A Short Trip to Splash House in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa

After checking in Blue Palawan resort on the first day of our “World’s Best Island” tour in Palawan, we decided to have a short trip to the nearby Splash House which is easily accessible from the Honda Bay port. It is located right beside Bat Island in Puerto Princesa.

Splash House
Lobsters @ Splash House

No it’s not the usual resort you have in mind, it’s actually a man-made fish pen structure / activity center in the middle of the sea. It’s a floating structure made out of wood, bamboo and drums with a total floor area of about 750sqm.

Touted as Palawan’s first and only “playground on the sea,Splash House was inspired from the concept of agricultural-tourism as it is a 10-slot fish pen that also serves as an additional destination to the Honda Bay island hopping experience.

It’s actually run by an aquaculture company that breeds red groupers (Lapu-lapu) which you will of course find among the fish pens including milk fish , Leopard Coral Grouper, and lobsters, among others.

Honda Bay
Honda Bay Wharf (Splash House @ the center beside Bat Island)
Honda Bay Island Hopping
P400 Speed Boat Ride from Honda Bay Port
Breeding Tanks
6 out of the 10 breeding tanks are currently used

The Splash in Splash House

Upon arriving at the Honda Bay wharf, it only took us a 3-minute speed boat ride as Splash House is visible to the naked eye from the port itself. On the other hand, it may take you 10-minutes if you are taking the “katig,” a locally made boat.

In addition to the educational hatchling tanks, kids and kids-at-heart can also have fun with other activities such as swimming (of course), snorkeling, diving via the 10-foot diving board, picturetaking with live lobsters (check!), fish feeding, human feeding (also known as ‘eating‘), basketball, partying, and my most anticipated activity – bat watching.

Sadly, we had to leave for early dinner back in the city (hence the title “short trip”) so we were not able to catch the bats in their usual flight schedule right before it gets dark.

Inflatable Toys
Inflatable Toys @ Splash House
Basketball Court
Basketball in the middle of the Sea!
Milk Fish Pens
Swimming with the Milk Fish, anyone? ;0
Diving Board
Let’s Go Sago & Living Marjorney atop the 10-ft Diving Board

Splash House Rates

  • Entrance Fee – Php 150
  • Speed Boat Transfer (Honda Bay Wharf to Splash House) – Php 400
  • Water Inflatable Toys – Php 150 (Flying Manta Ray Php 400)

A number of huge inflatable toys, lounge chairs, kitchen and restroom are among the amenities. Their potable water-supply is either from clean rain water tanks or supplied from land when needed specially during summer when demand is high.

Let’s Go Sago and friends hope we can get back here again soon to try the water activities and the highly recommended bat-watching soon. 😛

Puerto Princesa City
Puerto Princesa City in the horizon
Sunset View from Splash House
Splash House
Chilling by the floating Splash House

Splash House
Operations: Mon – Sun: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (extendable to 9pm upon approval during peak season)
Phone: +639989880503
Twitter / Instagram: @SpashHousePH
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.splash-house.com/

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Splash House Rates
Check out the Splash House Rates in Palawan above

So the next time you book an island hopping trip at Honda Bay, you might want to consider adding Splash House to your destination. The best time would be an hour before sunset so you can relax and chill while waiting for the bats fly in / out from Bat Island in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

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