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Eat Like a Man :)

They say that “Women are hungry for love, while Men are just hungry.” This aptly fits Greenwich’s newly released Overloaded Extreme Cheese Pizzas: the Philly Cheese Steak Overload and Monster Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza.

Guess My Time Contest: The 7-Eleven Hotdog Eating Challenge

Sometime mid-last month, Sago and I went to a 7-Eleven branch somewhere in Metro Manila for the Big Bite Match hotdog eating contest which was a personal follow up to my previous burger eating challenge. I dared,

Chef Mia’s Corned Beef Red Curry

Chef Mia‘s Corned Beef Red Curry would be the first recipe in the Canned Cuisines’ Chef Series to be featured here. I believe it was the Thai fish sauce and the red curry paste which gave this

“Let’s Go Surfing”

Finally, details for LetsGoSago.net‘s first year anniversary project – “Let’s Go Surfing” are out. The charity surfing clinic for bloggers and beginner surfers is all set for August 15-16 in La Union, a week after Sago turns

“Thank You” for your Emerging & Influential Votes

For almost three months now, votes and entries have been coming in the 2009 Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project organized by Philippine Internet advocate Ms. Janette Toral. It aims to recognize those who are “gradually

Canned Cuisines: A Chef Series

Argentina recently held the “Canned Cuisine Chef’s Series” where three expert chefs took the challenge of creating special cuisines using Argentina corned beef.

7-Eleven Big Bite Match: A Hotdog Eating Contest

7-Eleven Philippines introduces competitive eating challenge locally with its Big Bite ® Match hotdog eating contest. (This reminds me of a recent burger eating challenge I dared. ) By the name itself, it’s a contest that involves

Amano: Tomas Morato’s Upcoming Contemporary Bistro

Amidst the bustling street of Tomas Morato, will soon rise a new bistro that will give Southern Luzon cuisines a new flavor. They named it Amano, an old Filipino term rich with cultural allusions.