The Journey is the Destination

2012 Calendar

2012 Calendar

I received this 2012 Cebu Pacific calendar early this morning. Albeit late, it was able to pinch the closing of the first month of the year. Moreover, I was inspired to adopt its theme of “the Journey is the Destination” for this travel blog for the whole of 2012.

I hope CebPac wouldn’t mind. :)

Explore January Theme

"Explore" January Theme

Opening the calendar shows a monthly theme at it’s back. January reveals “EXPLORE” and noted on the sidebar interesting places in Thailand, Malaysia, and China. it also suggested a meet up with “Maggie” – the 20ft python in Singapore.

I have been to Singapore quite a number of times but I never knew about ‘Maggie.’ I guess that’s one more reason to go back. :P

January 2012

January 2012

As January 2012 closes, let us continue to ‘explore‘ our world for the rest of 2012! Let us remember, “the Journey is the Destination!

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