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September 10 Holiday for Ramadan / Eid ul Fit’r

September 10 is a non-working holiday, the Palace declares. This is to give way for the festivities for Ramadan / Eid ul Fit’r – end of the holy month of fasting by the Muslims.

Join UnionBank Shop & Talk and Win

Hi LGS readers, I’m sharing a contest by one of our sponsors. Where can you hear winning P25K by simply using Facebook? – here! While reading LetsGoSago.net, join UnionBank Shop & Talk’s Shoot, Tag and Win!

Manila Hostage Crisis Ends, Philippine Tourism Suffers

It was a day of grief as the Philippine hostage crisis involving ex-policeman and hostage taker Rolando Mendoza ended in a tragedy with at least 8 hostages dead last night in Quirino Grandstand, Manila. It all started

Esvimin Faelnar Wins LetsGoSago.net 2nd Anniversary Contest – Part 1

Congratulations to Ms. Faelnar for winning part 1 of LetsGoSago.net 2nd Anniversary Contest! She choose the Hot Air Balloon 2010 in Clark article. I was amazed with the way she heartily narrated her reason for choosing the

Cebu City Walking Tour Itinerary – Backpacking Series

The first destination in our recent Cebu Pacific Backpacking Challenge was Cebu. Good thing we’ve been to Cebu quite a number of times already. Upon landing at the airport, it quite felt like being the Amazicasang Race

August 23 is Not A Holiday, Declares Pres. Noynoy

August 23 is a regular working day as per Philippine Holidays. President Benigno ‘PNoy‘ Aqunio III reversed today the earlier August 23 non-working holiday proclamation of the previous administration.

Food Blogs now in NomNomClub.com

It has been ten months now. I just haven’t been able to formally announce it here, until now. I was looking at Sago’s Facebook Fanpage earlier and I realized that the feeds of my food blog NomNomClub.com

Travelling And Solving History with Olly Steeds

Discovery Channel has a new face of adventure with its new show “Solving History with Olly Steeds.” To be shown every Monday 9pm starting June 28, the new TV series aims to uncover the different mysteries and