Tips for that Summer Road Trip!

Although an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, long drives are still prevalent in the Philippines and summer road trips are a thing for both ‘barkadas‘ (group of friends) and the family!

For one, in Luzon, traveling north from Metro Manila already gives a number of options from going to nearby provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, and upto the north led by famous summer destinations Baguio, Vigan, and Pagudpod.

Summer Road Trip Tips

As they say, i’s the journey which is the heart of the experience. The time on the open road is when you can have memorable moments with friends and family while exploring the sights all around you.

In this kind of summer escapade, your destination is where you rest and unwind after a great day on the road. But to make the most out of this experience, you need to be fully prepared before you start your journey.

Empire Bar Lounge
Empire Bar Lounge

Here are a few of the Summer Road Trip Tips:

  • Pick a Destination

Choosing the destination in your trip determines what you can experience in your summer getaway with loved ones. With the end in mind, you can now plan what you’ll visit along the way before arriving at the last stop. Make sure to consider what your friends and family like to do before deciding where to go. A road trip is a communal journey – it’s best that all of you love the trip that you’re about to embark on.

  • Plot Your Route

It is absolutely important to have a trip itinerary. You need to mark gas and maintenance stations, major roads and alternate paths, food stops, and of course, the scenic spots you want to explore. While it would be supremely easy to just use your favorite map and navigation app to list this down for you, it’s best if you still have a printed itinerary. Having a physical map would be helpful too, and all the necessary emergency numbers just in case the unforeseen happens.

  • Prepare a Budget

A trip can be both inexpensive and fun – as long as you’ve set aside a budget for it. For us Filipinos, food would probably take the top slot in the budget considerations. Next to it would be funds for accommodation, entrance/service fees in the sights you’ll visit, and of course gas. But remember to allot enough for souvenirs you might like and of course, for emergencies.

  • Make Sure Your Car is Travel Ready

As fun as road trips are, being on the open road can be quite risky – especially if your car isn’t properly maintained. Make sure to have your car checked before you go on your trip. Cleaning the car thoroughly is essential too – for the benefit of its occupants who’ll be there for hours on end. Avoid using air fresheners as it may cause dizziness and nausea during long trips.

  • Pack Supplies

Bringing your loved one’s favorite food and fresh sets of clothes is a must in any road trip. But just to cover every eventuality, remember to bring a first aid kit, medicine, and a tool box. Remember to load a supply of fresh water too. And since you never know when you might need that extra charge for your devices, pack power banks as well.

In Feature: Royce Hotel and Casino

Road trips are among the action-packed activities you can experience with your loved ones this summer.

After a great long day on the road, all of you deserve a comforting place to relax and unwind. That’s where integrated leisure and entertainment destinations like Royce Hotel and Casino come in.

Royce Hotel
Royce Hotel
Amare by Chef Chris Restaurant
Amare by Chef Chris Restaurant
Royce Hotel & Casino Lobby
Royce Hotel & Casino Lobby

Located at the Clark Freeport Zone, it’s close to unforgettable scenic spots in the region – making it ideal for those who want to experience a fun-filled road trip. With its spacious, well-appointed rooms, its wide culinary selections, live entertainment, and two-level gaming area, you and your loved ones are certain to have a great time.

Know more about Royce Hotel and Casino on their Facebook Page or website.


Deluxe Room with King Bed
Deluxe Room with King Bed
The Lounge Restaurant
The Lounge Restaurant


Triple Bed
Deluxe Room with Triple Bed

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We hope these simple Summer Road Trip Tips shared with us by Royce Hotel were of assistance for your summer adventures!

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