Flapjacks Pancakes for One Peso!

Flapjacks One Peso Pancakes
Flapjacks One Peso Pancakes

Unbelievably true – pancakes at Flapjacks costs only one peso. I had a funny grin the first time I saw fellow blogger Annalyn’s plurk two days ago. It said: “…Flapjacks One Peso Pancakes!!!!” She also blogged about it.

Now, this is something Sago and I would not allow to pass. 🙂 I actually passed by Flapjacks Greenhills branch yesterday but I was on my way to Bizu; so I let it passed.

Flapjacks One Peso Pancakes with Sago
Flapjacks One Peso Pancakes with Sago

But earlier today, Sago and I made sure that it fits in our afternoon schedule: an after lunch ‘merienda’ at about 1pm right before heading to the AIM Internet Marketing discussion at 2pm.

I summoned the cheapskate in me and headed to Flapjacks Greenbelt 2 right beside Italliani’s . I inquired about the promo and got the nod.

Flapjacks Promo
Flapjacks Promo

The One peso pancake is actually a promo in celebration of their first anniversary! It started last April 13 and will last until April 17, unless they extend it; hopefully.

It is only valid for merienda from 1pm to 5pm.  Before and beyond that, it goes back to its normal price. Furthermore, you could only order a maximum of 3 pancakes per table.

So if you’re coming as a group, sit on different tables and act as if you’re not together. lol. 🙂 Yeah, I think they’re pretty strict about it.

The pancakes do come with butter and a small glass of syrup as well.

With their Original Buttermilk Pancakes at P145 ($3), or even their side order pancake at P65 ($1.3), that is about 98.4% discount for the one peso pancakes.

Sagos Cheapest Merienda Meal
Sago's Cheapest 'Merienda' Meal

Aside from the tusok-tusok-the-fishballs in UP Diliman which were then only P0.50 a piece 10 years ago (and perhaps until now), where else can you find one-peso pancakes? Not even from your most destitute favorite side-walk vendor. 🙂

And so I came to Flapjacks with another objective in mind – to purchase my cheapest merienda in years! Yes, I braved the unthinkable, I only ordered 3 pancakes and nothing else. 🙂 (Uhm, it came with a glass of water) *wink*.

And my bill totaled a measly P3.27. The P0.27 was for service charge.

Flapjacks Friendly Crew
Flapjacks Friendly Crew

More importantly, the pancakes were delicious and creamy. Cooked just right and served well. I didn’t feel like a poor man who only have 3 pesos to spare, trying to take advantage of their promo. 🙂

The service was outstanding. My simple test-experiment was successful! Thumbs up to the Flapjacks Greenbelt crew from the cook, to the servers.

Oh, before I forget, they also have free wi-fi. At least for the Greenbelt 2 branch.

Hurry, you still have two days to catch on! Happy Anniversary Flapjacks!

Sagos Three Peso Pancakes
Sago's Three Peso Pancakes

Their current branches are:

Flapjacks Greenhills

Flapjacks Robinsons Place Malate            (02) 567-2745

Flapjacks Greenbelt 2                             (02) 729-9121

And that is the Flapjacks story of my cheapest ‘merienda’ ever in a “sosi“(premium) restaurant involving 3 pieces of one peso pancakes with a total bill of P3.27 ($0.07).

16 thoughts on “Flapjacks Pancakes for One Peso!

  1. @Badet – onga! I forgot about the new Technohub branch in UP (QC). I’m not sure. I’ll try to contact Flapjacks and will update the post if I get any. 🙂

  2. @ajay – haha, habol ko ung historic P3.27 receipt.

    And to test if they’ll still treat me well despite the ‘stinginess’ effect. 🙂

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