New in the Menu: Paul Calvin’s Buffet

Paul Calvins Deli
Paul Calvin's Deli

Having started as a delicatessen, Paul Calvin’s has evolved into offering buffet and catering services as well . They recently added new items in their buffet menu while still maintaining a friendly price.

Paul Calvin’s lunch buffet stays at P275 per head while buffet dinner is at P375. Pretty friendly I should say for a cozy place situated at the heart of Fort Bonifacio Global City. Check out their new additions in their buffet menu.

I have to mention as well that I had a deja vu upon seing their malunggay loaf as part of their deli during that dinner invite. I just had a malunggay pandesal for breakfast that same day. I got the malunggay pandesal from SM supermarket shelves the night before. It teased my curiosity and dropped the usual loaf of bread from my grocery list.

Paul Calvins Malunggay Loaf
Paul Calvin's Malunggay Loaf

I was also amused how I got my tomato pasta cooked on the spot (in front of me) by Chef Paul himself. I failed to ask him though if this was something regular at Paul Calvin’s or a special activity just for the night.

Actually, there were a lot of things I missed in this dinner because I was awesomely late. Now I know that there are two McDonald’s near the Forbes Town Center. One near it, and the other near S&R. Don’t go to the S&R one if you’re going to Paul Calvin’s Deli. Find the one in front of Net1 or Net2 buildings. 🙂

*Photos from Paul Calvin’s

To be exact, you can find Paul Calvin’s Deli at Unit F 111 Forbes Town Center / Forbes Wood Heights, Rizal Drive Fort Bonifacio GLobal City, Taguig. Call them at (632)8565900.

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