Belgian Chocolate Bliss, A ‘No Sugar Cake’? O, Come On!

Belgian Chocolate Bliss
Belgian Chocolate Bliss

Just right after all the extra pounds and calories brought about by the recent holiday season, the Belgian Chocolate Bliss comes at the right time.

The Belgian Chocolate Bliss is Red Ribbon‘s ‘No Sugar Added‘ cake. Yes, you read it right – ‘No Sugar Added‘. And in spite of that, it’s still divinely chocolate from the inside out. It’s a double chocolate treat with a chocolate center and covered all over with rich Belgian chocolate and almond slices on the side.

It’s a chocolate lover’s cake who wants to go easy on the glucose.

The taste did not suffer though. In fact, you wouldn’t immediately notice the absence of added sugar if you didn’t read about it here. =)

But as they say, you could not have everything in life. A slice on the BCB may reveal a rather crumbly textured center. I was informed that this is actually the result of the ‘No Sugar Added’ process. I believe this is a technical thing best understood by cake ingredients specialists. As for me, I’m happy enough with the trade-off.

Tip: Serve it really chilled where Belgian chocolates taste at its best. Indulge and be lost in bliss, I did. (I almost scraped-off all the Belgian chocolate coating off the cake if only I were not sharing it with family members) =)

Red Ribbon Belgian Chocolate Bliss
Red Ribbon Belgian Chocolate Bliss

Red Ribbon’s newest cake for 2009 , the Belgian Chocolate Bliss,  is available in all Philippine stores starting TODAY!

*You saw it first online only at Let’s Go Sago!

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