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Red Ribbon’s ‘Share Your Salisbury Steak & Carbonara’ Blog Writing Contest

Ahoy! Red Ribbon is hosting a blog writing contest for the participants of the “Brighten Up Your Day with Red Ribbon” event. Read along for the mechanics, essential dates and prizes.

A Retrospect of the Serendra Food Tasting Tour

Two days ago, we reminisced on last year’s Trinoma Food Tour.  While today, we once again go back 365 days ago on the Seredra & Bonifacio High Street Food Tasting Tour.

Sago Walked the Green Mile with Ipanema

Late last month, Ipanema teamed up with the Haribon Foundation for an environmentally cause-worthy endeavor. Together, they launched a walkathon called “Walk the Green Mile” to further make Filipinos aware of environmental issues surrounding us today.

Reminiscing the Food Trip in Trinoma

Exactly a year ago in Trinoma, I had my first food event as a blogger, and that was the 1st Spot.ph Blogger’s Food Tour. Who can forget about an afternoon of dining at 18 Restaurants within 4 hours. Not to mention taking

Sentro 1771: Contemporary Filipino Cuisines Reviewed

Dining at Sentro will remind you of your favorite Filipino dishes that nanay (mom) or lola (granny) used to cook for the family dinner table. And being Pinoy at heart, Sago was excited to check out what’s

Beat The Heat with Bizu Summer Sorbets

With this summer‘s scorching heat, Bizu comes up something cool – the Bizu’s Summer Sorbets. These are frozen desserts made from unique blends of pureed summer fruits.

Flapjacks Pancakes for One Peso!

Unbelievably true – pancakes at Flapjacks costs only one peso. I had a funny grin the first time I saw fellow blogger Annalyn’s plurk two days ago. It said: “…Flapjacks One Peso Pancakes!!!!” She also blogged about

Free Krispy Kreme Chocolate Glazed Donut!

Happy Easter Everyone! This day symbolizes the day of  Jesus’s rising! But we’re not celebrating it with Easter egg hunting. We’ll celebrate it with free Krispy Kreme chocolate glazed donuts!