Sago Is Born!

LetsGoSago.Net Online Character
LetsGoSago.Net Online Character

Today, on the eighth day of the eighth month of the new millennium’s eighth year, I introduce to you Sago – the ever-cheerful travel and food enthusiast. Although he looks like a baby monkey, actually he is, you may consider him as the modern day high-tech travel gnome who will bring you to different places and journeys through this blog.

Different beaches, islands, mountains, caves, and the provinces are just some of the destinations in his list. While adventures such as trekking, swimming, snorkeling, climbing, hanging on ziplines, spelunking, white water rafting, surfing, and island hopping are some of the activities he looks forward to.

When it comes to food, he likes to try new dishes of the places he visits. One warning though, Sago does not like spicy food, period. He may try a little just for the sake of it, but not a second take. =) On the other hand, he usually craves for sweet treats and desserts.

Join him as he shares with you his travel gigs and food adventures while going around the Philippines (and in other countries too from time to time). – Let’s Go Sago!

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