Sago Joins PBA Blogger’s Choice Awards

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Sago and I initially became aware of the Philippine Blog Awards last year. This year seems to be more exciting as Sago participatesd in the Travel Category. However, my fingers are crossed as odds are poor with more established travel blogs around. And so It was 🙁

However Nonetheless, I decided to also participate in the Blogger’s Choice Special Awards leveraging on Sago‘s cuteness and banking on his appeal to the online readers. 🙂

So, in less than a month’s time, I hope to get your support through the online voting. To the unconvinced (if Sago’s adorable cuteness does not appeal to you), I encourage you to read around and click on some articles and vote based on the blog’ content and quality.

You only have until Oct 7 to do this. Please hurry and support Sago in this year’s PBA Blogger’s Choice Award. 🙂 Fill up this form after making your blog post (click here for example).

18 thoughts on “Sago Joins PBA Blogger’s Choice Awards

  1. @vince – tnx!

    @Eusebio – nominations palang but we’re req’d to make a post of ‘similar intention’ upon being nominated. Voting period to be announced

  2. @mrsmartinez, Ada, Mica – thanks!

    @naliligaw – sure! 🙂

    @jehz – “exciting”? gulp, natakot ako doon. ibig bang sabihin, may pangtatapat ka kay Sago? (gulp) 🙂

  3. Great blog man, not so stiff. So light. Then theme is fresh. Great lay out too. Good luck, hope you win in the awards!

    Too bad, I think my blog doesn’t fit any category. Nonetheless, it’s great to learn that there are a lot of Pinoy bloggers.

    It is my vision that Filipinos will dominate the internet industry in two years time. If Pinoy bloggers will unite, this will be a reality.

    Good luck!

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