The Accidental Food Blogger

I created a travel blog way back in 2007, I got serious with it February 2008. April came and I got an invite from Karen of Spot.Ph to join them in’s Bloggers’ Food Tour in Trinoma. It was my first blogger event, so why not? =)

Something Sweet & More WordPress Blog
Something Sweet & More WordPress Blog

April 25 was the day that was filled with good food and new blogger friends. I never thought it was possible to dine in 18 different restos within four hours (2-6pm), but we did. Among the memorable dine spots were Cyma, Haiku, La Maison, and Ruby Tuesday. Check out my old food blog post for details. It was also here where I met Ed of Music Picks, Az of Azrael’s Merryland, and many more.

Since then, I became more adventurous in trying out different dishes and varying cuisines; not to mention my innate appetence for desserts and sweet goodies. Nonetheless, my aversion of anything spicy is still there. I never appreciated having my tongue burnt and feeling the heat all over my skull. =)

With all this in the background, I started my first food blog – Something Sweet & More – on the free platform. After trying it out, it seemed to be working with about 1,500 visits for the first three months alone. Pretty neat for a starter without any SEO effort. And now, I have combined it with my travel blog and came up with a self-hosted Let’s Go Sago!

However, my being a food blogger is limited. I won’t claim to be a food connoisseur in any way. I am no authority in kitchen ingredients, jargons, or who’s who in the food world, either. I only have my honest personal opinion to share of how sweet and moist a slice of cake is, how crunchy Singapore’s Crispy Squid is, or to simply share with my readers some dining hot spots in town.

Join me and Sago as we try out sumptuous meals from the coolest places and the exciting not-so-common ones from different destinations we will visit along in our travels.

May this symphony of food & travel bring us dishes & places!

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