Sago Gets a Makeover from Belo

Beauty And The Best Talk Dr Hayden Kho & Dra Vicky Belo

Above: Beauty And The Best Talk; Below:Dr Hayden Kho & Dra Vicky Belo

Together with about 30 bloggers, Let’s Go Sago! was invited for the Belo Clinic Open House last Saturday, Aug. 16, 2008 in their Timog clinic co-organized with Mica.

The main purpose of which is to open up the table on how the online community, in this case – the blogging community, can be tapped by the Belo group to help them endorse a humanitarian cause as part of their outreach activities

After a brief talk by Dra. Vicky Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho, we got to sample some machines and skin treatments such as the Tenor, Inara, Power Peel, and Ice Mask. Insets: Peter (left) from i.Ph on Ice Mask (Sago watching) and Bong (right) of Manila Foodistas on Inara.

Ice Mask & InaraTreatments

Ice Mask & InaraTreatments

Sago got a 10-minute exposure of blue light care of the Inara machine which kills off bacteria-causing pimples and should significantly dry up existing ones. The complete process is ideally executed for 9 sessions. Each 30-minute session costs a little more than a thousand peso. So how was it? You’re basically lying down on a bed with your eyes closed and covered with anti-radiation plastic goggles. You’d feel a little warm all over your face which you wouldn’t mind.

Inara Treatment - Before  & After

Inara Treatment - Before & After

Princess Velasco Belo Institutional Marketing Manager

Princess Velasco Institutional Marketing Manager

Unfortunately, Sago had to pass-up on the Power Peel treatment due to presence of some acne =( ; same with Ice Mask since we have to leave for Packo’s Grill nearby for dinner. The Belo group was so accommodating all throughout.

To cap the evening off, Princess Velasco, the Institutional Marketing Manager, distributed some Belo kits and CDs for press release.

Their clinics are located at Alabang, Greenhills, Medical Plaza Makati, Rustan’s Makati, Podium, Trinoma and Timog. Credits to Dr. Hayden Kho (friend of Eric Johnston Chua) and Dra. Vivky Belo for the invites, Check out their website HERE.

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