7,107 Ways to Celebrate with San Miguel Beer in the Philippines

SMB 7107 Celebrations
SMB 7107 Celebrations

The Philippines is such a jubilant country there are a lot of festivals around the archipelago in any given month. From the colorful Pahiyas Festival of Quezon in Luzon down to the Hari-Raya Islamic festival in Mindanao, you will find festivities of different nature, origin, and theme that will surely pique your interest and curiosity.

SMB 7,107 Celebrations

Last night, San Miguel Beer launched a new website that connects Philippine travel with their products through the SMB7107Celebrations.com.ph.

For the travel nomad, the country offers a wonderful array of destinations you can choose from just like at the “SMB 7,107 Celebrations” website. The portal offers a variety of awesome places you can explore and fun-filled activities with just a click of a mouse. You can even arrange them into one awesome itinerary!

Together with the 7,107 beautiful islands come 7,107 equally exciting activities for its locals and visitors alike. Foreign tourists will easily find the Philippines a suitable second home filled with relaxing escapades and fun adventures.

Philippine Festivals and Events

Interested to know more about Philippine Festivals and happenings?

Check out SMB 7,107 Celebrations ‘Events‘ section (http://smb7107celebrations.com.ph/pages/events) and know more about the history of various local festivities and take part in colorful and zealous merrymaking. Share an insight or a tip by leaving some comments at the bottom of every article with a special Facebook comment section.

You could easily search for articles and festivals in the special search box on the upper right corner of the webpage or view all events for the month with one click from the button just right below it.

Thirsty for more? The ‘Features‘ section will satisfy your desire for knowledge with useful tips for fun-filled trips from SMB! It also has a search box similar to the ‘Events’ section when you need to quickly search for feature articles!

Things To Do

SMB 7107 Celebrations Website
SMB 7107 Celebrations Website

Discover the Philippines’ beautiful sights, interesting places, and exciting destinations through the ‘Things To Do‘ section! You can never run out of things to do in the Philippines. With its diverse range of awesome activities and must-visit places of interest – from outdoor sports to aquatic adventures, cultural tours to recreational attractions, relaxing escapes to thrilling exploits.

Most importantly, it features the “My Itinerary” application where you can create your own itinerary with a few clicks by specifying your chosen destination (province/city) and travel period. Finally, indicate the places/activities you would like to be included in your itinerary and click on save. You can also print or share the itinerary with friends!

SMB 7107 Celebrations My Itinerary
SMB 7107 Celebrations' My Itinerary

The Beer Locator

Nothing is more awesome than knowing where to get your San Miguel Beer fix whenever you are in a new land and clueless how to get to the nearest restaurant that offers ice cold SMB. That is what the ‘Beer Locator‘ section is for.

Taste the luscious and delightful variety of irresistible flavors and cuisines that go well with our world-famous beers for a complete and ultimate experience of the Philippines. The iconic San Miguel Pale Pilsen, the smooth San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer, the crisp San Miguel Super Dry, the full-bodied Cerveza Negra, the hard-hitting San Mig Strong Ice, the extra strong Red Horse Beer, and the fruity San Miguel Alcoholic Malt Beverage in lemon and apple are best served with the most delectable dishes in town.

Powered by the Google Maps technology, use the Locator Map to know where you can enjoy the Philippines’ favorite festival drink. Select either by NAME or LOCATION fields, it lists the complete regions of the Philippnes and provinces where our designated outlets can be found. You can call that ‘Beer-powered-technology’!

Access more functionality from the right side bar of the ‘Beer Locator’ page and view establishments by name, location, cuisine, and general classification.

The Locator Map functionality is exclusive to registered users of the website. Register now at http://smb7107celebrations.com.ph/pages/registration.

Beer Locator Page
Beer Locator Page


Looking for freebies or the best deals in town? Then the ‘Promos‘ page is for the penny pincher San Miguel Drinker in you! The Promos page lists all ongoing promotions and hot discount offers from the different SMB outlets.

Moreover, the page integrated the San Miguel Beer Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/SMB7107Celebrations) on the right side bar, as well.

Come and taste the Philippines’ world-famous iconic brew while discovering the 7,107 reasons to celebrate Philippine festive celebrations, splendid sights and memorable landmarks, delectable and scrumptious flavors, and all other unique and interesting aspects of the Filipino culture through the new San Miguel Beer 7,107 Celebrations website!

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  1. A very useful website this SMB 7107 Celebrations indeed! Have not traveled much around the Philippines and the site will be a useful resource to use. (plus your blog as well 🙂

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