August 23 & 30 Holidays, Long Weekend Ahead

August 23 & August 30, 2010, both Mondays, are declared as as a special non-working holiday and regular Philippine holiday, respectively.

Philippine Holidays

Philippine Holidays

The Philippine President, Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino III. is not expected to undo the previous administration’s set schedule for the upcoming August holidays of 2010.

Impt Aug 11 Update : August 23 is a regular working day while August 21 is a regular holiday :

In fact, RA No. 9256 commemorates the Death of Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr, the current president’s father. Ninoy Aquino Day is set this year for August 23, Monday nearest August 21.

This is followed by the Aug 30 regular holiday for National Heroes Day (last Monday of August).

This reults in two consecutive long weekend s for Filipino families.

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  1. ang sama naman niyan… holiday na nga ng lunes tapos i dedeclare pa na hindi holiday? hindi ata right yan. diyan siya mali. lahat ng holiday ginagawang may pasok.

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