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Quezon City Celebrates Chinese New Year in Banawe, Aims to Boost Local Tourism

Happy Chinese New Year! Did you know that in China and Taiwan, they celebrate the Lunar New Year for one whole week! Yes, it’s their biggest holiday – just like our Christmas season in the Philippines!

Chinese New Year Festivities @ Diamond Hotel this Year of the Dog

We consider our dogs as an auspicious animal friend in our households; and according to the Chinese astronomy, the Year of the Earth Dog promises a lot this 2018. In Diamond Hotel Philippines along Roxas Boulevard, Manila,

My Busiest Travelling Valentine’s Day Ever

Not that I have lots of dates, although I am hoping for one. But that’s besides the point. It’s my busiest February 14 ever because aside from being a Valentine’s day, some relatives from Taiwan are coming

1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition on Chinese New Year

eb.14 is such a festive day this year with the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day crossing on the same date. Add to that the upcoming explosive 1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2010. Feb 15 Update: Pyromusical

How to Prepare Your “Tikoy” (Sticky Rice Cake/Pudding)

Happy Chinese New Year to all! And with merriment comes food, inevitably. The Chinese family dining table is never at a loss for the usual Chinese food and delicacies for the new year media noche including the

Chinese New Year 2009 Approaches

This year’s Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar new year, falls on the 26th day of January, or three days from now. This is also the time when most Chinese people around the world celebrate