Vote Sago for PBA Reader’s Choice Award

Phil. Blog Awards
Phil. Blog Awards

With the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards (PBA) night just around the corner, we received the official announcement from PBA that is a nominee in the sponsored award – Chikka Media and PBA Readers’ Choice for Luzon! If Sago is your choice, please select “Let’s Go Sago!” and Vote Here.

In partnership with, the Philippine Blog Awards bring you the Readers’ Choice Award for Luzon. Simply vote for your blog of choice on-line or via text/SMS.

I. Mechanics of free on-line voting:


1. Go to the voting form and select the blog of your choice.
2. Place your name and valid email address.
3. Only the first vote count.
4. On-line vote starts on September 30. 2009 and will end on 10:00 am on October 3, 2009.
5. On-line voting is equivalent to one (1) point:

Online voting will be until 10am of October 3, 2009.

Why wait till the deadline? Vote Now for Sago. 🙂

If I were you, a free online vote above is already appreciated so that you would not have to spend. 🙂 Just give the P2.50 to typhoon Ondoy victims. 1000 votes would be Php2500 and it can go a long way for those in need. 🙂 But if you reaaly love Sago so much, who am I to stop you? 🙂 (so read below)

II. Mechanics of the SMS voting:

To vote Sago, you just have to text


and send to 2929.

Voting via sms will be until October 7, 2009. SMS voting = 2 votes per SMS sent (each SMS vote costs PHP 2.50)


There are also corresponding Reader’s Choice Awards for the Visayas and Mindanao.

Vote Now for Sago in this year’s 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Reader’s Choice! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Vote Sago for PBA Reader’s Choice Award

  1. I will vote for you too. it think you are also a winner for the EIB, which was the barrio siete opposed it.. ha ha ha

    I believe that if you were awarded,it means you deserved it, right? if you won’t you don’t.. ask that to reyna elena.. ha ha ha

  2. @ReelAdvice – hi! Congrats too! 🙂 See you on Oct 9.

    @chef macky – hello! thanks for your vote of confidence. 🙂 *hugs from Sago

  3. Congratulations on being a Philippine Blog Awards nominee! 🙂

    Good luck. I wish I could attend the awards ceremony and connect with some of my fave bloggers, but I live in Canada now.

    Massa P aka “fruity”

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