6 Months, 100 posts, and 10K++ Views After

Lets Go Sago
Lets Go Sago

February marks Let’s Go Sago’s 6th month anniversary. It has been a good 6 months of travel and food adventures with Sago. Add to that new found blogger friends, meeting industry icons, tv & print exposures, and the whole experience in totality.


100 Posts, 484 Comments
100 Posts, 484 Comments
LetsGoSago.net Unique Page Views
LetsGoSago.net Unique Page Views

We also surpassed the 10K mark of unique pageviews early February. Total number of visitors were not far behind with the highest of 2476 visitors for the month of January 2009 and the one day peak of 781 on the same month, according to WordPress.org, Sitemeter and mainly Google Analytics statistics.

LetsGoSago.net Traffic Share
LetsGoSago.net Traffic Share

Search engine traffic sources came from Google followed by Yahoo . The top three articles in terms of popularity were

  1. Sago Gets a Makeover from Belo
  2. Food Foto Fiesta: Peking Garden in Trinoma
  3. Let’s Go Sago! Top 5 Travel Posers Contest
LetsGoSago.net Pageview Chart
LetsGoSago.net Pageview Chart

And More

Sago Graphic Illustrated by Chris Aquino
Sago Graphic Illustrated by Chris Aquino

At the same time, we’re officially launching the graphic illustration of Sago care of the talented Chris Aquino of Life On A Pencil. Thank you Chris Aquino! =)

Sago Ad Image in AzraelsMerryland.blogspot.com
Sago Ad Image in AzraelsMerryland.blogspot.com

We would also like to give much appreciation to Azrael Coladilla of Azrael’s Merryland for hosting one of Let’s Go Sago’s ad image link (located at the lower right side of his blog).

* Hugs from Sago *

Moreover, I have just created Sago’s Fan Page at Facebook. Finally! Feel free to join.

Lastly, Sago is also now on Twitter. Sago has no friends on Twitter yet. =(  * hint * hint *

101st post and A Contest

This is also Let’s Go Sago’s 101st post. And to celebrate these simple milestones, we’re having another online contest for our readers and the community.

Simply choose your favorite article in any of the past 100 articles of Let’s Go Sago. Blog about it and state why it was your favorite article. This writing contest shall start March 1 and end March 14. Winner shall be announced in the evening of March 15 16 through a post in this site.

1) Choose your favorite article in any of the past 100 articles of Let’s Go Sago (Aug 08, 2008 – Feb 27, 2009).
2) Write a blog (in your self hosted blog, multiply, friendster, etc…) about it and state why it was your favorite article. The blog post should contain at least 1 link to the chosen article or to LetsGoSago.net.
3) Make your entry official by leaving a comment in this post with a link to your blog entry.
4) One blogger could only submit one entry.

It’s that simple! =) Three winning entries would be chosen. Prizes at stake are a Lava Lamp, grocery gift pack, P100 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf gift certificate and P100 Red Ribbon and two Friday’s P500 worth of gift certificates.

Among the three winners, the earliest to join would have the first choice in the prizes list followed by the second, and so on. Winners will be contacted through the email address they will provide in the comments below. The GCs will be sent via courier while the gift pack Lava lamp will be hand delivered or couriered if recipient is within Metro Manila only. More prizes might be added to this list as we get sponsors. Thanks to Yehey! for being our Official Online Media Partner and sponsoring the three prizes!

*Post updated March 16, 2009

27 thoughts on “6 Months, 100 posts, and 10K++ Views After

  1. Oh my! Jehzlau just commented on my blog! *Sago chershes the moment* =)

    @jehzlau – weee!

    @ada – ung grocery gift pack supposedly yung galing sa TV5. =) pero na-upgrade na ung prizes to Lava Lamp and two P500 Fridays GC. =)

    @Mica & Min-thanks!

    Btw, meron nako nakausap na Blogger Mystery Judge! Siya magju-judge kung sino winners. Ako magsesend sa kanya ng collated valid entries tapos judge niya ung articles without knowing who the writer is para unbiased. =) Woohoo, clue – professional writer-blogger itong judge na ito. =)

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