Spott3d: Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Norte

Bangui Windmills of Ilocos Norte
Bangui Windmills of Ilocos Norte

The Bangui Windmills of Ilocos Norte are actually wind turbines situated along the 3km stretch of Bangui Bay. It was built to generate clean energy from wind power. It supplies electricity in the local area as well as some provincial substations.

An hour from Laoag City, visiting this wind farm and seeing all 15 white gigantic fans each at 70 feet high would leave you in awe singing “Makisaya biyahe tayo…kakaiba ang Pilipinas” (Let us travel…and enjoy the Philippines’ uniqueness) in Regine Velasquez style. =)

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9 thoughts on “Spott3d: Bangui Windmills, Ilocos Norte

  1. wow..windmill…akala mo sa ibang bansa pero dito pala sa atin yan…gusto ko rin makapunta dyan sa ilocos friends have been there and were raving about the beautiful places to see and explore.

    P.S. nice to have seen you again at the Digital FIlipino event. 🙂

  2. @fatherlyyours – I haven’t heard about that; not even from the locals. I will ask when I come back. I have been there thrice.

    @edelweiza – Hi edel! some of my friends will be having a tour of Ilococ Norte with Travel Factor this coming 3rd week of November! I’m no tyet sure if I can go with them though.

  3. Hi, Ako ay taga Laguna at galing kami ng friends namin sa Pagudpud at dumaan sa Bangui para makita yong windmills. Maganda at kung ang katulad nito ay magagawa sa iba pang mga lugar, magiging malinis ang ating hangin at ang kureynte ay mumura pa. Punta kayo doon para magkape. Masarap ang kape doon na operated ng isang Swiss? Imagine di pinoy!

    Ilocos Norte could be a good tourist spot. Ilocanos should promote their place. Malinis at napakaganda compared to some parts of the country that I went to.

  4. me and my friends are planning to have vacation this summer, im so excited to feel the water and listen to the sound of natutre…

    sa lang tuloy..super gnda kya ung place im been there many times..

  5. I was there last Holy week together with my family in laws… with my hipag my bro & with our angel baby gelo… it was so suprising. i would never expected that windmills so giant in personal…. my first time to visit at ILOCOS NOrte.. im so happy that one of those windmills.. i touched by my own hands, its very huge like an airplane! of those vendor who selling the curicature windmill made by wood… says that.. if the windmill rounds.. there is a wind… if there is a wind.. theres an electricity…! wow…..

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