross). However, this plan was set aside when I got pregnant last year. I wish to make this happen next year.

  169. Another New Year Resolution of mine:

    I want to have a new cellphone of mine, yung CP ko wasak wasak na, and I want to buy a new one for myself. IPON todo! 😀

  170. My New Year Resolution:

    With my little boy growing up, I will make sure that he and I will spend greater quality time together. I will play with him and his toys (kahit na sometimes I don’t get how some of his toys function). I will read to him as much as he likes it. I will have more patience (maiksi kasi pasensya ko and sometimes, I tend to shout at him).


    I know it will be a test but I have to learn the art of being patient because he is my boy. I love him and I want him to grow with me as we both enjoy the best things life has to offer.

  171. Another Resolution for me would be to start appreciating the things that I have. Since my friend just lost her iPhone today (which is really really really devastating), I realized how things come and go at a fast pace. So I should really appreciate everything I have instead of whining for the things that I don’t have. Oh, it feels better too 🙂

  172. my next resolution is to be a kinder person. I tend to be impatient and nasty at times, especially if i dont like someone so for 2010, i will work on that.

  173. Do i need to post diff resolution every entry?

    I am pregnant with my first child. I have a problem. I am a worry wart. I always worry. And in some ways my worrying is making my tummy hurts. My new years resolution is to TRY not to worry. I know that tomorrow is scary and unknown but when your going to be a mum you will become more hopeful. And i hope that I can at least lessen if not totally remove worrying from my system. For the baby!

  174. To devote the time I should give to Our Creator. This year, I noticed that I skipped a lot of the family’s usual get together for a Sunday mass. He showered me with enough blessings this year, so I guess it is just right to pay Him back.

  175. NUMBER FIVE: My fifth new year’s resolution is to post a very BIG WHITE BOARD in our room where I can write all of my daily tasks and responsibilities – including the task of taking my pills – on time. Delays lead to irreversible consequences and my 2010 has no room for uncalled-for events such as an unplanned pregnancy. Having 3 babies by then is all that I would be able to handle.

  176. In 2010, I won’t be late in any meetings, events or in any of my activities. Actually, I’m practicing it now. What I do is I tell everyone that I will go to this place at this time and if I didn’t, ililibre ko sila… Syempre ayaw ko sila ilibre kaya inaagahan ko pumunta sa office, or sa mga events… Mas maganda manglibre pag bukal sa puso… at pag may na-achieve ka gaya ng hindi ka na-late…

  177. NY Resolution #3
    Try to control my mood swings. It’s very difficult to deal with everything when you feel like you’re on a rollercoaster ride.

  178. I want to enroll in some kind of sports camp this summer. The last time I was in such was when I was around 5 or 6. Ever since then, I haven’t been able to find time in exploring my interests because of my busy study schedule [how sad :(].
    So yeah, I’d like to find some opportunities by summer and enjoy the rest of it.

  179. My second New Year Resolution is to rebuild my previous recreational activities. This year I have to let go of so many activities because of the work that I have. Hoping for a stress free year next year. I wish I could go back to dancing and managing my business again. 🙂

  180. another resolution… I would like to do is to learn to overcome my phobias. Believe it or not I am still very afraid of heights, blood and closed dark places. I think these fears might take a toll on me someday, so its better to face them gradually to eventually be calm in any unexpected incidents.

    -FPJ Jr

  181. I resolve to smile more. Because smiling makes people think you are up to something. Smiling is a line that connects people. You use less muscles when smiling than frowning. A smile is a curve which sets things straight. A smile is a light at the window which tells people you’re home. Seriously, my 4 month old nephew tends to smile when one is smiling at him. Because I want his cuteness bestow smiles at me, I would smile at him, teeth and all, on ends. My muscles would hurt. Frowning much? I think I have been.

    Sorry, my mind has been leaping all around. Resident gift wrapper of the family. Try it when you have two teachers in the family. It’s fun and crazy and you end up pulling all-nighters.

  182. Resolution #6 – to be contented with what I have.

    It’s easy to get jealous with whatever other people have, and it’s really difficult not to compare… but reality of life is that there are some things I can’t have. Of course, seeing others with good things or living a good life is a good motivation to work harder, but if I can’t have what they have, then I have to learn to be contented with what I have and be thankful for the blessings that have come my way.

  183. NUMBER SIX: (tama ba count ko?) I will try to be more persistent and insistent to my husband (in a positive manner)- this is to ensure that everything works out perfectly as he has this tendency to assume that I’m not as decided as I sound whenever I make little suggestions. Well, he listens when we do the serious talks but ‘hot seat’ talks can be a bit draggy if they are done too often.

  184. My THIRD NEW YEARS’S RESOLUTION is to get in touch with my old friends. This year was a busy year for me, like I said, that forgot to spent time with my old friends. It’ll be nice if our planned reunion could somehow push through this year.

  185. This is from my niece , Mekin whose 12 years old. I talked with her about her New Years Resolution? .

    She replied ” Ate, when you say resolution, does it means ulitin ang solution like rewrite or rekindle , because the solution is not working ?”

    I was taken aback because it makes sense.

    So, Ate since I know that my love for Nanay and Tatay (her grandparents) ,Mama(her mom )and to you is working. My resolution is to find my Papa (her dad) to also love him , di ba sabi mo nga he left us because nag-golf sya di nga lang bumalik, totoo ba yun ? Basta , for this coming year and the next year thats my resolution until it works . Is that okay ?

    Then I said “Its okay, everything is “

  186. my #1 new year resolution is ”I will not throw my garbage anywhere no matter how little or big it may be”
    this is one of the simpliest rule yet the hardest rule to follow, and after ondoy and pepeng’s distruction I guess everyone must make this part of thier new years resolution.

  187. My New Year’s Resolution is to reconnect with my friends and family. I have been down lately that I have withdrawn from my friends and even my family. This is what they call quarter life crisis I guess.. I feel like a failure because all of my colleagues are now successful and here I am I couldn’t even buy a planner, lol. So right now I’m getting in touch with my friends again. It would be amazing to see them, to dine with them and chit chat in a resto. I am also going to classes to improve myself more. I was also thinking that my all time low feeling could just be because of the junk I am putting in my body that is making my brain frazzled, so right now I am on a healthy meal diet. I also am going to Tagaytay on the holidays to recharge and at the same time appreciate nature.

  188. Resolution #6: I will not procrastinate. I notice lately that I tend to say “mamaya na” and then the next thing I know, things I need to do are all piled up. So for 2010, part of me being a better person includes managing my time better by not procrastinating anymore.

  189. I would like to learn how to drive next year so that my Mom and I could run our errands without having to wait for Dad or to use the public transport. Its about time that I learned how to drive. If Im going to study in Manila next year, I think it would be imperative that I learned how to drive, wouldnt you think?^_^

    Im also going to work my butt off next year just so I could buy my own car in time for Christmas next year.^_^

  190. yey! My 5th entry ata!

    I am pregnant with my first child. I have a problem. I am a worry wart. I always worry. And in some ways my worrying is making my tummy hurts. My new years resolution is to TRY not to worry. I know that tomorrow is scary and unknown but when your going to be a mum you will become more hopeful. And i hope that I can at least lessen if not totally remove worrying from my system. For the baby!

  191. Mag-aral ulit… magbabasa ulit ng mga books… i’ll start first with the magazines para hindi ulit mahirap mag-adjust sa pagbabago… i’m stuck being a transcriptionist… i always rely answers to the internet na lang lagi…

  192. ‘What’s Your New Year Resolution?‘

    I want to start a part time job because my income has not enough to support my expenses.

  193. Another Resolution for 2010 would be to stop cramming! I have this severe practice of mañana habit which usually puts my grades into risk. So instead of spending hours (and I mean HOURS) staring blankly at my homework, I might as well start doing something (for real) 😀

  194. To learn how to drive again.

    I have no problem commuting to work. I’m really not so “car-dependent”. However, when my husband is not around, there are times that it’s hard to take the commute bringing my kids along. Also, if I know how to drive, I won’t have to bother him anymore or wait for him to accompany me to do some grocery shopping, for example. Also, when my daughters are all grown-up, it would be nice to hold a once-a-week “ladies night out” — just my daughters and me — I’ll be their driver.

  195. Another New Year Resolution of mine is to watch Paramore this coming March!

    I really like that band VERY MUCH!!

    Hope I can use the Starbucks Planner to save allowance and be able to buy the concert ticket. 🙂

  196. Resolution #7 – To join more photowalks.

    Photography is one skill that I want to hone. While there are tutorials, books, and other materials readily available, still, nothing beats actually putting the camera to use. Doing photowalks with people is not only fun, I will also get to learn tips and tricks from them. For 2009, I can count in my hands just how many photowalks I’ve had… for the next year, I will surely do more of this.

  197. Another important resolution I hope to keep for 2010 is to make every day count. This 2009 I wasted a lot of my time being unhappy and bored with things around me. For 2010, I want every day to matter.

  198. My new year’s resolution is to write on my journal everyday. In that way, I’ll be able to reminisce what happened during the year: how much i’ve grown, the things that i learned throughout the year, my despair, my disappointments, my joys and everything under the sun.

  199. In 2010, I will help at least one person stick to his/her New Year’s resolution because most people need a “buddy” to motivate and push him/her to turn poetic but empty words into concrete results.

  200. My new year’s resolution is I will make sure to spend more time with my family and my friends especially my loving daughter Naomi.. I am working for 7 days a week can you imagine? No day off because I needed to earn extra.. But next year I will make sure I’ll spend more time at home than working my ass off in the office because you can only live once and you can never turn back the wasted time you wished you could have again.

  201. i love joining online contests so here i am again…

    A New Year’s Resolution -i guess this is the most impt. resolution in my list: i want to reply to my mother’s texts as regularly as possible. my mom has long been complaining about the very few replies (sometimes none at all) she gets from me and my siblings. she lives in the province with my younger sis while the rest of the family stays in manila. i know it pains her to be taken for granted by her children so i’m gonna change that by making sure i reply to her messages. i hope my other siblings are listening. mom loves to text and she’s always unli.haha. i guess she prefers texts more than calls. 🙂

  202. I know a lot of bloggers use blogging to earn money. In these times, it doesn’t hurt to be practical but one of my main resolutions is for my website to contain relevant information, and thoughts which can best signify my beliefs and stands on the different issues that concern me and this society.

    We’re in one blogging world, and that’s a resolution I can best present as a blogger, and something I think I can attain in a year’s time.

  203. my new years resolution hope that i would have more time doing my thesis and learn on time management for better me and no more cramming time during deadline. I will not be late anymore always be on time this 2010.

  204. Wow! I didn’t knew that there was actually a contest. I thought jonel just wanted me to join the fanpage and waited weeks but still no contest. I think I’m a little late for this entry but I’ll try my luck anyways. Who knows, maybe jonel will personally pick me as a winner if I’m lucky enough. Hehe!

    What’s My New Year Resolution?

    I have a lot of plans in store next year. Mainly focusing on business, blogging, and changing the way I approach life. I told myself that in 2010 I’ll take away all the negativity I have and start living a life with a positive outlook. “Success! Whatever it takes!” will be a new everyday saying for me. If we want change, it must start within us. We must live life to the fullest and never let negativity get on our way.

    And to help me, I will indeed need a new Starbucks 2010 Planner to help me plan wisely.

    I don’t have the funds right now to buy me one, but I won’t give up the chance of winning one right here.

    Remember, be positive!

    And if I do win, I’ll blog about it. Hehe!

  205. I’ll do my best to regularly read bedtime stories to my 3-year old daughter. This is another way of spending some bonding moments with her. I know in my heart that she’ll remember these special moments even when she already has a kid of her own.

  206. I want to be more tolerant of people and understanding of their situation. My husband has been a good teacher in this aspect as he always reminds me to step into others’ shoes before rendering judgment. It has taught me compassion, patience and understanding but I need to take it a level higher.

  207. Another new year’s resolution is to make myself aware of the time. It’s always a problem of me being late because of some factors. Just like now, i am still wide awake but still have to wake up early tomorrow for work. I hope that by next year, i will be having a definite period of sleeping so as not to get late the next day.

  208. @Bogcess – kudos to you even if you only knew about the contest today. 🙂

    @Jane & Melandriaromero – whom I observed to be loyally commenting almost everyday generating more entries for themselves and hence more chances of winning. 🙂

    Hi All! Happy Holidays! (even if my laptop was just stolen last Saturday 🙁 hayz, have to move on…)

  209. My 3rd New Year’s resolution: I will earn more money! O di ba, it’s not “I will spend less” bu earn more! I’d like to practice the Law of Attraction better, so here’s to a more prosperous year! 🙂

  210. My 4th resolution is to let go of the past and move on. It’s been a wacky year and I think that if I keep on holding to those heartbreaks it will ruin the next year. So better to let go all of it and move on! 🙂

  211. My New Year’s resolution is to learn how to swim. Swimming with the butandings has been in my bucket list and there has been several missed opportunities to accomplish my dream because I keep on putting to learn this new skill off. The problem is I drowned when I was about 9 years old and the feeling of being surrounded in water and the fear of not being able to breathe properly brings back traumatic memories. So I guess, this New Year’s resolution will hit two birds with one stone – conquering a fear that has wrapped me for years and learning a very valuable skill. Just in case an Ondoy incident (hopefully never again) will require me to use it.

  212. Another resolution: To start good habits. I know that it only takes 21 consecutive days of doing something good before it becomes a part of my system. so i want to start a couple of good habits like waking up early, exercising, eating healthy etc.

  213. Resolution #8 – Clean the house often.

    Funny, but the only times that I get to clean the house was every time I’d know someone will be over. Our house isn’t really that messy, but it’s quite funny and annoying that I only see myself picking up that broom if I know a visitor is coming. What happens when someone shows up unexpectedly? Yeah I need to change the way I work around the house.

  214. thank god for blog-hopping i came across this promo! 😉

    my main new year’s resolution: make my 2010 better than 2009.


    wouldn’t it be wonderful to have one great year after another? the premises are broad so there’s room for anything and everything you can possibly do to make the year better – live, love, have fun, make mistakes & learn lessons, take risks, survive challenges, welcome changes, keep the faith. there are no guidelines. just one goal of living a year and making it better than before.

    here’s to hoping i win!

  215. hi! my new year’s resolution #2 would be to finally learn how to photoshop pictures so that i won’t have to actually lose weight after the christmas season anymore! 😉 i can just tweak myself in christmas pictures and look slimmer than i actually am!

  216. Browsing through my bag, I think I’ll make being tidy and orderly my new year’s resolution. I’ll throw away receipts and such that is no longer needed and not stuff them in my bag

  217. Starting January, I will learn to cook one new dish every three months. That’s 12 times better than my current pace of one new dish every three years.

  218. For the 7th year in a row, my personal resolution would be to finally (and hopefully, really, really) get over my past failed relationship and move on with my life. As tragic or traumatizing as it was, I know I deserve a better life.

  219. In addition to my new year’s resolution list is..

    I will learn to value time even more. I will be more prompt when it comes to meetings, parties, and special occasions.

    And ofcourse, a new Starbucks 2010 Planner will help me when time is concerned.

  220. On top of my New Year’s resolution list is to do away with unnecessary purchases. I realize that few people have the luxury to eat meals three times a day. I will save some money and buy food to give away to poor families.

    I know it would make some people happy a long the way

  221. Try something new…

    I’m creating the possibility of having at least one hobby (hubby can also be, hehe joke) in 2010… I’m thinking of joining in bead designing by Em Mariano. I saw it on TV last year and keep telling myself to join, join, join… but until now, I’m still not…

    I’m so stressed so I think bead making would be a fun activity in 2010!!!

  222. With the recent typhoons, I realize that life can be gone in an instant so I will make my family members feel loved by visiting them often and by spending quality time more with the people that matter to me.

    I hate saying the words, “I love you” but will start doing this over and over.

  223. another new year’s resolution of mine : i will eat more healthy foods… veggies for a change, stop with the junkfoods….

  224. Reconciliation. That would be one of my resolutions for next year. Our circle of friends just had a rift because of some untoward event. Then that was followed by another unfortunate incident. When we thought all has come to the worst, then something happens that proves otherwise.

    We are trying to hold it together and start to patch things up at this time. But Im hoping that we can finally get this all behind us. For friendship.

  225. I will stock up on school supplies like bond papers, onion skin, and lots of art materials, so I don’t have to rush to the bookstore everytime my daughter needs them for school. This is one way to save up on gas, effort and time. In other words, I’ll try to convert one corner in our house as a our own mini bookstore.

  226. Resolution number 8: to lose weight. I know this is a common goal but for me, I really need to lose the 30 pounds I gained back in the last 4 years. My goal for 2010 is to be able to wear a bikini again…yes…watch me!!!

  227. I promise myself too be more appreciative of what I have rather than longing for what I don’t have. I believe I’ll be able to live a more stress-free life that way. 🙂

  228. my resolution for 2010?…

    is to stop making resolutions (read: promises) to myself. I always break my own resolution.

    ultimately, my new year’s resolution is to PUT ACTION on my plans and stop planning and making promises. For example, i’ll start SAVING and Plan later, instead of me starting to Plan to Save…

    I’ve done this in the past, and i can do it again… just give me the proper motivation…

  229. By next year, I plan to strengthen my relationships to my family, friends and loved ones. Our family whether we would like to admit or not are treated far less better than we treat other people or even strangers. We worry more about what other people would say rather than our family and friends because we bank on the notion that they love us and will just accept us. However, they should not deal with our scraps. They should have the best of us because we simply love them. So my New Year’s resolution is to love my family and friends more and to be a better person for them.

  230. New Year’s Resolution:
    To be ‘more’ consistent, if that is even possible. The world is so messed up, consistency wouldn’t hurt at all. If people would only start (and stick) to doing good deeds, the world will be a much better place.

    *cue michael jackson’s heal the world song*

  231. I will try to see others in a more positive way in be less judgmental of their physical looks because I do not want to be judged that way also. Sometimes, I have a tendency to be like that so I really have to be more careful the next time.

  232. This is my 7th stop here…

    I got another 2010 resolution, I will try to save, save and save, not for me but for mt baby… my gosh he is getting bigger and bigger each day. Days will come he will need more milk, more food, more clothes, and schooling and books wahhh!!!! Its hard to be a parent but… equally rewarding.

  233. I will join at least 3 online contests (that involve posting comments/blog entries) per month, because contests like this motivate me to write, and a lazy guy like me needs all the motivation available.

  234. Resolution #9 – To go back to scrapbooking

    Before I became a blogger, traveler, and a photographer, I was a scrapbooker. It’s actually this hobby that prompted me to blog, to travel, and to take pictures, and it was such a shame that I have neglected the very reason why I exerted the effort to develop my hobbies now. Although I was able to create layouts for this year, it clearly wasn’t enough given the amount of pictures I have taken and stories I have created. For next year, I resolve to do at least one layout per week, and to be able to do my 2008 travel album (see, I really need to go back at it or I will be drowning in pictures to scrap).

  235. My new year’s resolution is to open a time deposit account!:)I am so blessed with my work and I SHOULD never take it for granted. 😛 INVEST!

  236. This resolution is long overdue but as they always say, better late than never: my New Year resolution is to be mighty and proud about being Pinoy! Despite the proliferation of bad news in the media, there are still many things to be proud about as a Filipino. For instance, there’s Manny Pacquiao, who has recently proven that he is undoubtedly one of the greatest boxers in history. There’s also our world-class performers such as Lea Salonga and Cecile Licad who have made waves in the global musical scene, demonstrating the excellence of Filipino artistry. Furthermore, the Philippines has exquisite natural wonders, from the Chocolate Hills and the Hundred Islands to the Tubbataha Reef and the powder-white beaches of Boracay. A positive way to start 2010 is to think of the Philippines as a country of so many gems that make me extremely proud to be Pinoy!

  237. Since I had some issues with my parents this year, another new year’s resolution for me would be to keep in touch with them and forget everything negative that occurred in the past 🙂 and oh, I’ll say “I love you” to them everyday (and mean it) – to make up to all of the years I took them for granted 🙂

  238. Another addition to my list is..

    To ditch the Mañana Habit.

    I tend to postpone things that needed to be done and end up not doing it.

    And to help me to do things accurately, I’ll be needing a new Starbucks 2010 Planner.

  239. I don’t want the prize.

    For this Christmas I want to forgive myself, some 17 years ago, when I was 9, my aunt asked me to watch over my few months old cousin but I did not mind him. He crawled and knocked down the thermos, spilled the freshly put boiled water and he got burned from chest to his thighs. He is turning 18 next year and I am scared that he will end up bachelor until his dying days.

  240. another resolution of mine is to be a better steward of our earth. We all have seen the wrath of mother nature this year. In 2010,i wanna make ammends. As such i will try to always bring my lunch box to school so i dont get my food in styro anymore.

  241. To dabble in writing as much as I could.

    Writing keeps me sane. It has allowed me to express myself in a way that I couldn’t even imagine. It has allowed me to reach out to others. It has provided me with so much enjoyment and has been a form of therapy to me. Through writing I get to know myself a little bit better.

  242. new years resolution hope that i would have more time doing my thesis and learn on time management for better me and no more cramming time during deadline. I will not be late anymore always be on time this 2010.

  243. I promise to be more friendly. 😐
    Yeah, I’ve been kinda snobbish this year (they say grrr)
    But I was sooo busy! Probably even too busy to care.
    Ok so yeah, I’d try being more approachable.

  244. NUMBER 10: Socialize more. I’ll have to reunite with old friends and find new ones. I need a reliable support group… and frankly, I just miss going out and exploring the world through other people…

  245. This resolution is born after a heart to heart talk with my husband tonight. For the next five years of my life, I will try to learn how to manage my stress level. I am a stress-junkie you see and I will deny to death that I am. However, in the next five years my son will turn to be a teenager and as most if not all teenagers will, they will surely test your very core specifically your patience. Now, if I get burned up with small things then I am afraid that I will be just repeating the same mistakes my parents did. However, I cannot say I was not informed or aware that it might eventually happen. So because of that knowledge. I have every power right now to set things right this time for my child and hopefully future children. You can only blame your screwed up life to your parents at a certain point but after a certain age, you take full responsibility of the things that you do in your life.

  246. Starting next year, I will no longer accept Facebook friend requests from strangers because I only end up kicking them off my list once they start inviting me to be a Poker buddy, a part of their Mafia, etc.

  247. ‘What’s Your New Year Resolution?‘

    I cannot recall my New Years Resolution this year but this year up to date is a good year for me and all I can think of is I’m simply following the 4 WAY TEST.

    Applying the 4 Way Test makes you a better person and without knowing it, you’ll just noticed that good things is happening to you as well.

  248. My first New Year resolution is fixing my bad sleeping habits. When I say bad, it is either over sleeping or not getting enough sleep at all. Why should I fix it? And why it is the first one I have stated? Because a lot of people are complaining about it. My boyfriend, family and friends. Most of the time, I slept without informing the one I am texting with that I will do so. They find it irritating especially my boyfriend awaiting for my reply. At work, people also don’t like to deal with me if I am obviously still sleepy. I admit I become moody and snap easily if I missed so many hours of sleep. I am trying to work on this bad habit of mine using different methods including the 21-day-breaking-the-bad-habit ritual to no success. So I wanted to start my 2010 right. I will try my best to fix this bad sleeping habit. It’s not just for the people around me but most of all for my self because it is also compromising my health.

  249. To sustain and be firm in all my resolutions for the coming years. Why? Because coming up with a whole set every year and not doing them is such a waste of time and effort.

  250. My 5th New Year’s Resolution is to follow this policy “MORE DEPOSITS, LESS WITHDRAW”. It means that hopefully this year in my account book I’ll have more list of DEPOSITS than WITHDRAWALS. In other words, I should be thrifty next year and spend my money wisely!

  251. New Year’s Resolution #2:

    Anyday can be a new year if you really want to make things right.. Anyway, this coming year, i’ll see to it that i am setting aside a portion of my salary.. im not getting any younger, i should start saving for my future and the activities to come this year.. that’s why i’ll buy a coin bank to help me save money.. 🙂

  252. I am pregnant with my first child. I have a problem. I am a worry wart. I always worry. And in some ways my worrying is making my tummy hurts. My new years resolution is to TRY not to worry. I know that tomorrow is scary and unknown but when your going to be a mum you will become more hopeful. And i hope that I can at least lessen if not totally remove worrying from my system. For the baby!

  253. my resolution for the coming year is to learn to prioritize and plan. that’s why, for the first time ever, i’m getting a planner.

  254. Resolution #10 – Minimize my softdrinks and sweet drinks intake

    Last time I had my blood sugar level checked, my FBS was at 112. While it is still normal, I was alarmed because a few months before it was at 105, meaning my blood sugar was increasing dramatically. Borderline is 120… and it only takes 8 more before I become diabetic. I don’t want that. I am generally not into sweet foods, but I do drink soft drinks and iced tea everyday. I have actually minimized my intake since then, but I am hoping that by 2010, the only time I get to drink these is when I am out, and when I am at home, it’s just water for me.

  255. Another resolution:

    To save more money – need to do this because my husband and I have lots of plans for 2010. we need to lessen our shopping and in using our credit cards.

  256. Next year, I will launch my second blog. And try to put no-nonsense things in it. In that way, I can also practice my writing skills again… But of course, I’ll just start with small things because big changes started with small changes… That will make my blogging easier and it wouldn’t be hard to adjust for that big change…

  257. Mine is to go to church very sunday. I sometimes skip mass because of my busy work, this 2010 i will never forget to go to church and complete mass every week.

  258. Next on my resolution list would be taking a dayoff whenever I can.

    After a work week and two typhoons, I need to unwind and reinvigorate my spirit to keep my mind stress-free and optimistic towards the coming year.

  259. my new year’s resolution is to “try my best to be more organized and productive”. being a free spirit and a divergent thinker, my thoughts and behavior sometimes get so unfocused and unrestrained that’s why i need to have some improvement on organization and productivity. i have started reading david allen’s “getting things done” and will start to read regina leeds’ “one year to an organized work life” in january. i believe these books will help me attain my goal 🙂

  260. I’ll detoxify my body at least twice a year. I believe in performing a cleansing diet regularly (just fruits, vegetables and at least 8 glasses of water for 7 days), in order to rid my body of toxins and other “poisons”. This is also a great way to improve my health. If I want to feel lighter, this cleansing diet is perfect.

  261. I’ll study more often. Yep, lately I noticed I haven’t been studying well. Y’see, this semester, I studied for the exams just 4 weeks before the midterms! I don’t know what’s gotten into me! I should have started around 10 weeks before. LOL! But seriously, I need to devote more time in hitting the books and less PC time. 😛

  262. My 5th resolution – To learn how to bake! I cook, and love to cook. But baking seems so intimidating so in the coming year i’d like to give baking a try. (Sana lang I would still be able to keep my lose-5-pounds resolution no, hehe)

  263. Resolution number 10: Manage my time better.

    Before I got so hooked on the internet, I NEVER was late for anything….now, I find myself chasing time always. For 2010
    I want that to change.

  264. My 2010 resolution, to understand the needs of other people. Give other people what they need and people will give you what you need. Win/win scenario isn’t it? We live in an inter-dependent society.

  265. I missed commenting yesterday! Haha! Anyway, here’s my entry for today.

    In addition to my list..

    I will drink lots of water not only this coming 2010, but also for the years to come. I wasn’t able to drink the right amount of water for the past years in order to keep me properly hydrated.

    To help me monitor my water intake daily, I’ll be needing a new Starbucks 2010 Planner.

  266. NUMBER 11: Use a break monitor software. I’ve been skipping my am and pm breaks at work for days now kasi whenever I’m so in the mood for writing, I tend to ignore the time so I’m not even aware if I’m supposed to take my break na. Sometimes, I go hungry and that’s bad for pregnant women. 🙁

  267. Good morning!
    New Year’s Resolution Number X:
    Will prioritize buying food over taking cabs to work.
    It just isn’t right. Right?

  268. In 2010, I’ll try not to be so “tamad”. I always say “bukas na” or “saka na”. I want to accomplish all my dreams so I should start with this attitude.

  269. I will get rid of the grudges and free my mind from worries. I try to see the good in every person rather than dwell on the wrongs he committed againsts me.

    A healthy mind and a healthy body goes a long way like they say.

  270. My 9th stop….

    Got another 2010 resolution: less my being so OC on things & stuffs ( my hubby will be happy in reading this). I will just make sure everything is organize and searchable and neatly arrange 😉

  271. Resolution #11 – Cook and eat more vegetables

    Since my dad died two years ago, the family wasn’t eating much vegetables. Our diet came to a total flip – before we were eating vegetables most of the time, now it’s good if we get to eat two veggie dishes in a week. We all know that vegetables are good for us, so I resolve to going back to that routine – eating more vegetable than meat dishes.

  272. I am pregnant with my first child. I have a problem. I am a worry wart. I always worry. And in some ways my worrying is making my tummy hurts. My new years resolution is to TRY not to worry. I know that tomorrow is scary and unknown but when your going to be a mum you will become more hopeful. And i hope that I can at least lessen if not totally remove worrying from my system. For the baby!

    ps. i really dont know if im allowed to post the same resolution… pls correct me if im wrong. thanks very much and advance merry xmas!

  273. After this holiday season, I shall revert back to my “usual” soda intake. I’ve been drinking 2 servings of cola per day during this period of abundance. To think that I used to consume 2 to 4 cans of soda PER MONTH.

  274. for 2010 i want to be a better blogger. That is one of my resolutions as well. I want to be able to share my ideas and thoughts online with others and hopefully affect some change in others.

  275. i will go home early as much as possible
    so my mom wud have peace of mind and lessen
    her worries when im not yet home after classes

  276. I need to be more financially wise. I promise to save up once in a while (although I actually save some dough, it’s quite sporadic and not very consistent) so that I would be able to buy the things that I want without asking money from my parents anymore. See? I’m a good boy. 🙂

  277. I will cut down on my soda intake and take water, instead. I was thinking of totally eliminating softdrinks in my diet but I have decided to start slowly or just “lessen” it. In connection to this resolution, I willdrink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

  278. Another resolution for me would be to keep my room clean – for real. My mom is always annoyed with my “jungle room” that she talk with me everyday about it. I always tell her that I’ll clean it the next day but well, whenever I’m attempting to clean it, I end up sitting on my bed and spend hours of just looking at the mess. I never get started. This year, I’ll do my best to work my ass into cleaning my room for a healthier ambiance and peaceful slumber 🙂

  279. My 6th New Year’s Resolution is to GET ORGANIZE! This year was no good for me. I was disorganize with everything! Everything is out of place. I’m getting used with the mess. This year I want to change everything. I want to put my scribbles at a clean sheet of paper rather than some scratch paper or even worse my tissue notes. I want to have a planner that could help me get organize.

  280. To find a new job and stick with it! I give up easily when it comes to working and the longest job that I have ever had is 2 years. For 2010, I will do my best to stay longer.

  281. ‘What’s Your New Year Resolution?‘

    I want to start a part time job because my income has not enough to support my expenses

  282. I’m not the kind of person that makes New Year’s resolutions, since I’ve always adhered to the fact that we do not merely try to improve ourselves once every year, but to do so every waking day of the life we life.

    We owe it to ourselves not to just ‘turn over a new leaf’ every year, but to continually pursue every day what would not only be beneficial for us, but what would also bless other people in turn. =)

    Have a great new year, and thanks for taking the time to throw this giveaway! =D

  283. In addition to my list..

    I will not be envious about a lot of things. I will love and be contented with what I have.

    To help remind me of what I need to act, I will need a new Starbucks 2010 Planner.

  284. Next year, I will eat like a normal human being (at least 5 times a week), so as not to confuse my digestive system. Currently, my eating habits are as unpredictable as the Philippine weather. Sometimes I don’t consume anything for 14 hours, and sometimes I eat thrice in a span of 2 hours. My gastric gland and intestines have been complaining.

  285. Try to have a healthy life. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily, have at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Exercise, eat good and healthy foods like vegetables.

  286. Number 12: I will drink coffee again (no more than 350ml a day) 🙂 I haven’t had a cup for such a long time now because of my consecutive pregnancies and I simply want another cup the soonest time possible… ahhh.. the pleasures of caffeine. It revitalizes my body.

  287. New Year’s Resolution:
    To make myself less available for others. 🙂 One should not spread himself too thinly, because unnecessary sacrifices will be made.

  288. Nice to meet you Jonel…
    I am not use to having a New Year’s Resolution. All I have is a plan to do the whole year, and I am really making ways to materialize them.
    One of the plans that I have next year is to take up an MBA. I was planning and had this in my mind since I was in my 4th year college, and due to lack of financial stability and still was helping my family, I wasn’t able to pustrue it then. And I know next year is the right time.

  289. Resolution #12 – to get organized.

    If one would see my room, one would find a lot of clutter. I am very sentimental and clingy that I still have letters and notes I’ve received from high school! I am also into scrapbooking and at times, I just put my materials wherever I want to, then I’d forget about it and use new set of materials. Add to that my travel and blog notes… whew, I really need to get organized and de-clutter my room. Which is why I am so hoping to win this organizer – so I can just jot down all the things I needed to do for the day, no need to check the post-its and different notes.

  290. Sometimes, we’re the ones who are harsh on ourselves. That’s why my new year’s resolution is to have a ‘me-time’. Everyday, have a time to do something that’s only for me. Everyday, say something good abt me.

  291. For 2010- I want to start the habit of always being happy and positive. i can be such a worrywart and a pessimist sometimes and its not good, both for me and the people around me. i want to start really loving myself so i can really love others as well. I know that for me to be able to attend to other’s needs, i need to look into myself first and then deal with my hangups 🙂

  292. My resolution for 2010: To make excellence a habit and mediocrity an enemy.

    Why? Because it’s the only way to live to the fullest. 🙂

  293. Hi there!

    My topmost new year’s resolution is to share more of myself to others in need. This is a resolution I promised myself after the great flooding tragedy which beserked Marikina and we lost almost everything in the flood. A lot of people, friends and strangers, offered their help to my family and my neighbors and I’m very grateful for that as their support helped us survived our losses with a light heart. I have realized that helping one another is a habit that we should always practice. By helping, it means every little thing counts. I am very positive that this new year’s resolution will be achieved as I already started the spirit of helping a month ago and I’m trying to do it everyday and in every little way I can. 🙂

  294. I would like to be more compassionate this new year. I’d like to do something that would help to better the lives of others. I’d like to practice doing a good deed everyday, no matter how small it is.

    “You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” This quotation by Winston Churchill is what I want to live by.

  295. Another resolution of mine which is timely for our current economic situation, is to be more financially literate. To devote more time educating myself so that one day I can truly say to myself that I am a wealthy person (as per Kiyosaki’s definition of wealthy) and not just rich. I’ll start this resolution already by reviewing Alvin Tabanag’s bestseller book “12 Steps to Build Wealth”.

  296. Today, I came home all wiped out from errands and the traffic. My body was totally sapped of energy.

    I think in 2010, I will really try to listen to my body more, stop when I’m tired, and refuse activities that will unduly tire me out. This way, I know my body resistance will not drop and result in illnesses which are even more debilitating.

  297. I promise to be neater, not that I’m not in the first place. I seem to have developed the habit of not cleaning up my mess after making them right away. So, yes, I promise to clean my room at least one a week probably so that I could be at least proud of myself.

  298. I love basketball, but I just realized that watching games on tv eats up way too much time. Starting next year, I’ll just watch a maximum of two games per week, and view the highlights on the Net instead.

  299. My 7th New Year’s Resolution is to be positive in life. I’ll try to think as positive as I can. I will try to always look things in a different perspective. I will start by saying “Next year will be a good year for me as well!”

  300. In addition to my list..

    I will ditch the idea that drinking coffee is bad. I’ve learned that coffee has antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals. Natural substances that slow down the effects of premature aging and may help prevent degenerative diseases. So coffee is good right? 2010 will be a coffee year for me. Treating myself with the finest coffee mixes Starbucks has to offer.

    And to help me set my Coffee Days, I’ll be needing a new Starbucks 2010 Planner.

  301. Resolution #13 – Minimize the complaining and worrying.

    As human, it is very easy for me to complain. Complain about the simplest things, to the point that sometimes I found it really stressful. Worrying is also one of the bad things about me, I keep worrying about things even when I don’t have to. These two things stresses me the most, so I resolve to minimize on the complaining and worrying – and let God just take over my life and direct me.

  302. hello world! I am sooo happy today! here goes my 13th resolution…
    NUMBER 13: Live everyday as if it was my last (Guess I’m having my midlife crisis though I’m not that old)… It’s just that one of our neighbors died.
    Anyway, I guess living with the idea that you’ll die soon will make you more grateful of your life and the blessings that you are otherwise ignoring. This idea can also inspire us to make the most of every minute we spend with our loved ones. Technically, it makes us a more productive human being that seeks to be worthy of the life God has given.

  303. Another resolution for me would be to stop being gaga over sales. Whenever I see that big red sign, oh God, I always find my self rushing towards it. The result? lonely wallet. So to keep my wallet happy, I should learn to control myself and spend wisely. 🙂

  304. This coming 2010….
    I wanna be less well-behaved. All my life,
    For 16 years… i’ve been so good. so damn generous. so tolerant. so sensible. so divine. I don’t wanna be a member of the lowest angelic order nor be a heavenly being anymore. People are taking advantage of me. I’m not an advantage card for emergency use. I’m already fed up with all the rules of my school, our country, my parents… and my self.
    With that i need a planning aid. I don’t want to ever forget that i should be bad, coz I must be. I must devour this enclosure and unfetter a new me, a “better” me. Amen.

  305. To live a simpler life and start a “stop doing list”.

    Living a simple life will help me focus more on what really matters and want really counts. Instead of concentrating on what I want to do, I’ll start concentrating on what I should stop doing, instead. Like maybe, I should stop procrastinating or stop doing a lot of things at the same time. I want to have a simple schedule and a simple frame for my work. This way, I would also have more time for myself and for my family.

  306. My new year’s resolution this year is to lessen being a helicopter mom and allow my child to “fail” successfully. By doing so, I am helping him see that winning is not everything.

  307. I promise to stop spending too much time online and take time to smell the roses, haha! I lack Vitamin E already (and, no, I want the natural tocopherol). I need to get some “real” life as well. 😀

  308. learn how to bake a cake.

    i’ve been itching to learn how to bake. and ogling foodie mags and blogs. however, i always procrastinate on starting it because our oven needs to be serviced. so maybe, i should just resolve to buy a new oven then? paging hubby… 😉

  309. i had said a few nights ago that i will no longer join this contest since i received a planner as an exchange gift. However, after giving it some thought, i decided to pursue it. Not because im selfish but because one of my new years resolutions is to finish what i started. my attitude of losing interest in things i start and not finish is definitely something i intend to change. In the past, i have started projects like cross-stitching, scrapbooking and the like then after investing a lot of resources in it, i lose interest. For 2010, i want to make sure i finish what i start, thus since i started this contest, i will finish it! Who knows, may finally bestow its kindness on me and allow me to win the last planner to complete my set!

  310. @sago, we’re sharing a wifi connection in our duplex, a mix of lappies and a smartphone. would that be tantamount to “multiple comments… different names and emails”? coz in truth we’re no way near spamming you. Ü

  311. Resolution #14 – strengthen my relationship with people whom I care for.

    Number one my list is my mom. My mom and I were off on a rocky start – growing up we were never really close, but ever since my dad died, she and I just became closer and closer. Well, I still aches about her loving my brother more, but I know she loves me in her own way. It was just so great to have a friend aside from having a mother, and for next year (until the next years of our lives), I will strive my best to strengthen that relationship. Same goes with my siblings and close friends.

  312. Hi sago! My husband and I sometimes share the same PC and there were even times that he would dictate to me what he wanted to write. Would that be spamming? Anyway, I already told him to just use his own laptop if he still wants to send his resolution.

    Anyway, for my resolution entry, here’s what I have to say:
    I’m drinking fresh milk right now together with my tot. I’m not much of a milk-drinker but since I’m still breastfeeding my 6-mo. old baby, I have decided to include this as one of my New Year’s resolutions — To drink at least 3 glasses of fresh milk in a week (maybe every Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night). I know I can do that.

  313. resolution for next year is to keep my room neat and clean. avoid the “mamaya na” habit.. because i always tell myself to clean it the next day, and months had passed but haven’t cleaned it..

  314. My new years resolution for 2010 is to focus on my studies even more so that I can fully enhanced my skills and profession too in the future. I will strive harder and will incorporate everything i will learn in school so that i can be the best. I will stop being a crammer and a lazy ass in doing my works. 🙂

  315. In addition to my list..

    I will exercise a lot not only in 2010 but for the years to come. Get rid of all the unwanted fats and turn them into muscles. Next year, I’ll have a super hot body that the girls will crave for. lol

    To help me schedule my detoxifying days, I’ll be needing a new Starbucks 2010 Planner.

  316. i will be more thankful for a great husband. im always asking god for a lot of material stuff and always whining about how i am poor… but when i look at it ….. i am doing okay… cuz i havea great husband who supports me and bears with my whining.

  317. Another resolution for me would be to minimize the use of curses. Sometimes when I face annoying -and I mean ANNOYING- circumstances like being called in class (because of daydreaming) and I don’t know the answer and my seatmate is well for lack of better word – dumb and would look the other way, traffic jam during rush hours – makes my head spin around, and going back to a store for that dazzling item which I spotted earlier just to see it gone and into the hands of other critter (I saw it FIRST!). At times like those, well I usually start my cursing spree like there’s no tomorrow and just imagine the people that could hear me (uh-oh). It’s not a right thing to do especially for heaven’s sake, I’m a lady! So yeah, next time I’m in front of annoying circumstances, my lips are sealed -and cursing inside the mind is not allowed too! 🙂

  318. dec21 NY resolution: learn to blog.
    i’m a 40ish enthusiast who just got a netbook. i just started my journey to the world of tech and gadgets and i’ve been learning little by little. it was (and still is) a baptism of fire. i got back to reading and learned what an e-book means. now, i can re-install my pc from scratch, one-touch, without missing a heartbeat. i’m learning more about the internet and browsers and blog hopping. how to blog is next on my agenda. i hope in this endeavor i can buy dear wife a netbook too (how i wish!) while doing what i enjoy.

  319. My new year’s resolution is to get more fit by jogging at least 4 times a week and swimming at least once a week. This is in preparation for my desire to join marathons geared towards social change and action. I was not able to join this year’s marathons for climate change, benefit of deaf children, etc. due to the fact that my running shoes got worn out. Add that to my new year’s resolution too, I want and will definitely buy a new running shoe. No matter what happens 🙂

  320. NUMBER 15: Stop installing different freewares in my computer – because I just installed this ppt to video converter a while ago and my computer suddenly went loco… the blue screen flashed several times and the pc memory crashed. Fortunately, we have a neighbor who happens to be a photographer 🙂

  321. I should launch my new blog by March of 2010 because I challenged myself to do so. And it would be a shame to chicken out on my own challenge.

  322. #2 for me. read the whole Shopaholic series by Kinsella.

    i have spent a small sum in collecting not quite a few books. and with this lot, i even had a friend send me a couple of hardbacks from the States so i could complete it. i am done with 2 but the others have been nearly forgotten, gathering dust. i need to get back and douse myself in some vicarious girl shopping madness, even for a while. as they say: Read, Feed your mind.

  323. Next resolution: learn to blog in english. hahaha because i chicken out after reading my english write-ups,and ends in my recycle bin… i think i should be more self-confident…

  324. Resolution #15 – Earn more, spend less.

    Having a travel blog prompts me to want to see places, and it eats up all of my earnings. For 2010, I’d select places to visit, probably concentrate on Metro Manila and nearby provinces so I could save up for a DSLR camera. I really wanted to own one and if I want to own one by next year, I really need to learn how to earn more money and minimize the impulsive spending.

  325. Another resolution for me is to learn Flower Arrangement. If my sisters would read this, they would all be like “WTH Kathy, you don’t even water the plants”. But I’m really amazed with how people join together bands of flowers and be able to create a masterpiece – in a flash, mind you. I would really like to arrange flowers for my mom because she’s so special -all moms are special- that ANY arrangement wouldn’t do. So to keep all of her positive energy, I would give her flowers (arranged by me, of course) every week 🙂

  326. Hi again! This is my seconSo d life-changing new year’s resolution —

    I am hoping to be a more responsible, more dedicated and more loving mother to my only son. This year, I took a lot of work assignments from my regular and part-time jobs which resulted to havoc in my schedule. Because of this, I spent less time with my son which is a very sad thing, both for him and I. So, as my new year’s resolution, I would declog my work schedule and make more time for my baby so we can spend more mother-and-son bonding moments together. 🙂

  327. Hello! One of my new year’s resolution is to actually update my blog. I know it might sound simple to some and very easy to do but it is a challenge for me. I’ve created several in the past only to delete them eventually because I’ve neglected updating it. The reason behind is not just to make sure my readers are updated on what’s going on with my life but it would also relate to real life situations like making sure that you finish something that you have started.

  328. My new Years Resolution is to try and help planet earth more , by reducing , reusing , & recycling 🙂

    Happy Holidays & and a Happy New Year !

  329. My New Years resolution is to be more ‘ Green ” and exert a lot more effort to saving to planet – reducing , reusing , & recycling 🙂

    Why ?

    because mother earth is very important to me & i think more Filipinos should be conscious about the waste they produce.

    Happy Holidays !

  330. I have been a sleepaholic this year. And because of that, I lost my job as a call center agent and I am still completing my OJT hours up to now. And so my new year’s resolution is that I’ll get up early. Kind of a tough thing to do but I guess, it’ll do me good. And so help me God.

  331. To never go to sleep without giving my children a goodnight kiss. It’s one way of telling them that I love them and making them feel so loved.

  332. My new year’s resolution is to be able to graduate already. Hey, 5 and a half year (due to course shifting) is already enough, I say. So, I’ll be doing my best to finish my thesis on time. 🙂

  333. My 2nd new year resolution:

    To be a little softer with my words. People used to tell me that I’m so frank to the point that I hurt others. I don’t mean to tell lies, but I can change the tone of my voice. Afterall, it’s not what we say, but how we say it. 🙂

  334. For 2010 I will bite my tongue more. I resolve not to talk badly about people and to bask in the glow of chismis. It is so easy to talk about others, especially if you don’t like them. It also is admittedly capturing when you are with people around you and you are talking about someone else. However, I realized that many times, when I gossip, I am just covering up for my own insecurities. So for this coming year, I will be more authentic and true to myself and to others around me

  335. My 9th New Year’s Resolution is to welcome a new stage in my life which is turning to 20. Even though it pains me to say goodbye to my younger years, I have to face that everyone is getting old. I must brace the fact that I am one of those that is getting old.

  336. hi! it’s my first time to know about this site. I was very surprise when I heard about your promo.. I really want to have this planner to give as a present to my mom. She would really appreciate it. But too bad I’m residing in Laguna so I got problems in availing the stickers from starbucks. My new year resolution would be, I want to explore more of my self. It’s a good thing to know my strong and weak points I’ve done this year, on the coming year I want to improve my self and show others that this is me.. I’m much awaikened on the problems that I encountered this year. My studies would be my first priority and second is to be a good daughter. I’m not that close to my mom. my only wish is to feel her love and care at the same time I’ll do it also to her, at this moment I can’t still do it because I’m shy and afraid. Hope I can overcome this weakness before 2010 starts.

  337. I usually arrive late for meetings and appointments, to the dismay of the person I’m supposed to meet. That will change next year, because I vow to cut down on my tardiness. “Cut down” doesn’t mean I will never be late. I’m trying to be realistic here.

  338. In addition to my list..

    This year, I was lucky enough to get a Starbucks 2009 Planner (black) courtesy of my girlfriend. It was my first time to have a planner. In short, I’m a newbie back then and doesn’t yet know the importance of what a planner can really do.. My girlfriend was kind enough to teach me the basics on how to really use a planner. Since then, my life became a bit organized than before. Every single thing I wrote there we’re very helpful to me. Although I did not use my planner to its full potential. There we’re a lot of blank pages mainly because I forgot jot down the things that I need to do or I was too lazy because I already did that certain job. I plan to change that! If ever I’m given a chance to have a planner again, I’ll use it a lot. Maximizing every single page that it contains and achieving my goals one by one.

    Bottomline: I want to correct my mistake. I believe everybody deserves a second chance and that people can change.

  339. dec23 NY resolution: take my vitamins. and regularly.

    i’m always reminded by dear wife to take my vit C. for a change, i want to do it on my own, with utmost understanding of the benefits, and not just because i am told to do so and i am reminded yet again. this time, i think i also have to include another supplement (and then some) into my regimen, maybe vit E, or ginseng, hhmmm… let me think some more. to vitamins!

  340. NUMBER 16: To never let my prepaid go zero. There are times when I desperately need to contact somebody so early in the morning but I just can’t because I’ve ran out of prepaid load and the loading store doesn’t open til 8 or 9 am….

  341. Resolution #16 – Be not afraid to speak my mind, and stand by it.

    I am such a coward that I always go on “safe mode.” I don’t want to be put on the spot, or be quoted… that’s why at times I say the good things and not talk about my rants and other negative things. I am not saying I’d start ranting… what I am saying is that I will be more open to disclose the feelings that I have. It’s really difficult to suppress feelings! 🙂 But of course, doing such requires responsibility, and I will speak my mind, yes.. but I won’t step on anyone’s toes. I believe I know what my limitations are.

  342. For the coming year, I intend to be more generous and forgiving.

    Life is short and so I would like to remembered for charity deeds and a forgiving heart. I believe that, “it is in giving that we receive” as well as “it is in forgiving that we are forgiven”.

  343. #3 for me. i will just DO IT!

    i’ve said in #1 that i tend to procrastinate on learning how to bake. and that’s just one of others. i need to finish what needs to be done. i will do so and not put off the essential.

  344. I am 14 pounds overweight so my New Year’s Resolution would be to lose these excess pounds (from 180 lbs, i need to weigh 166 to have a normal body weight again). I will start on January since it’s almost unattainable this Christmas season, for obvious reasons. 🙂

  345. my new year resolution..

    to have a planner 🙂 I want my schedules to be organized at the same time if I have it, I won’t miss one of my activities because I’m kinda “makakalimutin”. 🙂

  346. Another new year resolution for me is to make more time keeping in touch with “old” trusted friends, the people who matter most. The little get together we had the other day made me realize who are the people I should be spending more time.

  347. Another resolution for me would be to be a better and disciplined driver. I am not really a good driver (parallel parking is always a challenge) nor a cool-headed one (curse here, curse there). Whenever I go home from school and it’s rush hour – aka most hated time – I do everything in my power to get home fast. I violate speed limits, I’m fond of over taking poor souls, befriended those traffic officers – you know, those kind of stuffs. My mother was shocked when I drove her to work one day saying that I’m actually driving a “flying carpet” instead of a car and the lecture started. So because of that, I realized she was right and I promised her to do what is right behind the wheel 🙂

  348. This resolution is tough. In 2010, I have to learn to have more patience and not get irritated easily. Or to control myself if someone or something is testing my patience

  349. To be more affectionate towards my husband by way of not leaving or getting off the car without kissing him goodbye even when I’m in a rush (My husband and I go to the office together and go home together everyday). Ain’t that sweet?

  350. Be more interactive. Connect more with my friends and colleagues. It’s good to interact with people you love and maintain good relationship with each one of them.

  351. another resolution is not to take for granted my mother’s advices. like taking my vitamins every day,spend less time in internet and computer and texting,spend more time with my son,etc…

  352. My 10th New Year’s Resolution is to be diligent with all my medication that includes my beauty product. I will try my very best not get lazy and always say “mamaya na lang”.

  353. I will reduce my reading pace from 2 book per month to just 1 per month because I realized that while it makes me look scholarly, all my “information gathering” is useless without action.

  354. My third resolution:

    To be more professional in such a way that I have to tone down my voice when having a conversation with my co-workers. I don’t want to get too much attention because of being noisy or too loud.

  355. this should be my dec23 NY resolution:
    i will minimize my gasoline use. will opt to take the motorcycle when a large compartment is not needed. will walk the walk when only a couple of meters or so is required. doing so will save some for my pocket and then some for the rest of the world.

    dec22 NY resolution: take my vitamins. and regularly. (previous entry)

  356. Resolution #17 – Explore more.

    In my efforts to save up for a DSLR, I had to minimize out of town trips next year. But, it doesn’t really mean the exploring stops. There are just so many great places within Metro Manila waiting for me to explore, and for 2010, I resolve to check out Metro Manila places I still haven’t seen. Even with the short trips within the region, I think I will have more than enough stories and pictures to share about “My Metro Manila.”

  357. Number 17: To always store some ready-to-eat food in our refrigerator (That’s what refrigerators are for! tsktsk). You see, I’m the only one in the house who has to be an early bird that wakes up 6 in the morning for my work. Whenever I go hungry however, I can’t leave my desk and buy food in a nearby store (partly because I have work and partly because I find it hard to walk already because of my enormous tummy). I also hesitate to wake up my husband since I know he’s tired and he needs some sleep. So, I end up trying to fill up myself with water or hot choco. My “breakfast” would be better if I had stored a sandwich or some bread.

  358. To be more diligent in preparing reviewers for my tweener so that when she has a scheduled exam or quiz, I just have to hand her over the reviewer I have earlier made.

    Ahhh, the hardships of being a working mom.

  359. One of my new year’s resolution for 2010 is effective time management. Limit and have a set time for playing games in FB which are really time consuming.

  360. Since I had trouble with driving…again – I almost knocked down our neighbor’s plants, another resolution for me would be to learn how to commute. In relation with yesterday’s entry, I should not only obey traffic rules but also I must not depend on my car too much. Commuting not only saves gas (therefore less pollution, happier Mother Earth) it also teaches people how to be practical and knowledgeable of their surroundings -in which I am guilty, I’m ignorant of what’s happening around me. It would be a wonderful learning experience for me too -and another opportunity to grow as a person 🙂

  361. #4 for me. i will write down plans and cross out lists.

    i have the habit of making a lot of plans in my head, but end up with only 40% or so done at the end of the day. a planner would be my “best-est” friend so i can lay-out my feasibe plans without spreading myself too thinly and all the rest half-baked. crossing out lists would give me the satisfaction completion post-task completion. yay!

  362. In addition to my list..

    I will learn driving on 2010. I was supposed to learn it this year but under certain circumstances, it was cancelled. I’ll make sure I learn it this year.

    And to help me properly schedule it, I’ll be needing a new Starbucks 2010 Planner.

  363. My newyear’s resolution…


    Why? Ever since i got in to my new Team, work got more hectic and toxic, but then again, its a new team and new work to be done, and as the issues lessen and our team gets to achieve more milestones, I’m sure to have more and more reasons to smile so i believe this resolution will be one of those to surely be achieved! 🙂

  364. 2nd Resolution: Learn how to drive!
    I got a student permit before LTO offices went on vacation. My New Year’s resolution is to learn how to drive before the year ends. This would inspire me to save more so I can buy our own car in the future.

  365. #5 for me. learn more about facebook use and try a facebook game, lol.

    seriously, i worry that ill be too low-tech to use fb. i didnt know how to use chat until recently. it was only yesterday that i learned how to change my status message despite new posts to the wall, after wondering about it for ages, grrr ü and that inbox can also contain updates. and i wanna see if ill go gaga over whatever-mania people are raving about. we’ll see. Ü

  366. dec24 NY resolution: give love on Christmas day and everyday.
    i can be cranky, grouchy, over-all temperamental, at times. no scratch that, more than “at times,” just to be safe hahaha. i’m fiercely loyal to those whom i love but i am fiercely hostile to those who slight my pride. i have promised dear wife that i will show anger management when it forebodes. and i will. dear wife help me! dear God help me! dear me help me!

  367. Resolution #18 – Blog with more passion.

    Not that I am not passionate about blogging, okay? I just realized that my blogs are somewhat narrative, and I wanted to put more of me in my blog entries, especially with my travel blog. I resolve to get more information about the places I travel to, so when I blog about it, readers don’t have to consult others for more information. As with the pictures on the blog entries, I’d make sure I’d take good pictures that would make readers wish they were there, too. I want to show how beautiful the Philippines is, and I can only do that if I give my best in blogging about it.

  368. To cook more fish recipes. I only know a few simple fish recipes like sinigang na kanduli, paksiw na bangus, escabeche. This coming 2010 I wish to serve least 2 fish recipes in a week to my family.

  369. Lost count… I’m in a hurry.. anyway, another New Year’s Resolution: Prepare way ahead for xmas next year and for other important events so I don’t end up cramming everything and somehow panicking 🙂

  370. New resolution is not a wish or anything. It’s a sort of a self-driving words.

    Mine is that I would wake up early. Really have to practice waking up early ‘coz I’ve already lost a job because of staying in bed for sooo long.

  371. Another New Year resolution of mine is to be more patience.

    I’m also in a hurry, and my dad told me need to be more patience.

  372. another resolution i have for 2010 is to explore my creative side more. for the past year, i let that side of me be more stifled because i’ve been so busy but for 2010, i will make sure to leave some space for that in my life.

  373. Next on my resolution list is to control my tongue when I am mad. I lash out invectives and past hurts when I am provoke so I need to count to ten before making any remarks. It is so difficult to take back the hurtful words once you already let it out on an unsuspecting individual, so I need to be civil and tact even when mad.

  374. My resolution is to make my own blog, I will now join stuff and make my own blog. I will concentrate in finishing or editing my blog, and learn stuff from you guys. What design is better or what format is nicer.

  375. I will hit the snooze button only twice per day, because usually, when my alarm goes off, I snooze at least 6 times, which extends my laziness by an hour.

  376. Mine is to be nice with every one, not to be mean and “laitera”. I will not say bad words and stuff that are very negative. I will be more patient and be positive this 2010.

  377. I will never be ‘makakalimutin’ that is why I really need this SB Planner because I really forget things. I do not know if I am sick or something but I easily forget to bring my wallet, do the laundy and even to drink my vitamins every morning. This 2010 I will never forget a little bit about anything.

  378. My 4th: I will reply promptly to text messages. I am a fan of ‘Sori, l8 reply…’ and I wish to change that bad habit. Aside from being busy, sometimes, I feel like not replying at all.

  379. I’ll try my best to blog regularly. This way, I will be able to develop my writing style and skill, and, at the same time, be able to avail others of the information I have. I’ll try my best to keep this updated even though I have a hectic schedule.

  380. #6 for me. i will manage my mood swings.

    is it because of i woke up by the wrong side of the bed? or due to aunt flow’s periodic visits? nah, its the weather, as its effing hot outside. wait, wait, now i remember. cruella deville cut me in line earlier! anyhow, the point, and i do have one, lol, is i shouldn’t let anything or anyone get to me. a major sponsor for wrinkles, no way! i then should take hold of my inner slytherin and cool it. oh, and they say counting 1 till 10 before re-opening one’s mouth works wonders.

  381. In addition to my list..

    I started blogging around early february and wasn’t aware of the many contests being held on different blogs. Like this one here on Let’s Go Sago. My New Year’s Resolution would be to check often on sites like this for upcoming contests and events and jot down on my new planner (Hopefully its from this contest).

    That way, I’ll really be needing a new Starbucks 2010 Planner in order to keep me posted on the latest happenings on Jonel’s sites.

  382. Resolution #19 – Let go, let God.

    I am a person who just holds on to many things. I’ve had so many bad experiences that I put up an imaginary wall in front of me, so as to protect myself. However, this wall was so high and so sturdy that I cannot really tear it down. I am so afraid to move forward for I don’t want to get hurt again, not realizing that I am already hurting myself for not making the first step. I really need to let go of these fears and let God guide me in life.

    (Merry Christmas, Jonel! Thanks for having a contest like this.)

  383. Merry Christmas 🙂

    i will try to be more nature-lover 🙂 i will try to help keep the environment free of any pollutants (through my little efforts like disposing of my garbage properly)

  384. My 11th New Year’s Resolution is to finish everything that is need to be finish this year. So I could enter the next year without worries! 🙂

  385. I resolve to clean up at least one of my three cabinets because they’re full of junk and I only have time to clean one. I’m motivated because there’s treasure in junk.

  386. Merry Christmas!!!!

    I resolve to have no more expectations on things and on life so that i wont get hurt if things will not go as ive expected it. Like this contest hehe… i really want the planner but i reckon the chances are low. So even if i wont win it wont hurt as much =P

  387. This year, I had planned on pampering myself but due to schedule and other stuffs, changed my mind and eventually wasn’t able to do things for me. On 2010, I resolve to pamper myself at least once in two months, that is by going for a massage, a make over or anything that would make me feel pampered and taken cared of. After all, the first person that would take care of me is me.

  388. In addition to my list, another resolution for 2010 would be to earn money. Since I’m still a student, I depend on my parents for money. Because of that, I could easily spend on things because I know that my parents are there to give me money whenever I need it. I want to learn the value of money and I believe that in order to do so, I must earn it myself. 🙂

    Merry Christmas 😀

  389. Happy Christmas Sago!!!

    In just a few days I will we will all be welcoming 2010. For the coming year, one more important resolution for me is to be involved. No, I don’t mean I will be pakialamera here. What I mean is I will make sure I am involved in making a change for our country and our future, not only by making sure I vote in the elections next year but to also make myself a more informed citizen. Moreso, I will use this information to make informed choices that will allow me to help cause change. Further, being a blogger, I can be involved by sharing my thoughts and encouraging others to discuss things so everyone can become wiser about what their choices.

  390. dec25 NY resolution: better budgeting and wise spending.
    times are tough and we hope to see better days. but people are tougher, and so are our resolve. peso guiding will be the order of the day in my household. back to the basics where most applicable. i think i can get by without dining every lunch, and i’ll sport the metal canister lunch packs again and start a new trend.

  391. Merry Christmas! Another resolution for the coming year is to do better at being an intentional parent. I believe that there is always room for improvement, especially now that we have decided to homeschool our son. I want to be better at whatever I am doing. 🙂

  392. I resolve to increase my fruits and vegetables intake from one serving a day to two per day, because I need the nutrients. That’s a 100% increase!

  393. Resolution #20 – Take risks.

    I am a very coward person, and at most times I always just wanted to be on the safe side, as I am afraid I may never handle the consequences should I do something that’s unfamiliar to me. While it is okay to be on the safe side, I also don’t want to live in a world of “what ifs.” It’s time to be brave and take risks.

  394. I will apply “Eat all you can!” motto next year in my life because eating is the beauty about life. You cannot eat anything after life.

  395. In addition to my list..

    I will sleep on time. 2009 was a very nocturnal year for me. Sometimes not sleeping for a whole 24 hours. I want to change that on the coming years.

    To help me do things early and manage to sleep on time, I will be needing a new Starbucks 2010 Planner.

  396. My additional resolution would be giving my child the opportunity to develop her potentials by allowing her to make certain decisions on her own. I believe that in doing this, I will be able to instill independence in her and hence reinforce good behavior in return.

  397. Another New Year resolution of mine would be read more book, because I’m too lazy to read books, so starting next year, 2010, I’ll try to finish a book every month so that I can enhance my vocabulary. 🙂

  398. To visit a place (province) in the Philippines I haven’t been to. This is one way for our family to see and appreciate the beauty of our country. We gotta love our own!

  399. Another resolution for me would be to have a close relationship with my relatives. Well, it’s not that I don’t like them or whatsoever it’s just that I’m not used seeing them around. We only get together once a year (during the Christmas vacation) and I don’t really talk to them that much and when I do, well, it’s awkward -it’s like talking with a bunch of strangers. I don’t even know some of my cousins’ names and there are people I don’t recognize at all! There was actually an incident wherein I bumped into one of my cousins (I think she’s my cousin)and she said hi to me and I was like “erh..?” for about 5 seconds before I recognized her face. So I’m planning to arrange a lot of small get together for us from time to time so that I’ll know them better. I’ll do it not only for the sake of “THE Filipino Family” thing but also to be aware of my family history as well 🙂

  400. Another resolution: Read more pinoy books (books written by a Filipino Author). I love Bob Ong books, young blood and jessica zafra reads but I never thought I’d also love Pinoy love stories, thanks to Ricky Lee’s ‘Para kay B’. Next year, I’ll resolve to experimentation and read more of the ‘sariling atin’ books.

  401. #7 for me. not miss a day to read letsgosago.

    generally, that is, and the rest of my web log faves – a daily serving of bloggie updates i am following. its keeping updated on a variety of interests under the sun.

  402. In addition to my list..

    I will drink 1 beer a day or every other day. I believe drinking beer is not bad as long as you don’t get drunk. This coming 2010, I’ll make sure I’ll drink to it! Cheers jonel!

    And to help me remind me of it, I’ll be needing a new Starbucks 2010 Planner.

  403. Resolution #21 – Seize the day.

    Ever since I started playing games on Facebook, I just see myself playing more and more games that it already eats up the time I need to spend with whatever else I have to do. We are all given 24 hours a day, and I really have to maximize it, for we don’t know until when time is available for me. Quoting a part of a RENT song,

    “There’s only us
    There’s only this
    Forget regret–
    or life is yours to miss.
    No other road
    No other way
    No day but today.”

    With the emphasis on the last line.

  404. Another resolution is for me to go back to playing badminton. I used to play regularly before I had my son. I really need to get back to being fit and I hope to play badminton at least once a week starting January 2010. 🙂

  405. dec27 NY resolution: watch that plate!
    i love to eat. and i love to eat rice. period. lot’s of filipinos do. right? i’ve stayed the same frame as i was in college, nearly. and i don’t sport the beer belly. yet. and i don’t think i will. i do hope to watch my fatty fetish (like roasted pig skin) and my salt and pepper (like spice). love chilis, which i think is a good thing.

  406. Starting January of 2010, I will unsubscribe from half of the mailing lists because they’re stuffing my inbox with too much unread messages.

  407. To start giving back to God again by way of tithing. Giving back 10% of my monthly income with a joyful heart to Him is a tough act nowadays, considering that money is hard to come by. But this the least I could do for all the wonderful blessings He has bestowed on me and my family. Surely, we can never outgive Him.

  408. Another resolution for me would be to say “Thank You” to people who deserve it. You know, when we request something, and we’re so happy when they got it right, we somehow forget that magic word. Like when I’m dining out and the waiter gives me my order fast, I just want to dig in the moment it lands on my table that sometimes I forget to say a little thank you for bringing it to me. I know that well, it’s their job but I like the smile that they give me whenever I say it (this is not called flirting okay? haha. and oh, this is not only for waiters, but to everyone). Also, it’s our way of showing appreciation of who they are. It’s a little thing to do but imagine everyone doing it, everyone would feel appreciated and special. 🙂

    So yeah, this 2010, I’ll say thank you to my friends who remained on my side all these years, to my dog for not ruining my things (although he’s fond of licking everything but hey, at least it’s not ruined!), to my sisters who love annoying me to the top of their abilities but are there to cheer me up, to my parents who love me unconditionally and of course to everyone for their job well done (e.g. kuya waiters, kuya mechanics, kuya guards, kuya janitor, ate salesladies -everyone!) and made me happy and satisfied 😀

    Let’s make this world a happy place to live in wherein everyone is special, appreciated and loved 🙂

  409. NY Resolution #7

    Care less. I tend to think too much and overanalyze things. So next year, I want to be able to say the I don’t really care, for once.

  410. In addition to my list..

    I will live my life! Live it and Love it like there’s no tomorrow! Even though 2009 was a lot of fun, I will do more so on 2010.

    And to help me plan my wacky life on the coming year, I will need a new Starbucks 2010 Planner.

  411. I resolve to pray more.

    Last night when i was praying using the rosary. i was … emotional cuz i remember some childhood stuff… bad ones

    im pregnant and i was asking god if i can be a great mother….
    or at least a good mother????

    i resolve now that i will try to be a good mother if the baby will come out!

  412. Resolution #21 – Exercise for an hour at least 3x a week.

    One vital key to losing weight is to exercise, so I really have to do this if I want to lose weight. I am a very huge person, giving me more reasons to exercise… I don’t want to have loose skin should I lose the weight. 🙂

  413. Cut my internet hours into half. Lately, I’ve been spending much of my time in front of my laptop. And my parents are going wacko about it.

  414. To lessen the budget for my magazine purchases. From 4-5 magazines a month to just 2 mags at most. This will save me money that could be used to buy essentials like milk and diapers for my baby. And in line with this, I plan to buy eco-friendly diapers instead of the diapers sold at supermarket, they’re definitely a lot cheaper!!

  415. Resolution #23 – Be thankful for everything.

    Problems are part of us being humans. Everyone, regardless of their status in life encounter problems, and sometimes these problems make us weak in the knees. But, even if we were given problems, we know that we’re still better than some people, and that is something to be thankful about. Often times, when we were given small gifts or small favors, we tend to just brush it off. For 2010, I resolve to say “thank you” for anything and everything that will happen to me.

    Might as well start now – thanks Jonel for this contest. 🙂

  416. My lucky 13th stop…

    New Years Resolution for 2010….

    Try not to spend a lot on not so important thing, as my husband say “we dont really need those” 🙂