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Travel Tips from UnionPay That Can Save Your Pocket

Starting the year right includes planning your travels well for the year ahead. This should include capturing the opportunities for discounts, sales, and promos to save some money we can spend for more travels!

Your First International Tour

All your life you have dreamed of going abroad on a vacation. And now the time has come because you think that you already have that much money to afford an international trip. It was maybe through

Travel Tips from the Travel Bloggers’ Forum

It’s good to gather and interact offline with fellow bloggers from time to time. So when I heard that Blog & Soul is organizing a travel bloggers’ forum, I knew I just have to attend.

Backpacking & Thrifty Travel Tips

I’ve only done two solo backpacking so far – one in Singapore and the other in Iloilo, Philippines. And most recently, a 5-day backpacking trip with a friend to Cebu, CDO, Davao, and again Iloilo. Truly, you