Spott3d: Lahuy Island, Caramoan

Lahuy Island, Caramoan Group of Islands, Camarines Sur
Lahuy Island, Caramoan

The virgin island of Lahuy can stretch upto 10 kilometers long. Lengthy stretches of fine white sand and friendly locals characterized the island.

It is part of the Caramoan group of islands which has relatively remained isolated from the rest of Camarines Sur province.

However, commercial development is rearing its head as development plans for the Caramoan Islands has started. Republic Act 9445 recently declared the northern coast of the Caramoan town as national tourism zones. This include the islands of Lahuy, Cotivas, Guinahuan, Luksuhin, Malibagon and Masay.

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  1. I’m from Oring, one of the four barangay in Lahuy Island located in the eastern part. We welcome anybody in our place. . . our house is free. . . . . spending 100 to 150 for a day meal isn’t bad for you guys, plus gasoline(fuel) budget for island hopping . . . WE could bring you to the BEST BEACHES of LAHUY. Our beaches are the best in Caramoan, they are marketing GOTA but the truth is Lahuy Island alone has, Mantalisay, Manlawe, BUgtong, Nipa, Pasawangon, Kadase, Maitom na Baybay ( BLACK Sand) yes black sand, the nearby island of Cotivas, Guinajoan,Aba and unexlpored Liwan beach, (pearly white sand is so UNIQUE. This Liwan beach rarely attracts tourist becoz of its location ( facing Pacific ocean, u can see nothing except ocean he he he but for those who loves nature, this is it!!!
    Oring has pefect sight of sunrise. The western part of Lahuy used to have GOLD mining site but was destroyed during world war II including the airport. There are still gold panners, so we could buy some gold, pure gold. . . . LET’S GO NA. . . . [email protected]

  2. @nanding – wow, this is good information. I haven’t blogged about it but I have actually camped in Lahuy Island overnight. But I haven’t explored the other side of the island, we only had a limited time then.

    Thanks for the info. will certainly contact you when we go back there hopefully soon. 🙂

  3. Hello there..

    Just want to know how to get to Lahuy from Manila and if it’s safe to visit in the months of October and November.


  4. @Hazal – take the usual route to Calaguas group of islands. The boatmen would know how to go to Lahuy Island from there.

    I;m not sure about Oct and Nov but perhaps the sea level would be higher in contrast to the summer I went there.

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