Red Ribbon’s Mango Passion Cake Now Available

Mango Passion Cake
Mango Passion Cake

Red Ribbon unveils its second “no sugar added” cake in the market – Mango Passion! With the release of it first “no sugar added”  Belgian Chocolate Bliss exactly two months ago, Mango Passion serves as an alternative for non-chocolate lovers; and still without the guilt.

Topped with mango slices, the inside layers of the chiffon cake are tiered with cream cheese overlay and mango bits. Graham shavings cover the sides.

Although the graham shavings make serving messy, you won’t mind it after the heavenly cream cheese layer touches your taste buds.

Red Ribbon Mango Passion Cake
Red Ribbon Mango Passion Cake

Visit you nearest Red Ribbon branch and try it for yourself. Mango Passion cake is available in all branches staring today – March 27, 2009.

8 thoughts on “Red Ribbon’s Mango Passion Cake Now Available

  1. I would definitely try this one. Being diabetic and having a sweet tooth (still(, I’ve been scouting for sugar-free stuff that could feed my fancy whenever I crave for my favorite pies or cakes. I’ve tasted their Belgian Chocolate Bliss and it’s really blissful. For sure this one can outbeat BCB. Hehehehe!

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