Travelling And Solving History with Olly Steeds

Discovery Channel has a new face of adventure with its new show “Solving History with Olly Steeds.”

Olly Steeds & The Steel Lion
Olly Steeds & The Iron Lion

To be shown every Monday 9pm starting June 28, the new TV series aims to uncover the different mysteries and questions left unanswered in history.
Involving varying cultures of different races from Europe to South America, Olly Steed digs deeper into an inquisition even if it means using hidden cameras or meeting with smugglers. The show tries to traverse the path where actual historical events took place and participate in the local rituals when necessary.

Solving History with Olly Steeds
Solving History with Olly Steeds

In the preview screening of its first episode, the show investigated how the Ark of the Covenant was transported from the old Babylon, through Jerusalem, and to modern day Egypt. Olly Steed and his crew re-enacted the documented route of how the priests were able to sneak out the Ark of the Covenent through underground tunnels, guards, and the fierce deserts.

Episode 1: Ark of the Covenenant
Episode 1: Ark of the Covenenant

The Ark of the Covenant is “a golden chest built to hold the Ten Commandments, is one of the most important religious artifacts in the world. But over 2,500 years ago, the Ark disappeared. Ever since, legends, theories…have tried to explain what happened to it.”

Solving Histoty with Olly Steeds Exhibit, SM mall of Asia
Solving Histoty with Olly Steeds Exhibit, SM Mall of Asia

Although the episode ended without being able to physically show the present state of the Ark of the Covenant in its supposed location out of respect to the local culture, the show was able to shed light on it’s documented history and showed evidence strongly supporting it’s existence.

Melissa Tham - Vice President Communications, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific
Melissa Tham - VP Communications, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Back to the present, I was also able to meet the acclaimed investigative journalist /explorer Olly himslef in a recent press conference at the first technology-based science learning theme park in the country – Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center (NFSDC).

Organized through the partnership of Discovery Channel and NFSDC in SM Mall of Asia, there were also a photography workshop and an exhibit based on the new series in one of the mall’s public activity center.

With officials from Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center
With officials from Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and NFSDC

Discovery is always looking to extend the on-air experience to provide our audience with a chance to meet the amazing people they have watched on the channel, while enlightening them with knowledge and new ideas,” said Kevin Dickie, senior vice president and general manager, Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific.

LetsGoSago with Olly Steeds
LetsGoSago with Olly Steeds

Expect more exciting travels and history investigations in the next episodes of “Solving History with Olly Steeds” including the Nazca Lines carving in the Peruvian desert, Andes Mountains (Lost City of Gold), the Atlantis, Nazi Treasures, Hitler’s Mummies, and the Devil’s Island .

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