International Women’s Day, “Shoot Cervical Cancer Away”

Bravehearts for Cervical Cancer Prevention
Bravehearts Cervical Cancer Prevention

In affiliation with Digital Manila, Let’s Go Sago! recognizes International Women’s Day with a recent shoot-out activity as part of Bravehearts campaign for cervical cancer prevention through vaccination.

Cervical Cancer and Bravehearts

“Cervical Cancer is the second most common cancer afflicting women in the Philippines; second only to breast cancer … But the good news is that the disease is treatable if diagnosed early” as quoted from article

Bravehearts is a multi-sectoral coalition led by the Cervical Cancer Prevention Network (CECAP) and the Cancer Institute Foundation (CIF) dedicated to raising awareness on cervical cancer prevention. They hosted a seminar about cervical cancer over lunch detailed in the above mentioned Digital Manila blog article.

Cervical Cancer Talk Participants
Dra. Rebecca Singson & Participants

Shoot that Cervical Cancer Away

Later in the afternoon, they went to Amscor in Makati for the target shooting activity emphasizing the fight againt cervical cancer entitled “Shoot that Cervical Cancer Away.”

Each of the more than 20 participants fired two sets with 10 bullets in the first and 15 for the second round , which is officially scored. After the results, Sago ended up with a score of 54 minus 10 (for two “D” shots) placing him in the lower half of the crowd. * poor performance, i know *

Surprisingly, seminar speaker Dra. Rebecca Singson got the top place with a score of 75. This shows how dedicated ‘doktora’ is on her fight against cervical cancer. =)

Shoot That Cervical Cancer Away
"Shoot That Cervical Cancer Away"

*Pictures may be updated in the soon as author is missing all photos from his cam phone. The photos here are form the Canon IXY.

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