My Davao WildWater Adventure

Davao Wild Water Adventure
Davao Wild Water Adventure

I have been to Davao a number of times already since last year and I was surprised to know earlier this month that a whitewater rafting activity is actually being offered by the Davao WildWater Adventure group.

A day after our flight via Airphil Express, we immediately proceeded to the Crocodile Farm where we got into our water rafting gears such as the floaters and helmet after signing a waiver form.

As much as water rafting is ultimately fun, there is naturally some risk involved. This is also where the participants undergo a briefing about what to do and what not to do during the activity. A video for briefing is also shown. I didn’t bring my camera this day but some of my friends did and as such all the photos here are not mine. Thanks to Rochelle, Sheryl, and Yoshke for sharing the photos. 🙂

At the Crocodile Farm Compound for the oreintation
At the Crocodile Farm Compound for the oreintation

This is followed by an hour of jeepney ride to the start of the rapids at the ‘Put In‘ area in Tamugan.

Rafts atop the Jeepney
Rafts atop the Jeepney
Arrival at Put In area, Tamugan
Arrival at Put In area, Tamugan
Another briefing at the Put In Area
Another briefing at the Put In Area

The rafting lasts about 3hrs including a brief lunch break midway. And the ‘washing machine‘ rapids are better at the latter half (after lunch). 😛

Here’s the itinerary you may expect (from their site):

* 0800a Briefing at Crocodile Park
* 0930a Departure
* 1030a Arrival at Put In area, Tamugan
* 1100a Start of Rafting
* 1200n Lunch
* 0300p ETA Take Out area, Purok 8, Lacson
* 0330p ETD Crocodile Park
* 0430p ETA Crocodile Park

Personally, I want our raft to capsize and my boatmates know that. 😛 Otherwise, the adventure seems incomplete and it’s just like riding a boat and getting a little wet. I could have just gone to Enchanted Kingdom and rode the Wild Rapids or Log Jam. 🙂

Water Rafting in Davao
Water Rafting in Davao (in the more 'peaceful' parts)
Davao Water Rafting
Davao Water Rafting

So if you’re the extreme type, you have to be prepared:

Here are some White Water Rafting Tips:

1. If you’re a neat freak, you can wear a cap before putting on the helmet. You have a limited choice on the helmet because it should fit you well.

2. I recommend you get an aqua shoes or sandals that covers your base foot. I recommend the former because they are lighter. You need these to protect your foot from the rocky river grounds. You wouldn’t want to be kicking the rocks with bare foot. Don’t wear slippers, you’ll just loose them..

3. Make sure your helmet fits. It protects your head from the rocks. If you wear a loose one, it may slip and cover your eyes when you fall in the water.

4. Wear your floating jackets. This will keep you afloat in the waters and protect your chest and back from the rocks. I myself hit a big rock on my chest in this trip. It didn’t hurt a bit though because I had them on. This is also where your rescuers grab you front face or from behind.

5. Don’t forget your rash guard (which I forgot)/light weight clothes, sun block (that’s 3 hrs of fun and sun), aqua shoes/ sandals, and waterproof camera.

Upper Davao River Map
Upper Davao River Map
Sample Photos of the Washing Machine from the website
Sample Photos of the 'Washing Machine' from the website

Other Water Rafting locations

Although my water rafting experience in Bali Indonesia remains to be the best with a 90 degree descent, this Davao Water Rafting is also commendable and comparable to that in Cagayan De Oro (CDO). The Davao River is rated Class 3+ (to class 4 rapids). Basically, the level of excitement really depends on the season. The water is expectedly rougher during rainy season and shallower during the summer. I’ve heard a lot of good feedback for Kalinga water rafting but I have yet to try that.

Check out the Davao WildWater Adventure Group at:

Davao WildWater Adventure
Diversion Road, Crocodile Park Compound, Riverfront Coprorate City Davao,
Mindanao 8000, Philippines
Hours Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Price Range US$ (30-50) about P2000
Email [email protected]
Phone Landline +63.82 221 7823 +63.80 286 1055
Smart +63.920 9546898 +63.920 9546897
Sun +63.922 8569790 +63.923 6586048

Watch this wild water rafting video (ang sarap!):

Senior citizens get 15% off the Davao WildWater Adventure package rate but I wouldn’t actually recommend this for anyone near the age of 65 and up. 🙂 At P2000 per person for a group of 5, it is inclusive of transportation, lunch, gears & equipment, raft guide, documentation (2 disc per group of 5), Crocodile Park tour, souvenir shirt (+150) and free tickets to Zip city or Maxima Aquafun, Tribu K’mindanawan, and Butterfly house. You can also get discounted rates of P1500 pax with a group of 10 and P1250 pax with a group of 20 and up.

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