Discovery’s ‘Signature Collection’ of Bespoke Hotels and Resorts

Have you heard about Discovery Hospitality‘s Signature Collection? How about Manami Resort? Well, read on and discover…

Discerning travelers are bound to discover new and immersive journeys that are designed to make them have enriching moments with the introduction and launch of the Signature Collection, a bespoke selection of hotels and resorts, under Discovery Hospitality.

The Signature Collection is a portfolio of properties each with its own style and personality.

Signature Collection
Introducing, the Signature Collection: A portfolio of bespoke hotels and resorts

This apprised selection is as unique as its destination, veering away from the cookie-cutter approach in hospitality, promising authentic experiences to its discerning guests. Signature Collection properties are carefully curated and thoughtfully designed to offer Discovery’s signature brand of service and character that’s true to its DNA. It celebrates the craftsmanship, artistry, identity, and stories of its brands while ensuring the culture of care and world-class hospitality that Discovery is known for.

We have envisioned the Signature Collection as a strong arm under our group of brands that celebrates the uniqueness and well-curated experiences designed with much thought about creating impact, not just for our guests but also for the community and our environment. It is a guarantee for travelers who want to go off-the-beaten-track in comfort. We are excited to welcome guests and have them fall in love with the beauty of the destinations we are in and we will be in,” shares Discovery Hospitality Chief Operating Officer Jun Parreno.

Tales about the destination, historical structures, or cultural heritage–these are where Signature Collection puts a spotlight on, and each of these is what sets every property apart from one another. This story-driven approach is amplified throughout the guest journey through immersing in enriching experiences, sharing culinary journeys, and making small changes with big impacts. All of these leverage on the badge of being managed by the Discovery Hospitality group.

Manami Resort

Unveiling its first-ever managed property under the Signature Collection is Manami Resort, the first and only luxury nature resort in Sipalay City, Negros Occidental, opening this March 2023.

Manami Resort
Manami Resort

Perched in a best-kept-secret nature oasis located at the southern part of the Negros island, Manami Resort was built with structures inspired by the native stilt houses, enhanced with modern foundations and comforts that remain to be timeless and classic. It celebrates the rich culture and traditions of the locality, combined with all the experiences that provide an up-close-and-personal connection with the surrounding nature reserve. In every touchpoint, the drive to bring a different perspective to living comes alive with the ethos of having a manami nga pangabuhi, a Hiligaynon that means “a beautiful way of life”.

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Experience the Manami life. Visit to know more about this stunning resort. For more information about the Signature Collection, visit their website.

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