Want To Make The World Happy For a Day?”

What Would You Do To Make The World Happy For a Day?” – that is the question Lets Go Sago! readers and subscribers answered for a week or two some weeks ago in the “Win Havaianas Flip-Flop USBs” contest

2G Flip-flop USB

1G Flip-flop USB

And finally, 3 winners were chosen for the creativity of their answers that tickled Sago‘s thoughts. :)

There were many good and valid entries but we could only choose three. Congratulations to the following (in no particular order):

Lannie of einnaljoy<at>yahoo.com
Helen of helenbla<at>yahoo.com
LadyD of layasera<at>yahoo.com

Below are the screen captures of their creative comment-answers on what they would do to “Make The World Happy For a Day?”:

Winners Comments

Winners' Comments

Havaianas USB

Havaianas USB

Each of them would get a 1GB Havaianas flip-flop USB. They would be emailed as to how to claim their prizes.

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The prizes are sponsored by Havaianas. You  may still join their “Be a Happy Sole, Fly to Brazil” contest until May 2010.

  1. jongskie
  2. sows
  3. Helen
  4. Helen
  5. Sago
  6. Lannie
  7. Sago
  8. Lannie
  9. Helen
  10. Sago
  11. Helen
  12. Sago
  13. Helen
  14. Sago
  15. Sago
  16. Helen
  17. Sago
  18. LadyD
  19. Lannie
  20. LadyD
  21. LadyD
  22. Lannie
  23. Lannie
  24. LadyD
  25. Helen
  26. Lannie
  27. Sago
  28. Lannie
  29. LadyD
  30. Lannie
  31. Sago
  32. Lannie
  33. Lannie
  34. LadyD

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