A Day After the Storm Ondoy

Water from Basement

Water from Basement

September 26 will be remembered in Philippine history as one of it’s worst day after most parts of Metro Manila and Rizal submerged in flood. Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) poured 334 more than 400 millimeters of measured rain water, the highest since 1967.

Being a tropical country in South East Asia, the Philippines is hit by more than 20 typhoons yearly. The rains which started Friday night (Sept.25) seemed to be just one of the usual typhoons. Until the rains haven’t stopped until the next morning which sent rivers to overflow. The downpour continued until late in the afternoon heavily affecting the cities of Marikina, Pasig, Antipolo, and other parts of Metro Manila.

Water levels have risen significantly forcing household residents to move to the second floor of their houses, if they have any. The others were forced to evacuate and face the raging currents. Cars parked outside were shown no mercy. Fatalities as of this writing is at 75 more than 100.

Check out some of these links for more photos and videos taken by the public.

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Sept 26 Makati Flood

Sept 26 Makati Flood

Today, rescue efforts by the government have increased to rescue stranded families and individuals. We are not tackling how the government should have handled this situation; because this article (Click Here) pretty much summed it up.

A day after the storm, we still have friends from the mentioned places stranded in their houses without electricity and food. Much worse those with children and babies. This is aside from the material and property lost due to the flooding.

If you had your computers or cars damaged by flooding, these links may help you:

How to Save a Flood Damaged Car Engine – Click Here.

How To Recover A Water Damaged Computer/Laptop – Click Here.

Volunteers, donations and help including ours in the online community has been active in spreading and sharing information hoping to be of assistance. Local government units and non-government organizations are continuing their rescue efforts.

Please see here for Emergency Hotlines and Relief Operations and similar rescue operation contacts Here.

SMS from Survivor

SMS from Survivor

I was able to maintain contact with another friend who was in a similar situation with 2 babies. I tried to relay their information where necessary with help of some friends as well.

Sadly, even a  day after the storm, rescue was not able to reach their location in Rizal because surrounding areas were said to be still flooded. Water subsided in their area and they were able to go back to the ground floor of their house. The place was a disaster and their properties rendered useless.

The above SMS message above says:

“What happened was disheartening. We are back to zero, all our things are drowned in mud. No rescue came. I want to cry.”

The surrounding neighbors and nearby food establishment were in similar condition. Electricity was out and food is running out. Hopefully, relief goods reach them as of this writing. God help them.


Sept. 28 1am Update: Waters have subsided and relatives were able to bring them food. The babies were also transferred to a safer places.


These are the times we hope we stored enough food for calamities like this.

Stay in touch to get instant news about status and class suspension from tweets and other online sources such as http://twitter.com/gma7news.

As of this writing (Sept 27 2100hrs), typhoon Ondoy (Kestana) has left the Philippines and is heading towards the east.

Typhoon Ondoy (Kestana) leaving Philippines

Typhoon Ondoy (Kestana) leaving Philippines

If there is any thing positive we can get from this incident, I hope the abusers of mother nature and those who pollute the environment would be able to realize the consequence of their actions.

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