Tagaytay Weekend Family Getaway @ Wind Summer Festival Today!

This is the day! Enjoy an exciting weekend festival of food, music, fun-filled activities and thrilling aerial shows of drones and kites for the whole family at the SMDC Wind Residences Country Club Estate in Tagaytay today, April 22 upto 23, tomorrow, a Sunday!

Starting at the property’s vast open area this morning, the festival will further feature organic food produce from the Morning Market and a food park which guests and residents can enjoy the whole day.

Wind Summer Festival
Wind Summer Festival

Along with this, a variety of artists and bands including Barbie Almalbis, Ebe Dancel, True Faith and Up Dharma Down will start the summer celebration. The food park will continue serving scrumptious dishes on weekends until May 14.

There will be aerial shows and an exhibition of several big kites and speed kites. Fun activities like flying any aerial craft including mini drones, kites, and other remote-controlled aircrafts will also be available to be enjoyed by the whole family.

SMDC Wind Residences
SeatsForTwo.com @ SMDC Wind Residences

Moreover, participants can show off their personalized kites during the event. During the aerial shows, visitors and residents can immerse in the newest high-flying sport of First Person View (FPV) Drone Racing. Guests can try to fly their own FPVs on the track or watch the professionals race.

Furthermore, kids and adults who enjoy arts and crafts can join in on the fun by creating their own aerial crafts like toy airplanes, aerial origami, aero gliders, model planes and other high-flying contraptions.

All these and more only at the SMDC Wind Residences, a 15-hectare residential and commercial development located at the heart of country’s second summer capital. Check out Seats For Two‘s Tagaytay Staycation last month, as Wind Residences is also a premiere staycation destination with breathtaking views of Taal Lake, and Tall Volcano, and the Metro Manila skyline.

SMDC Wind Summer Festival
SMDC Wind Summer Festival 2017

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So enjoy this Tagaytay Weekend Family Getaway @ Wind Summer Festival today with your family and barkada as well!

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