Enchanted Kingdom Opens More Happiness with Coca-Cola

Eldar of Enchanted Kingdom
Eldar of Enchanted Kingdom

Last January 22, 2012, Enchanted Kingdom welcomed its newest beverage partner Coca-Cola with a grand launch in the iconic themed park.

Dubbed as “Refreshingly Magical Moments only at Enchanted Kingdom,” Enchanted kingdom’s grand launch with Coca-Cola cast a refreshingly red spell bringing to life a grand parade led by Eldar the Wiz and Princess Victoria, EK Mascots, lion and dragon dancers, pandas and terracotta soldiers.

Ceremonial Handshake betweeon Coca-Cola & Enchanted Kingdom
Ceremonial Handshake between Coca-Cola & Enchanted Kingdom

So what made Enchanted Kingdom change their beverage sponsor for 16 years? It’s mainly due to guest preference according to Mr. Jose K. Reyna, Head, Park Operations Division, “and since we are the leading leisure destination in the country, it is also proper to be partnered with the leading beverage country,” he added.

Coca-Cola brought its 100 year history in the Philippines to the magical world of Enchanted Kingdom along with its “Open Happiness” message while Enchanted Kingdom parties delivered promising messages for a refreshingly and magical partnership for the years to come.

Ceremonial Toast between Coca-Cola & Enchanted Kingdom
Ceremonial Toast between Coca-Cola & Enchanted Kingdom

* Text and Photo by Krystel Pingol; Edited by Jonel Uy

A ceremonial toast capped the event highlighting Enchanted Kingdom as the place where refreshing moments come to life! Check out www.enchantedkingdom.ph. It’s definitely more fun in Enchanted Kingdom with Coca-Cola!

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