Love & Fun in Taiwan w/ Valerie Tan and Rovilson Fernandez

Have you been to the lovely country of Taiwan? My first was back in 2011 while the last time was in 2018. But I sure want to go back!

For now, let’s join in the adventure with “Love Fun Taiwan” – Asia’s first internationally co-produced lifestyle content that features the unique cultural charm of Taiwan. It is showcased by renowned media personalities from Thailand, India and the Philippines.

Valerie Tan
Hosts Valerie Tan and Rovilson Fernandez at “Love & Fun in Taiwan

TV hosts Rovilson Fernandez and Valerie Tan of the Philippines take you to Taiwan‘s sights and wonders including The Zhentou and hot springs as well as fun adventures such as aboriginal fishing, archery, puppetry, whale-watching and other must-do on your travel itineraries. They share Taiwan’s DNA of “love” and “fun” with the rest of the world.

Thailand gets a glimpse of “Love Fun Taiwan” through the fun-filled trip of Yepun Thanat Thanajirachai. The Thai rising star is often mistaken for a Korean idol. As a first time visitor to Taiwanese cities outside Taipei, he is most impressed by the island’s perfect fusion of not only fashion and classics, but also tradition and innovation.

In India, “Love Fun Taiwan” is presented by Bollywood actress, model and TV host Pooja Bhamrrha. After visiting Taiwan for the first time, she finally understands why everyone says: “The most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is its people!“. She adds that this journey has made her believe more in “fate”.

Love and Fun in Taiwan
Love and Fun in Taiwan

For these international TV hosts, Taiwan is their top choice among international destinations. This resonates among travelers as well, especially now that the pandemic lockdowns have already been lifted.

Love Fun Taiwan” recreates the serendipitous discovery of Taiwan by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century as brilliantly translated by veteran producer Michelle Lee into visual narrative. As a multi-time International Emmys judge, Lee shares her experience and expertise with select production teams from the three Asian countries for this project.

It’s really a creative collaboration as each of the TV directors from India, Thailand and the Philippines have been given creative freedom in visual storytelling with their own unique style and breathtaking cinematography. This feature makes it more engaging and engrossing with catchy and penetrating music scores arranged by Golden Melody Award winner Huang Shao Yong. It’s a visual feast that truly satisfies all the senses.

Love & Fun in Taiwan
Love & Fun in Taiwan
Love & Fun in Taiwan
Love & Fun in Taiwan

Transforming the beauty of Taiwanese culture into a gorgeous kaleidoscope, “Love Fun Taiwan” aims to capture not only the viewers’ eyes but also their hearts.

The team behind this project hopes that it will give love and healing to everyone. They also beam with pride of the production teams from the three countries that produced four (4) special features each, airing in major networks in the region: India’s Zee TV, Thailand’s TV and CNN Philippines. With one special edition jointly produced by all the production teams from the three countries, all these will complete one season of showcasing the love and fun of Taiwan premiering on the country’s first all-English streaming platform TaiwanPlus, this coming February 4 – before streaming on LiTV, Taiwan’s largest OTT platform.

TaiwanPlus CEO Michael Yu believes that the world will have a greater appreciation for the beauty of Taiwan through this pioneering effort.

Love & Fun in Taiwan
Love & Fun in Taiwan

Love Fun Taiwan” special series is aired on CNN Philippines with hosts Rovilson Fernandez and Valerie Tan touring you around to enjoy the love and fun of Taiwan. Catch them every Sunday, at 7pm (with replays every Tuesdays at 4:30pm) on CNN Philippines.

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Click the official website of TaiwanPlus to fall in love with Taiwan for the first time – or all over again. Know more about Taiwan by visiting Love Fun Taiwan’s Facebook page.

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