Challenge CamSur Set for 2015

Beyond just a race, a triathlon is a lifestyle. People trying out triathlons have varying reasons why they get into races but whether it’s for fun or to stay fit and healthy, one should keep in mind that he should really commit himself to it to reap the benefits.

Challenge Philippines
Challenge Philippines

Challenge Philippines

Now on its second year in the country, Challenge Philippines is bringing a more exciting and unique triathlon event that will draw thousands of international and local athletes into the country. After a successful leg last February in Subic Bay and Bataan, Challenge Philippines is expanding its brand footprint with the announcement of a new race set on June 14 next year—Challenge CamSur.

Challenge Camsur

Challenge Family, owner of the global triathlon series of long and half distance races, is known worldwide for giving the most iconic and beautiful race locations. This is exemplified with the announcement of the new Challenge CamSur.

We in the province of CamSur are proud to be part of the Challenge Family Global Series and we are looking forward to host the CamSur Challenge triathlon next year as a banner event of Challenge Philippines,” CamSur Gov. Miguel Luis Villafuerte he also pointed out that Camsur holds a unique draw when it comes to hosting such international sporting events.

Challenge Camsur
Challenge Camsur

Triathlon Benefits & Tips

What makes these people plunge into triathlons like Challenge Philippines and Challenge Camsur is the attitude and values they acquire when they do so since the sport requires a great deal of dedication, focus, and commitment.

Triathletes are proven to have a type “A” personalities meaning they are highly driven, motivated and know how to totally commit to achieve their goals. Other than the physical and mental benefits of joining triathlon, you also get the chance to meet people who share the same interests with you, giving you the opportunity to have a certain social power and the ability to influence others.

When you plan to join triathlons for the first time, take small steps; and run short distances and see whether your body can withstand such challenge.

CamSur Gov. Miguel Luis Villafuerte
CamSur Gov. Miguel Luis Villafuerte with Let’s Go Sago!

Triathlon is not just a physical activity, it’s a lifestyle that changes everything—from your habits to the way you see and live life. Know more about Challenge Philippines and Challenge Camsur here.

Briefly, Challenge Philippines Triathlon in Subic Bay and Bataan and Challenge CamSur will be held on Feb. 21 and June 14, 2015, respectively. For more details visit the Yellow Cab Challenge Philippines at

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