My Busiest Travelling Valentine’s Day Ever

Not that I have lots of dates, although I am hoping for one. But that’s besides the point.

Of Ballons, Fireworks, FLowers & Valentines
Of Balloons, Fireworks, Flowers & Valentines

It’s my busiest February 14 ever because aside from being a Valentine’s day, some relatives from Taiwan are coming over for the Chinese New Year which happens to fall on the same day.

I had to turn down a friend’s dinner invite on the 13th because it’s Chinese New Year’s eve and it’s such a taboo for a Chinese family member to be missing that.

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010
Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

Moreover, I would have to be in Clark Pampanga daytime of Feb 13 and 14 for the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010 which runs from Feb 11 to 14.

After which on the 13th, I have to rush home for the aforementioned Chinese New Year’s Eve.


There’s actually a reason why I had to reserve the evening of Feb 13 for the family. Come February 14, my evening is reserved for the 1st Philippine International Pyromusical Competition. I have four gold tickets at hand, hopefully someone special would agree to spending that romantic moment with a lonesome travel blogger watching fireworks in the sky.

(and suddenly, the dream is interrupted and we’re back to reality) 🙂

I usually buy my Valentine’s flowers in Dangwa – a place in Manila where flowers are most affordable this part of town. Amidst all these busy schedule, I doubt if I could find time to go there. Good thing there’s Island Rose where I could purchase Philippine flowers online.

Even far away loved ones can order from the facility since they deliver flowers to the Philippines, But don’t forget that since it’s the peak season, last day of placing Valentine’s Day orders is Feb 12 4pm Manila time. One tip though for my readers, use this VDAY022010 discount code to get 10% off your purchase. The discount code is valid until Feb 20, 2010.

Roses for Valentines from
Roses for Valentine's from

I think this dozen of classic red and white roses flower combination bouquet is a good choice for less than Php1650 (discounted). I think it will best match the colorful fireworks, what do you think? 🙂

So there you go, from flying hot air balloons to Chinese New Year, and from pyromusical fireworks to buying online flowers. Wish me well for a travel-full, worry-free lovely Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Have I mentioned that I will also serve as a tour guide in Tagaytay for my Taiwanese relatives the day after?

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