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The Singapore Tourism Board-Philippines launches Pinoy Lah! website today at The Podium. is a tourism-themed website showcasing Singapore attractions that fit the Filipino lifestyle the Pinoy way.

“…It draws inspiration from the iconic expression Singaporeans use to spice up sentences, from declaring friendly affirmation with “OK, lah.” Combining fascinating Singapore culture with Filipino dynamism, the website gives Pinoys a taste of the exciting ‘Lah’ culture.”

The opening screen of the website greets visitors with an array of vibrant colors after which an overlay of a more hip 2-video interface with upbeat sounds and theme central from the upcoming FORMULA OneTM SingTel Singapore Grand Prix is revealed. Visit website HERE. Website Website

From this alone, one could immediately surmise that it intends to appeal to the youth market, the generation to whom the website will most likely be engaging with. It would be advisable though to have a small ‘sound off‘ button in a corner.

Living Lah Online
Living Lah Online

Moreover, aims to showcase Singapore’s image as an exciting destination for Filipino travelers while offering casual content, personal tips from fellow Filipinos, and even links to some pinoy blogs.

It also tries to show the various leisure attractions and hotspots that hints a ‘Filipino’ side of Singapore.

“…the website’s sections include ‘Gimik Guides’ that direct visitors to the Lion City’s top party destinations and offer updated schedules of the biggest happenings in the metro.”

Possible points of interest would be the ‘Travel Tayo’ page which reminded me of my first blog 🙂 Site Site

It provides tips on traveling smart in Singapore, essentials, currency exchange and a Pinoy Top 10 section which currently features the top 10 Singaporean food for Pinoys as selected by fellow pinoys.

Nomnom would have an awesome time trying these. 🙂 It’s not surprising that the Chili Crab and Hainanese Chicken Rice are the top choices. It made me want to visit Singapore again. 🙂

Sago in Singapore, Aug. 08, 2008
Sago in Singapore, Aug. 08, 2008

The ‘Hot Deals’ shows the latest promos and online tilts. Register now and get a chance to win one of 12 MP3 players they are giving away for registrants from Sept 20Oct 16. Or answer a survey for an HP Mini notebook.

PinoyLah Website
PinoyLah Website

Generally, the site is ok although loading time could be improved. There is a lot of room for content since it is on its initial release. The images are colorful conveying the spirit of excitement and youth. However, contrastingly, I am not too sure about the grey background color the designer chose.

Lynelle Seow, Area Director for Philippines & Brunei, Singapore Toursim Board
Lynelle Seow, Area Director for Philippines & Brunei, Singapore Toursim Board

A few days earlier, the Singapore Tourism Board-Philippines had a local media launch and food fest featuring the best of authentic Singapore cuisine in an event entitled “Living Lah Online!” at the Makansutra Asian Food Village, Manila Ocean Park.

Both events are supported by The Podium, HP, Jetstar,  Rajah Travel & Tours, Inc., Red Rock Travel Facilitators, and Makansutra.

Visit here.

12 thoughts on “ Singapore Tourism for the Pinoy Youth

  1. @Photoblogger – yeah, same here! I wanna go back to Singapore! (hello Singapore Tourism Board!) 🙂

    @Nashyboy – the FORMULA One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix is just days away! waaah!

  2. i’ve never been to singapore. i do wanna go there sometime soon! lemme go check out that site…then again, baka malungkot lang ako kasi kelan ko kaya mapupuntahan yun?!?

  3. been to singapore last august. my first time. bday gift ko sa sarili ko. nde mo mamimiss and pinas kase and daming pinoy. sa mall, sa mcdo everywhere makakaencounter ka ng pinoy. taxi divers there are so helpful for first timers like me at mey kasama pang kwento yun…thank you ke harry na umaruga samin nung nasa singapore kame…

  4. @ria – Singapore is just around the corner. With cheap flights, you can be there ina jiffy! 🙂

    @cathy – wow, we have the same case. My first time to go to Singapore was last year for my birthday too! (and it was a blast!)

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