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Overnight at Matabungkay Beach Hotel

I was about to write about what I was reminiscing about Matabungkay beach during my childhood; but decided to reserve that on my feature of the resort as a whole. For now, allow me to objectively share

Pyromusical Finale and Missing Italy

March 17 was a busy day which I intended to cap at night with the Close Up concert and Pyromusical Finals held in SM Mall of Asia.

Pico Sands Hotel: Being At Home in Pico De Loro

I thought Hamilo Coast‘s Pico De Loro cove in Nasugbu, Batangas was only exclusive to residential owners and club members. And enjoying this part of paradise will not be possible for the regular onlooker. However, albeit exclusive,

Finland Pyromusical Video (2012 Week 3)

I missed ‘week 2′ with United Kingdom and Spain of the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition in SM Mall of Asia. But it’s good I caught week 3 with Finland and Portugal.

Cebu City’s Semi-Secret Jesuit House in Ho Tong Hardware Get Hi-Tech with DOT & Smart

I have been to Cebu City‘s Jesuit House hidden inside Ho Tong Hardware for about two times already but I always had to at least ask around once to be able to locate it. It’s good to

Enchanted Kingdom Opens More Happiness with Coca-Cola

Last January 22, 2012, Enchanted Kingdom welcomed its newest beverage partner Coca-Cola with a grand launch in the iconic themed park.

Fireworks and Hearts Spark Pyromusical 2012 Day 1

Spend an advanced Valentine’s Day with your special someone tonight in SM Mall of Asia as today marks the start of the 2012 Philippine International Pyromusical Competition (South Korea 7pm & Malta 8pm) with Close Up Pyropalooza!

3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Schedule (2012)

All is set for the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition this 2012! Plan your next weekend’s date with your special someone by knowing the schedule beforehand or even get prime spot entrance Bayside of the SM Mall