August 23 is Not A Holiday, Declares Pres. Noynoy

August 23 is a regular working day as per Philippine Holidays.

August 23 is Regular Day

August 23 is Regular Day

President Benigno PNoyAqunio III reversed today the earlier August 23 non-working holiday proclamation of the previous administration.

The palace expressed that the revision of Proclamation 1841 making August 23 to become a regular working day and returning it to August 21 as the non-working holiday was meant to unburden local businesses of another unnecessary holiday.

The purpose for observing Ninoy Aquino Day on August 21 instead of August 23 is to avoid the imposition of unnecessary financial burden upon the employers,… business, and commercial transaction, promote productivity, while at the same time preserve the solemnity of the observance,” as released in the Palace statement.

A few days ago, the president has already expressed his inclination not to make August 23 a holiday. Personally, I do get the point of Pres. Noynoy. However, the August 23, 2010 holiday declaration has been officially released since July of 2009 and was already considered by private businesses since then.

What the current administration should have done is to let this year’s schedule push through as is; and implemented his inclination starting next year. Not this year.

I think that would have been a more sound decision.

Being a home based internet professional, I am not directly affected by this holiday changes. However, I feel the frustration of those who have already made plans according to the supposed status quo. Although trivial, I am disappointed and I expected the president whom I voted for and his advisers to be at least a little wiser than me.

For the guidance of all, again, according to the latest decision, August 21 is a NON-working  holiday and August 23 is a regular working day. Aug 30 , National Heroes Day, remains to be a regular holiday. Check this link for other Philippine Holidays.

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