Tips for Traveling with Large Amounts of Jewelry

Traveling with luggage is no easy task, but it gets more difficult if you have to carry large amounts of jewelry with you. You have to think of the possibility that they can get lost or stolen. And even when you’re already holding the bag firmly in your hands, there’s a chance that someone snatches it away from you.

Traveling w/ Jewelry
Traveling w/ Jewelry

The ideal solution is not to travel with jewelry, but that’s not always possible. If you really can’t avoid the situation, here are some tips from Martha Stewart Weddings that you need to follow to ensure the safety of your precious stones and metals:

1. Prepare a list of the pieces you will bring.

Make two copies of the list and take one with you while leaving the other at home. This will help you keep track of what pieces you brought and what you didn’t. In the case of theft involving your luggage or your house, you can easily figure out what’s missing.

2. Pack your jewelry in your hand-carried bag.

Keep your jewelry close to you at all times by carrying it in your handbag. Don’t check it in with the rest of your luggage. Checked-in bags are not necessarily handled with utmost care, possibly causing damage to your jewelry. Also, there are too many stories of missing suitcases that the risk is not worth taking. As for your handbag, make sure that you’re the only one holding it at all times. Don’t entrust it to a flight attendant, porter, or bellhop.

3. Wear what you can.

Put on several pieces at once and hide them from plain sight. Wearing too much jewelry out in the open makes you a target, so it’s better to keep the extra accessories in inconspicuous places, such as under your shirt, inside your sleeves and gloves, in your bra, etc. In this way, you keep your jewelry literally close to you with nobody else knowing.

4. Use a safe.

Store your jewelry in a safe instead of carrying them around or leaving them in your bag once you get to your destination. Most hotels, especially the more upscale ones, have a built-in safe in their rooms. If you’re staying in one of your own vacation homes, consider having a safe installed in your bedroom. A good brand is Casoro. Their functional yet stylish jewelry safes are just the perfect size for their purpose.

5. Get insurance for your jewelry.

Feel more secure with insurance for your jewelry when you travel. No matter how careful you are, unexpected events can still happen. It’s not just theft you have to worry about, after all. You also have to consider misplaced luggage, natural disasters, accidents, and mishaps that can cause your jewelry to be damaged or lost. A comprehensive insurance coverage that addresses all these will give you peace of mind.

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Traveling with jewelry shouldn’t be a major problem if you follow the five tips in the list. You just need to be more vigilant than ever, but that’s always a good habit to have when you’re traveling, whether or not you have jewelry with you.

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