Beyond Travel, Taiwan Means Business

Did you know that the Philippines has the most number of tourist arrivals from Southeast Asia in Taiwan in 2018?

Filipinos’ increasing propensity to visit Taiwan for travel and leisure is undeniable; the drastic increase in numbers of the past few years says it all. It was further boosted when the Taiwanese government indefinitely lifted the visa requirement of Philippine passport holders to enter their country since last year.

Taipei 101 @ Taipei, Taiwan

Today, it seems that Taiwan is not only promoting itself as a travel destination for Filipinos. They now seek more serious activities – business linkages in particular.

Wow Taiwan!

Earlier today, we visited the “Wow! Taiwan” exhibit at the Rosemary Hall of City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati City . The event featured different Taiwan-based enterprises presented their various products and brands for possible business-matching in the Philippines and to introduce them to our local market as well.

The showcase housed various kiosks that displayed the best of Taiwanese food, cosmetics, fashion, technology, and modern household products. The brands in the exhibition included XYZprinting Inc., Brinno Incorporation, HiMirror Mini, Master Mi, Carnation, Yumark, FECA, Kid2Youth, Washcan, Jye Li An, Bung Cheng, Shuter Enterprise Co. Ltd., H&J Food, and Chung-Hsiang Foods.

Wow Taiwan
Business Matching at “Wow! Taiwan
Taiwan Electronics
Electronics and Innovations from Taiwan
HI Mirror
HI Mirror Gadget that’s basically a huge smartphone with a firmware application that can give facial and skin consultations(dermatology)
3D Printer
3D Printer
Suction Pumps
Elegant-looking Hangers with Patented Suction Pumps
Itchiness Warmer
Itchiness Warmer: Plug it into a smartphone for power and it will warm up. Place it over an itchy mosquito bite to eradicate itchiness.

Taiwan’s dynamic economy has been increasingly gaining interest from global businesses in recent time. Emerging as one of the most promising innovation and startup hubs in Asia, Taiwan is home to some of the most groundbreaking and innovative brands in the region.

The “Wow! Taiwan” exhibit was brought to the Philippines by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs (BOFT-MOEA) and Commerce Development Research Institute (CDRI) in partnership with CRIF Asia, with the objective of bridging Taiwan’s leading enterprises to Philippine companies and consumers

The activity specifically aims to open up new markets and channels for Taiwan’s breadwinning products through new distributors, agents, and retailers.

Taiwan Food
Taiwan Food Product Suppliers are also present at Wow! Taiwan
Baby Food
Biscuits as ideal Baby Food
Baby Products
More Baby Products
Chung Hsiang Foods
Chung Hsiang Foods is one of the exhibitors

Director Chang Wen Chong, Director of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines explained that the entrepreneurs of the exhibited products want to be exposed to the local market in the hope of widening their market and finding prospective partnerships and opportunities to set up shop in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a very young and dynamic population that’s open to innovative products. They are also interested in Taiwanese culture, as seen in the huge numbers of Filipino visitors flocking to Taiwan…Currently, the potential is high in the Filipino market because the younger generation has more disposable income and are open to new and unique products,” shared Director Chong.

Taiwanese Products
Other Taiwanese Products are also showcased such as WASHCAN for household needs
Smart Bulbs
Light Innovations and Smart Bulbs
Kid2Youth also participated as one of the exhibitors

Here are more photos form the Wow Taiwan Exhibit at the City Garden Grand Hotel:

Suction Pumps
Colorful Patented Suction Pumps
Taiwanese Technology
More Taiwanese Technology from Brinno
3D Printing
3D ClipPrintouts
Wow Taiwan is supported by BOFT-MOIA!
Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs
New Southbound Market Innovation marketing Development Project
Wow Taiwan
Taiwanese Products for Personal Needs

According to Director Chong, the Taiwanese entrepreneurs are targeting the “middle to higher-end market” in the country, due to the increasing purchasing power of Filipinos as well as their affinity with the Taiwanese.

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Moving forward, it seems that we will be seeing more Taiwanese toursist and friends in the Philippines as well, not only as fellow travellers, but as business partners in trading. Indeed, Wow Taiwan!

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